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Feathers of Life

Feathers of Life

At what age does life become easier or is everything just a raffle draw full of bullshit luck waiting for you at the next chapter of your life. I never finished highschool for many reasons and my family was more broken then happy or even partially together. Today I turn twenty yet nothing feels accomplished and no matter how hard I try things seem to go left till the glass falls. Most people will use that reference about glass half full or overflowing but mine is unbalanced and always tipping over. My first relationship happened at a bad moment in life and I can only assume he was a good guy but is that my fault or my luck in life, does anyone need to claim fault or does it make us feel better. I was struggling inside my head at the time which made arguments from nothing and they just spiraled endlessly. I tried the doctors and the medication but I was killing a part of myself with each pill and that made me even more depressed. The last argument told me that this relationship wasn't meant to be since my beliefs and his clashed. He wanted me on the pills so I could always be calm, yet I couldn't continue down that road knowing I was losing pieces of me.

it's true if we could only argue then why did we not end sooner but how do you end a relationship that became a lightning rod anchoring you. He was a shelter no matter our problems created by me and that shelter kept me safe from the horrors waiting for me everyday I was awake. So I never ended it till that single moment he basically told me, it was okay to lose me if it helped me be at peace inside. I can't blame him or those words but I also couldn't stay in that relationship, but just maybe if my life was different it would have been beautiful. Every day after that I had to cope with myself and find the correct way to coexist inside my own head, a battle I win and lose everyday. A few months later my job had to lay me off due to money and merging companies which made living arrangements problematic. Going home was an option but to what end exactly since going back to a broken home wouldn't help me in any capacity. So a friend let me rent her spare room which was a storage closet but I couldn't complain if it gave me a roof and somewhere to sleep. She was a good girl that made her way in life following the rules but she was never a push over either. Leading me to often wonder if I was a pushover and I just never noticed it.

Within a week I had found a job at a cafe and part time work at a construction job which helped me bring in cash quickly. My managing skills came in clutch with that job since they had no other openings and my experience was above the requirements they wanted. working at a factory gave me something useful at least and all the aggravations leading those people paid off for me. Even though my mind is a mess I can work effortlessly and keep moving forward in life with minor hiccups. After a month of saving I found a building that needed an owner which now serves as my home and business. The couple gave me an offer I couldn't turn down and equally they couldn't wait to go on vacation which is where all my money went but it made me feel good inside at least. Some good happened but a lot of bad followed alongside it equally and before my birthday arrived I found myself sitting in jail for trying to help a stranger. Even though it was a misunderstanding, it affected some of my work and even my own business creating problems and creating decisions.

All this leading up to my birthday when I received a blind date invite from a few friends which made my stomach twist and turn. Not only did I need to give a proper explanation to my bosses about why I was in jail but the building I own needed maintenance and love. On top of everything I could feel an episode building up which happens often when the stress becomes far too much for me, making my head spiral in madness. Yet what could i do other than accept the blind date and hope for the best from tonight since it could also help me destress.

Short Story
‘Sweet September’

Table Of Contents


Chapter 1 Autumn

Chapter 2 Momma Kitchen

Chapter 3  High School Crush

Chapter 4 Love Of Full Moon

Chapter 5  Preparing

Chapter 6 Mrs. Susan

Chapter 7 Comfort and Sorrows

Chapter 8 Dinner Time

Chapter 9 Lovers Road

Chapter 10 Love Letters

Chapter 11 Festival Opening

Chapter 12 Yes or No

Chapter 13 Cinderella

Chapter 14 New Beginnings

Susan always enjoyed her favorite month, September, that she nicknamed 'Sweet September.' September is the season of Autumn, Spring, and Harvesting. That month, her plants and fruits fully bloomed in her hometown of Mississippi. Also doing that month, Susan is always looking forward to the Mississippi Festival. That following year in 1995, 

Susan was super busy getting prepared for the festival. She is growing apples in her garden, for her mom’s yummy apple pies, which are very popular in her town. Also, Susan has been so busy with her own business, the Floral shop. A business that she and her late husband Ted built together. Ted died a few years ago, from a Heart attack, and that same year, her

Dad Sir Walters died from cancer. Combining those deaths in the same year, Susan still hasn't got over those deaths to this day. From being on a busy schedule, she gets a surprising unexpected visit, from a high school crush named Rob Davis.

Rob Davis was the handsome popular football player that always swept girls off their feet but then he broke their hearts. He was also a prankster and jokester. Susan was the nerdy shy girl in those days, that stared at Rob Davis from afar.

Susan had a secret crush on Rob Davis. Rob Davis had classes with Susan but his pranks on Susan, like the time he put a frog in her shirt, was the most embarrassing for Susan, as the whole school laughed at Susan. Years later Rob Davis comes back to Mississippi to visit friends and family. He happens to be in the area, where Susan’s mom Betty lives. Susan happens to be at her mom's house that same day.

Rob Davis comes over to Betty's house unexpectedly. So why Is Rob Davis at Betty’s House? How does Susan react? Can this truly be a match years later? How does Susan balance everything in her schedule, along with this unexpected crush, coming back into her life? Read in a quiet peaceful place. Thanks for reading

I dedicate this book to everyone around the world. Stay encourage and hopeful, Keep God first always, stay in prayer, and scriptures. Never give up on your dreams. We all are God's masterpiece, the light of the world. Each of us has a purpose on Earth.

Young Adult
This Charming Man

How I got the idea: I've been writing this for a few days, on and off, kind of a fantasy of how my life is going to look like (unless I'm not as stupid as the protagonist, but I'm afraid I am). Still keep in mind if there are any offensive statements, that's what he thinks, and part of the character. Don't blame me. Will probably contain violence and sex scenes later, not yet though so I might change the rating. Also there will be a lot of drinking because I like to drink. Here's your summary:

Rick's name isn't really Rick but it's the first one that came to his mind when he met Heather at the bar a few months ago after running from another failed relationship. Heather is a close friend of Sarah, and Sarah is who Rick believes to be the love of his life. But now their tumultous short-lived romance is in shambles after Rick's deepest, most well-kept secret is revealed. He is in fact a girl, or rather, a not-yet-transitioned transsexual (female to male) but refuses to admit to himself that running from himself and lying to his friends is not the right way.

After a failed attempt at picking up the shards, it's time for a new name, a new place, a new girl. But he can't run forever. His past is catching up to him. And while he's determined to make it work this time, he knows himself he can't keep starting over as many times as he wants. When it all comes crushing down on him again, he has to make a decision.