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You're Her
Writer Bri.tt.any.y
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You're Her
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Chapter 1
Nov 5, 2016
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!GjZ9YSZSPGdXiXw3qgkGposted on PENANA

I thought of her today. Her blue eyes, curly dark brown hair, and that gorgeous smile. I took another hit and told myself to stop thinking about her but my brain wasn't listening. That’s when I started to remember the summer I met her.copyright protection91PENANAVFlXyjtG64

“I’m Annabelle”. She smiled and held her hand out for me to shake it. “Blaise.”  She was so pretty that I couldn't get anything else out of my mouth. She obviously knew I was nervous and changed the subject. “You new around here, Blaise?” The way she said my name made me smile and I nodded. “How bout I show you around town?” Before I could say anything she grabbed my hand and pulled me outside of the store. The first place she showed me was the coffee shop, but I wasn’t paying attention to the places she took me to, I was looking at her. Her laugh with her dimples on each side of her cheeks, the way she was biting her lip when she was trying to think about where to go next, and the way she laughed-copyright protection91PENANASNnRXmJWfz

I was thrown out of my memory to a girl on top of me moaning loudly. She looked like Annabelle. Her naked body riding my dick. Her hands roaming every part of me. She leaned in closer to my ear, “I can do this all night baby.”. That’s when I took her and rolled her over so I was on top of her. On my nightstand was a pair of handcuffs so, I took them and handcuffed her hands to the bedpost. I smiled and whispered in her ear, “I’m gonna make your last night the best, sweetheart.” She just kept smiling and biting her lip, wanting me to fuck her. “Baby, make me feel good.”, she said.  I smiled at the thought of what was gonna happen. The knowing of what was soon to come sent waves of pleasure through my body. “I can make you feel good.”, I smirked and opened up my nightstand drawer to find a bottle of liquid Benadryl. “Open your mouth and drink this, sweetheart. You’ll love it.” She does what I tell her to do and I pour the bottle into her mouth. Before she has time to react, she starts to gag and I take the bottle out of her mouth. She drunk a pretty large amount of it so, I knew she’d be out quicker than the others.copyright protection91PENANADswWq3ZQjj

I start to kiss her neck and her little moans turn into louder ones as I shove my dick into her while I’m holding onto her hips and pushing deeper and deeper into her. For a while you hear her screaming out my name and moaning. That’s until she begins to yawn and slowly she’s becoming drowsy. She asks for us to stop for a little bit, but I guess only I know that her end is near. copyright protection91PENANAxfZTdxcHej

I tell her okay and I put my clothes on and lay in bed until she falls into a deep sleep. It's time to get ready for what I have vowed to do.copyright protection91PENANAL668Y4vI1K

I pick up the unconscious girl and take her to the bathroom and lay her down on the floor and reach into the drawer for some gloves. I begin to wash her down with a wet washcloth and rubbing alcohol. I notice that she’s so asleep that I even wash her hair. I clean her pussy out incase during our night of fun the condom broke and something of mine came out. I clean under her nails and put rubbing alcohol on her hands and dressed her back in her clothes. I took her down to the kitchen where I handcuffed her. I picked her up over my body and walked down to the beach. I looked down at my phone and saw that the time was 4:56 in the morning. It was the perfect time because the beach patrol had already passed and wouldn’t be back down for the rest of the night. I was good to go for the rest of the early morning.  copyright protection91PENANAhEdOADRAub

I walked down to the shoreline and set her down careful not to wake her just yet. I uncuff her and pick her up one more time. I wade out into the water to at least half a foot. I drop her down and she wakes up suddenly. She looks up at me scared and begins to cry. I cup her face and kiss her gently and then her neck and whisper, “You’re her.” She looks puzzled and that’s when I push her down and she begins to fight for her life that she won’t have. I put my foot on her chest so she would not rise and slowly the girl stopped struggling. The last of the air that was in her lungs came up and I knew she was dead. I picked up her dripping wet body. She was heavier from the weight of her clothing. copyright protection91PENANAT2rSVEq8lE

I walked back to my house and picked up the bag I had bought for my setup. It was a bag with a beach blanket, suntan lotion and a hat along with a broom. I picked her up from the water and laid her down in the sand.  Her pale motionless body made a chill go down my spine. I laid the towel out and propped her up on it as if she was napping with the hat over her face. I rubbed some tanning lotion on her and looked at the scene. No one will think nothing of it until late in the day when she doesn’t leave or until beach patrol comes around. I begin to sweep the sand around the girl and begin to walk back to the house all while sweeping behind me. I walk back into the house and sit out on the porch taking in the scene that I left. Another girl down and no one will know it was me. copyright protection91PENANAr6KyfJCLrD

I get up from my seat and walk back into the house. I take out all of my bleach products, alcohol and any other cleaning products I have and begin to clean every room. I took off my clothes and shoved them into a garbage bag along with the clothes I wore when I met her. I stepped into the shower and began to wash off my body covered in sand and anything the girl could have left on me. I knew no one would be able to track me down since I lived two towns over from where I got her. Besides, she was just some spring breaker who looked like my Annabelle. copyright protection91PENANAvJiIxTmotQ

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