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You're Her
Writer Bri.tt.any.y
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You're Her
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Chapter 2
Nov 5, 2016
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!7SIOz6nt1roPEqe9Si9qposted on PENANA

I was awoken to the sound of my alarm going off at nine in the damn morning. I stayed up too late doing the deed I enjoyed too much and only got a few hours of sweet sleep. I got out from bed and undress from my boxers and tshirt. I turn on the shower and let the water run waiting for it to turn warm. I hop in and let the water hit my body before I start to actually clean myself.copyright protection33PENANAZSEcdRrUJL

I couldn’t help, but to think about how I needed more weed. Maybe I should try another drug? Or I could just stop using them incase I get caught using them and then it leads to the killings, no, no. Now, I’m just being irrational. copyright protection33PENANA7RDQFcW3FX

I rinsed out the conditioner from my hair and got out and wrapped my towel around my waist and another for my hair. I walked back to my room and shuffled through the closest looking for some clothes that I could wear for work. I found a button up shirt and some shorts and put it on. I looked over at the clock to see it lit with the time being almost ten. I had to be at work in ten minutes meaning I wouldn’t be able to get my bagel. Damn it. That’s all I could look forward to in the morning now and I would have to miss it today. I finished getting ready, grabbed my name tag and grabbed the keys to my jeep and headed out the door. copyright protection33PENANAu3N9u1jnkt

I got to the shop just in time and clocked in. Jake walked in yelling through the phone to his wife, Leigh, about taking Agatha to ballet and pointed for me to open up shop for the day. I got up from my stool and turned the sign to say ‘OPEN’ and put the clothes rack outside for people to see and think, “Oh, that shop is having a little sale.”, yeah, we like to scam people. Jake got off the phone and groaned.copyright protection33PENANANklswzjYt3

I walked up to the counter and said, “Bitching this early in the morning already?” He looked up, “When does she not? I love that woman, but I sometimes wish I would have pulled out.” We both laughed at this and got up to help the few customers trickling in. I walked over to a group of girls who were looking at the swimsuits and asked if they needed help when Denise came running in late once again. Five times in just two weeks. How does this girl even keep this job here? Jake looked at me and I knew it was my turn to lecture her even though she’ll keep doing it. “Denise, can I speak with you?” She looked towards me and walked slowly behind me to the corner of the shop. “What’s with you being late all the time? You’ve been late five times in the past couple of weeks. I need an explanation for this.” She looked up and started to tear up. That’s when I noticed bruises, old and new, on her body. “What happened? Are you okay? Did James do this to you?” She nodded her head slowly and breathed out before speaking, “I’ve been late because almost every morning if I wake him this happens. Usually I wake up at five to get ready quickly and quietly, but it’s always a hard task. I’m sorry, Blaise.” I pulled her into a hug and whispered to her, “Don’t be sorry, sweetheart. You need to leave him, he’s not worthy of having you. You deserve a sober and caring man, not a drunk abusive fiance. If you need a place to crash just come on over. Okay?”  copyright protection33PENANAJBVmrBznEe

She smiled up at me and nodded in understanding. For a nineteen year old girl she’s too young to be getting married to some twenty five year old who is like that. Don’t get me wrong, marry whenever you want, but not someone who isn’t good enough for you. I told her to go cover up the marks so no one sees it and to get to work. copyright protection33PENANAl9i8iMaCau

More and more customers were walking into the store which is normal since we’re the coolest beach shop in all of North Myrtle. I went behind the counter to help a customer with wanting a bong that we had and of course it was some douchie looking kid and I had to say, well, ask,”Now, if I can just see some valid ID then I can finish this transaction.” and smiled. That’s when the kid ran out. How did I know that would have happened? I put the piece back and checked out a few customers. copyright protection33PENANA5XOqql0Kju

It was about noon when Denise and I went to go get our usual lunch. We walked down to the crab shack and sat in the same place as always. There was a new girl waiting our table who looked like my sweet Annabelle, but little did she know that she was one lucky bitch. One thing I know is to never kill on your turf often. That’s why I mix it up aside from where I leave the body. Denise and I ordered our usual and began to talk that’s when Thelma, the owner of the place, came up to us, “How are my two favorite customers?” She said this with a smile and I looked at her and said, “We’re doing good, Thelma. How are you today?” We talked until our food came and began to eat as Thelma went back to hosting. Denise spoke up and said, “Blaise, can I tell you something?” I nodded while eating a crab leg. “I’m pregnant. I found out last week and I don’t know what to do.” She looked up with sadden eyes and it made my heartache. This girl was one of my good friends and was like a little sister to me. I grabbed her hand and said sternly, “You’re living with me. Tonight, I’m gonna come over and help pack everything because you can NOT get married to that man.” A single tear fell onto her round cheek and she gave me a small smile. copyright protection33PENANAO25JpwlYUZ

We finished our lunch and walked back down to the shop arm in arm when we came to a halt seeing the tv on with the words ‘Breaking News’ on the screen. The scene was of my perfect crime scene, but of course on the outside I was mortified. The man on the screen spoke, “Today, beach goers were just enjoying a day in the sun and out in the water when a young male tripped over a young woman while playing football. He apologized like a gentleman until he noticed that she was unresponsive. He began to shake her and checked for a pulse when there was no sign. That's when he called nine one one and they pronounced her dead on the scene. She is now at the coroner's office where an autopsy will be performed and her body will be identified. More on this story later, Janet.” And then the tv went back to the news room.copyright protection33PENANAcg9vpshz4r

Jake came behind us to the counter and spoke, “I wonder what happened. It doesn’t look like she was killed. I bet she partied too hard and passed out on the beach and choked on her puke.” We didn’t saying anything after that, but all I could think about was how good of a job I had done.copyright protection33PENANA39pSAQeAAx

It was almost ten when the breaking news came back on. It was a lady this time telling us the news, “The body found from today on the beach has been identified as Julie Hughes. She was visiting Surfside Beach with friends for Spring Break as well as her twenty first birthday. Friends reported that she had wondered off and they were unable to find her, but believed that she was on the beach, but she never came back to the condo they were at. Her cause of death has came to the conclusion of alcohol and the drug found in cough medicine.” I blacked out from hearing this because I was just too damn excited that they were unable to figure out that she drowned. I guess they didn’t open up her chest to find her lungs filled with water. What complete idiots. copyright protection33PENANA4oA98ZGtXA

Jake told Denise and I to go on home and that he would close up. I followed Denise to her apartment and went inside with her. The place was a dump. “I’m sorry it’s messy. I can never keep it clean because of James.” I squeezed her shoulder to let her know I didn’t care and that it would be over soon enough. That’s when he came stumbling in with a beer in his hand and grinned evilly. I stepped in front of Denise and spoke up, “Hey, James. Denise just wants to go get her things and she’ll be on her way.” I walked forward and let Denise go into her room quickly. “I don’t think that’s going to happen. Maybe I need to kick your ass and beat some sense into her because SHE ISN’T LEAVING ME.” He pounded on his chest and stumbled around chugging down the rest of his beer. Denise came out from the room nervously and I nodded for her to bring all that she needed and to put it in my jeep and leave her car at the apartment. James came forward and tried to swing, but I caught his hand and pushed him back, “James, if you know what’s best for you then you will go back to the living room and pass out drunk. You don’t deserve Denise or the right to be with your child. You can have your shitty life, but Denise deserves a husband who will take care of her and not beat the shit out of her anytime he wants to.” James stumbled forward, grabbed a bottle of vodka, sipped it and then passed out onto the floor. I rolled my eyes at how pathetic this man was. I walked to the room and helped her pack the last of her things. copyright protection33PENANAsaRCFg4XP8

We drove back to my house and got her settled into one of the guest rooms. “Thank you, Blaise. I wish he wasn’t the way he was. He used to be so loving and caring for me, but that decayed after six months. I love him, but I can’t deal with his shit anymore.” She hugged me tight and I said back, “If he cares and loves you like he used to maybe he will change, but until that day comes you can’t be with him. Now, try to get some sleep and I’ll tell Jake that you’re gonna stay home tomorrow and you can just relax, okay? I gotta run out to the store real quick.” I kissed the top of her head and we said goodnight. I walked down to the gas station that was across the street and got a gallon of milk, a pack of cigarettes and a few snacks. I purchased everything and went around the corner to meet my love, Mary fucking Jane.  A shadow emerged and spoke, “Money?” I pulled out eighty dollars and the person handed me a bag and we both left in a jiffy. I walked back to my house and found that Denise was in bed asleep already. I went upstairs to my room and changed into some clean boxers and shirt. I put my bag of weed into the floorboard hidden with all of my other special items. I turned off the light, turned on my fan and crawled into bed. I looked up at the ceiling and said to myself, “Well, wasn’t today eventful?” I chuckled and turned on my side and let sleep consume me. copyright protection33PENANApTiOMSF0tf

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