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Christmas? What the-!
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Christmas? What the-!
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Dec 5, 2016
2 Mins Read
362 Words
No Plagiarism!eYCjlHF0tIzbZXqlI7Ohposted on PENANA

One day, I bumped into the shelf he was sitting on. The elf on the shelf fell on my head. I remembered the story that if the elf was touched, it would not be able to report to santa, he would lose his magic.89Please respect copyright.PENANAc0NqzORSLz
copyright protection85PENANAZfkPQgEKo7

He stood watching me. His eyes seemed to stare deep into my soul.89Please respect copyright.PENANAkG8muQxiuG
copyright protection85PENANAvC68VrPBsj

Sitting high on the shelf, the happy doll brought nothing for me but fear, and dread.89Please respect copyright.PENANAtxraQwRAsX
copyright protection85PENANAj2uiZUEI1s

I knew that he was angry at me. After all, I did rid him of his powers. He could no longer return to his home.copyright protection85PENANAZ1IkQyAujZ

I didn't tell my family that I touched him because they would be severely disappointed in me.copyright protection85PENANACOBIWxaL9C

This morning, I found him sitting near the calender, holding a red marker. The twenty fifth of december was crossed out.copyright protection85PENANA5sFzLEupmw

That could only mean one thing. I thought, Christmas will bring death. The elf will kill me on christmas.89Please respect copyright.PENANA7FXV5wJXov
copyright protection85PENANASmxAGo9hSs

I decided to prepare for christmas day.copyright protection85PENANAguhSddpnZy

I found our families lighter, and a gallon of gasoline.copyright protection85PENANA041FENk9dG

It was christmas eve, I would have until midnight to kill the demon.copyright protection85PENANAG52eGJCP0v

I grabbed him in my hand and brought him outside with the gasoline, and the lighter.copyright protection85PENANAih0z9dNzBN

I covered him in gasoline.copyright protection85PENANA8BS9hxXBGa

I pulled the trigger of the lighter. The wind instantly extinguished the small flame.89Please respect copyright.PENANAwJcF6GwDY1
copyright protection85PENANAhmgkAW3dM4

"Shoot"copyright protection85PENANAI5mIFwWs5x

I cupped my hand around the outside of the lighter to protect it from the wind. As I looked up, The elf was gone.copyright protection85PENANAfd88npFl1m

Suddenly I saw a crash, and heard my brother screaming.89Please respect copyright.PENANAkszLCphtZK
copyright protection85PENANAviILDjIHwu

It was quiet.copyright protection85PENANAMfA8YfEUHK

I heard another crash, My brother came flying out the window with a rope tied around his neck.copyright protection85PENANArXYA6l0LG1

Across his chest was a message, written in blood that said,copyright protection85PENANA7ckQYY9GFG


I panicked and ran back inside. This must have been some sick dream.copyright protection85PENANAZgGXQMjRy0

Leaning against the wall, I saw my sister, with a kitchen knife stuck in her chest.copyright protection85PENANASFcdwabGRR

I turned around slowly,copyright protection85PENANAn3ijPTeQ83

The elf sat with the knife in his lap.copyright protection85PENANAz8jg5a2p2B

He began laughing.copyright protection85PENANApVhB8NMktE

Lauging.copyright protection85PENANAbQIuaxnoow

Continually,89Please respect copyright.PENANAr7qo2vVMtk
copyright protection85PENANArXELdKVg9X

Laughing.copyright protection85PENANARyS8a1VXlp

I backed up in fear.copyright protection85PENANABwfk0qRoOg

I blinked.copyright protection85PENANAUgdy1rjWHs

I felt a sharp pain in my chest.copyright protection85PENANAUz1NIbOD8a

The elf had stabbed me.copyright protection85PENANA3KGj4HJW5x

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