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    Jack V. Wolf
    Jack V. Wolf
    You guys can call me Jack! I'm basically an open book and I'm willing to answer any questions no matter how bizzare. So I put my bio here... Uhm random facts will ensue.

    • I'm 16

    • I love animals

    • I love fantasy/fiction

    • I'm the oldest of 3

    •If you ever want to bribe me, please do so with food. Thanks!

    • I'm really really random.

    • I'm gay

    Also, I'm starting a wattpad account after the constant pestering of my friend, Liah. So yeah, check meowt there as well! \(=^×^=)/

    (^^Get it!? Cuz I love animals! No?... Okay...)
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Mending The Moon

"Hell is empty

For all the devils were on Earth"

This is the story of a man who had been utterly broken by the world. 

His name was Jaxon Claifton, but he went by Jax. 

His father was a drunk, twisted man who'd slept with so many woman he didn't even know the origins of his own children. Cliff's little sister was born blind and after one particular tenth birthday, something finally snapped. They ran. The boy carried his sister far, far away. 

Now, a year later, they're finally settling down into the quiet town of Calchester. The housing there was cheap and they could finally start a new life without worry. His depression isn't that bad anymore and he's finally beginning to accept this new life. 

Then he meets Emerald.

She's everything he's not. Everything he wishes he could be. Everything he could imagine love feels like. But this won't be a normal happily ever after. Because honestly, when has life ever been that easy for him?

**The summary sounds horrible. But please give this story a chance! Also. There will be slight maturity.**
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