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    Jack V. Wolf
    Jack V. Wolf
    You guys can call me Jack! I'm basically an open book and I'm willing to answer any questions no matter how bizzare. So I put my bio here... Uhm random facts will ensue.

    • I'm 16

    • I love animals

    • I love fantasy/fiction

    • I'm the oldest of 3

    •If you ever want to bribe me, please do so with food. Thanks!

    • I'm really really random.

    • I'm gay

    Also, I'm starting a wattpad account after the constant pestering of my friend, Liah. So yeah, check meowt there as well! \(=^×^=)/

    (^^Get it!? Cuz I love animals! No?... Okay...)
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The Demons in her Mind

She couldn’t breathe. It hurt to bring air into her lungs and then breathe them out. It burned to try and open Rayna’s eyes and try to face this cruel, cruel world that she lived in. The venom in his words threatened to drown her. The hatred in his brown orbs promised to give her a slow painful death. She wanted to fight.

She wanted to scream at the man that destroyed her childhood. The man who decided to murder her spirit, day in and day out. She wanted to fight back. She wanted to destroy the monster that lived in not only in their house, but in her mind.

But what could she do?

This the story of a girl who is kidnapped by a dragon guardian angel and an angel-in-training. It's there she must learn to face the demons in her mind. But then she must make the most important decision she's ever been faced with.

Life or Death?