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The Twelve
Writer ToriG.
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The Twelve
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Inimicus Bondage
Nov 18, 2016
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!KQCsvhaKi3lHmQ4fBFUJposted on PENANA

   The boy with the reptile eyes salutes the large figure coming towards him and the figure salutes back. The figure was human, some sort of military hotshot that had no idea what was going on. The boy's people were still supposed to treat him with respect, for now. When the Time of Seeing comes, the old order will disappear. No longer would the boy be a slave, but instead, a conqueror.57Please respect copyright.PENANAYj7BLCSWma
   The boy stares at his fellow black-eyed companions that emptily stare straight ahead at the lines of Inimicus soldiers facing them. The empty armory's walls echo off the sounds of the man's footsteps and the hushed breaths of the Inimicus amplifying them. The soldiers farther down in the line salute the man and stare straight ahead. 57Please respect copyright.PENANAZISmzWBbCv
   It was the same drill every week. The human would give some sort of pep talk proclaiming that soon the terrorists would die and that they would "make the earth green again", that was a load of crap. First, the Inimicus would make the humans free them from their bondage and then they would make the earth decent enough to live on again. After they killed the Socius, that was. They were the only ones who could stop them from throwing off the chains that held them bound in servitude.57Please respect copyright.PENANAUjMx2vAMp9
   The human hotshot begins his weekly speech. "Brothers, you are considered monsters, evil, and…" 57Please respect copyright.PENANA2osaZeMSa9
   The boy fixes his grip on the semiautomatic riffle in his hands and accidentally cuts his hand deeply on a jagged piece of metal. Back ooze begins to drip down his cut hand and a big glob drops onto his shined black shoes. The liquid burns his skin but he stands still, in fear of attracting attention. The boy grimaces and slowly wipes the dark ooze onto his black uniform. It burns him like an acid; he holds back a grimace.57Please respect copyright.PENANA29RUvrR7Ct
   Suddenly, the acid blood burns so much that he lets out a yelp and drops his weapon. All eyes turn to him. He wraps his hand in his sleeve and stares back. His heart beats so fast in his ears that he thinks it will burst inside of him. Instantly killing him. It wouldn't be such a bad fate compared to what might happen. His breaths come out as quick and scared.57Please respect copyright.PENANADwMp4OUEAk
   The human walks over to him and tilts his head like a confused puppy. "Miles," he says using the boy's generic name. "Did you just interrupt?"57Please respect copyright.PENANANDIgNIuAAE
   "N-no," he stutters, knowing what will come next. Face him, become a hero. "I-I m-mean yes." Then with more resistance and dignity. "Yes I did." The other Inimicus make what sounds like a cross between a saddened sigh and a gasp.57Please respect copyright.PENANAKCOCxj3orF
   "You know what the penalty is for interruptions." The human jerks him forward by the arm. The boy would run, it wouldn't help him, and he needed to face his consequence like an adult. He was thirteen, an adult by Inimicus standards. And now, if the human wasn't lying, he'd be a martyr by their standards too.57Please respect copyright.PENANAS4cEtgsnU3
   The human grabs him by the collar and wrinkles up the starchy fabric under his fingers; he pulls him forward and into the middle of the lines of Inimicus. His shoes were scuffed now, and his uniform was messed up. But it wouldn't matter if the human got his way. Then he'd be-57Please respect copyright.PENANAHIHqYv8s6J
   "Brothers," the hotshot says and makes the boy kneel against the ground with his head slightly lowered. His arms hang limply by his side and the blood that once stung him and smelled acrid stains his hands black. "Brothers." We are not your brother, the boy wants to scream. "We must be unified as one if we are going to win the war against the Socius. Any acts of sedition will be treated as treason, which is punishable by death." So it was true, the boy thinks as the word death lingers in the large armory like an uninvited guest.57Please respect copyright.PENANA7QmVsUfvjG
   The human walks away and grabs a man out of the crowd. The man had a strange resemblance to the boy, beyond the hair, skin, and eyes. They had the same facial structure, hollowed cheeks, sunken eyes, and stubby noses. They were almost the same person. It was his father.57Please respect copyright.PENANAbbKnPeDiCy
   "Kill him." The human points to the boy and thrusts a pistol into the hands of the boy's father. "Kill him."57Please respect copyright.PENANAmkh3KfzTIF
   His father's face shows no emotion as all of the other Inimicus, but there's a sadness in his eyes. "Sir, I ca-"57Please respect copyright.PENANADQvZLYT1uc
   "That was a command."57Please respect copyright.PENANAIFnt3dHGvj
   "Yes sir." His father stares into his eyes and sighs. The boy can practically read his thoughts. I'm sorry, I am so sorry. Forgive me. The boy nods. The father levels the pistol to the boy's head and pulls the hammer back.57Please respect copyright.PENANAfRDwVoLuiu
   He nods and looks down at his bloody hand. He had heard once that humans prayed before they died. That's what he would do.57Please respect copyright.PENANAaVkGV6EP88
   "Look at him!" The man screams, "look at him!"57Please respect copyright.PENANA1QOpjRD1y9
   The boy looks up and manages to meet his father's eyes. He nods once. His father pulls the trigger. 57Please respect copyright.PENANAkN0YjWn5rG
   A loud crack fills the armory.57Please respect copyright.PENANAACCUix1Xm9
57Please respect copyright.PENANA6oZUOjMrkk
copyright protection53PENANAHgDIJ2KUzg

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