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Blah Blah
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Blah Blah
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A bit more abstract
No Plagiarism!8EvRgXVlIlEEoRL1pyy9posted on PENANA Breeze by day, storm by night. Invader of safety, purveyor of fright. Try to search, look ahead with a scope; but there is naught you shall find to dispel it, except this demon itself. From behind it seems childlike, perhaps even calm, but it is nightmare incarnate when faced head-on. Both a plague of mankind, as well as the human condition, mistake it for suspense in an author's rendition.

what is it?copyright protection157PENANAkJhRoDDX9C

I'm freaking terrible at rhyming :Pcopyright protection157PENANABhh68y44TN

Comments ( 7 )

Lata - I got it! Uncertainty.
1 year agoreply

Heminor - Aaaaand we have a winner!
the human condition of uncertainty. The unknown. Apprehension is fear of the possibility of something going wrong. Suspense in the hesitation before taking actions without even the slightest knowledge of their potential results. Looking into the future to try and resolve this uncertainty, to try and see at least one outcome that could either be in your favor or to your detriment, but only finding more uncertainty.all stemming from the uniquely human concept of "future". 
1 year agoreply

weirdguy96 - @Heminor, And I feel the dire need to say, "WHOA!" Never in a hundred years would my rusty brain have come up with the answer!
1 year agoreply

Lata - First I thought it was courage, but it's not. So... Is it apprehension? 
1 year agoreply

Heminor - Very very close. Apprehension is almost synonymous, yet the two deal with different things.
1 year agoreply

Lata - @Heminor, Close, huh? Tension? Agitation? 
1 year agoreply

Heminor - @Lata,All of se are elements of it. Like I said, kinda, those things can be mistaken for this devil when writen by an author, when read in a book, when conveyed in a movie. Also I should have written it down, because I think I kinda forgot what it was...
1 year agoreply