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Musical Insanity
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Challenger Jess Rufus
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Musical Insanity
Submission Closed
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Ghost Whisperer
Jess Rufus
Nov 19, 2016
6 Mins Read
1,255 Words
No Plagiarism!aZmDzItHwACHpkTtSZBhposted on PENANA

(The link provided wouldn't play the video for me, so I found another one.) :)copyright protection140PENANAVxpHSM7dqs

I have a feeling that I will enjoy this story, so I might consider turning it into a separate story~144Please respect copyright.PENANAnQhVCJtKJX
copyright protection140PENANASAsfe2XHKt

Trigger warning - story may contain suicide/mentions of suicide144Please respect copyright.PENANARF5PYOaK0d
copyright protection140PENANAhmbHH4aA4M

Emily stared at the mansion in front of her. Somewhere in the distance there was a crack of thunder. Rain began to fall, pattering gently on the grass and mud. 144Please respect copyright.PENANApVzPJsrEvb
copyright protection140PENANAR0jhHb3Pou

A massive house in a place like this... was definitely suspicious. The editors had sent her here to investigate, but she was beginning to regret it.144Please respect copyright.PENANAnT1EODoio7
copyright protection140PENANAih4KwjNt1x

It certainly was strange that they gave her a choice - that they had actually asked her if she'd wanted to stay in the haunted mansion for a month, go treasure hunting and write a blog on it.. She had agreed; of course, doing a job that nobody else wanted to do would hopefully end in a pay rise - but she hadn't bothered to stop and think why. You stupid little girl, she thought to herself. So greedy... but there's no going back now. You have to deal with the consequences of your decisions.copyright protection140PENANAXjU80Cdach

You should have gone back to being shy little Emily. That sweet little girl who wouldn't try to do anything even remotely perilous. But you had to go and grow up into a brave, courageous, daring woman who would laugh in the face of danger. Don't you remember? It was the curiosity that killed the cat.144Please respect copyright.PENANAffNk5M9gw9
copyright protection140PENANAW4hflZrpOP

10-year-old Emily would have followed orders from anyone for fear of her own life, but if she was given the choice, she would have been able to say no. But 26-year-old Emily didn't take orders from anyone. 144Please respect copyright.PENANAtW53LOwcs1
copyright protection140PENANAT67YRDhE7i

You could say that puberty hit her... like a truck.copyright protection140PENANAc4B7cBJpMW

Clutching the reporter's notepad and feeling the straps of her backpack, she forced herself to move forward. copyright protection140PENANAHI0ZYlYpKN

From the inside, the mansion wasn't all that bad. Everything seemed pristine and well-preserved, as if the previous owner had hardly left.copyright protection140PENANAfEUmCLZUq6

Emily found herself a room and pulled out her video recorder.copyright protection140PENANAcDaOKnquNc

"Day 0 in the haunted mansion. Everything seems fine. I'm about to unpack, and everything is quiet. Too quiet. Who knows what could be lurking around the corner for me?"copyright protection140PENANAquUquTMtix

She stopped the video and looked around, inspecting the room carefully. copyright protection140PENANAgxbbTNXTIn

Perhaps this won't be so bad after all...144Please respect copyright.PENANAoQUpvJ3T1r
copyright protection140PENANA0U1bJLy9fm

She explored a little. She found nothing.copyright protection140PENANAlGQg6k9TOr

She slept that night almost peacefully. She woke up; nothing was wrong. The haunted house seemed to be a complete hoax.copyright protection140PENANAq4ZCgSqdM8

But that was when the paranormal activity began.144Please respect copyright.PENANA1gHPBNBK38
copyright protection140PENANABM2CYLowUE

"Day 1 in the haunted mansion. I'm getting a feeling of uneasiness, but that's probably because I'm all alone. I'm about to go exploring again, and you're coming with me, every step of the way."copyright protection140PENANASgkJwr4FkS

She ventured almost reluctantly out of her bedroom, scrutinising everything from paintings to tables.copyright protection140PENANA7LX6neZNrL

Each room seemed bigger than the last; but none of them seemed haunted.copyright protection140PENANAV2yYFwJ33E

Although there was one room. A small bedroom in comparison to the others, but something seemed...copyright protection140PENANAIWV2GruK7O

Wrong.copyright protection140PENANADfzBlXPkKg

Emily stopped, hardly able to breathe.copyright protection140PENANA6FjFDZcn3g

The key feature of this was the fact that, on opposite walls, someone had placed two mirrors. They faced eachother, and something dropped in Emily's stomach.copyright protection140PENANA2LcXOSpiDx

She remembered from her research that two mirrors facing eachother was almost certainly a portal to an alternate dimension.copyright protection140PENANA6hMGS7DHso

Damn it... I want to go now.144Please respect copyright.PENANAUw40AQO63h
copyright protection140PENANAYz3hfHhr4k

"You see this, guys? Two mirrors. A portal... to another world! Perhaps there will be ghosts here after all! Tune in for tomorrow's episode of Haunted Mansion with Emily Kelly!"copyright protection140PENANAH75U4TNubr

Emily couldn't sleep. She tried meditation, but that didn't help as it usually did. Slowly her confidence drifted away, lost in the mists of time.copyright protection140PENANA1iINZAUDin

She began to hear voices, mostly when she was lying in her bed, but also when she went out exploring.copyright protection140PENANA1gW4ybMPDQ

She took photos, with each one showing more orbs than the last.copyright protection140PENANA9lYff283wk

She began to see faces, too. copyright protection140PENANAuxCclCNff5

The voices got louder, but she couldn't make out what they were saying; but gradually they got clearer.144Please respect copyright.PENANA8r73QCMTwN
copyright protection140PENANACglylTK7In

"Leave now... Please..."144Please respect copyright.PENANAlx42mFPYqT
copyright protection140PENANAYSIW7YZg1w

                      "I'm  not a psychopath! P-please! D-d-d-don't kill me!"144Please respect copyright.PENANA6kqbk01964
copyright protection140PENANAAv4dIpPvE4

                                                           "I'm innocent. Please... I'm innocent!"144Please respect copyright.PENANAqevyhmb4gH
copyright protection140PENANABhlWQGQANz

         "I'm so lonely..."144Please respect copyright.PENANARBfWEBBuA2
copyright protection140PENANAYLsGIzEHPG

                       "Join me... please?"144Please respect copyright.PENANAnGmNRHOTRU
copyright protection140PENANAdqchDUHtqm

                                            "Please help us..."144Please respect copyright.PENANAXi9tQrQ1v6
copyright protection140PENANAx2DTZuzP5n

                                 "You have to leave... now, please... before... it's far too late..."144Please respect copyright.PENANAJnIYjmAVRa
copyright protection140PENANAp39RKRrpzg

The voices wouldn't stop.144Please respect copyright.PENANAXeQk2I2QCT
copyright protection140PENANA5MGh4kcMND

The days passed painfully slowly.copyright protection140PENANA8lGLeFfNvk

She could feel paranormal activity all around her.copyright protection140PENANAaUojM8bdxK

She knew only too well that there was a treasure hidden somewhere in this house, and the ghosts were only trying to protect it. Day after day, she forced herself to stay in the house. copyright protection140PENANAtDxaVCu8oh

"Day 11. I am still hearing voices... Damn... I want to go... Please... Let me go home!"copyright protection140PENANALwDsiR7yEC

     "I told you."144Please respect copyright.PENANALAbV31mT3S
copyright protection140PENANASPxh9jplwX

She turned off the recording.144Please respect copyright.PENANA0MgILz5lvX
copyright protection140PENANA50BDbwgGEE

"W-what..." she whispered.copyright protection140PENANAYqbBSts017

      "I tried to warn you. We tried to warn you..."copyright protection140PENANACUWab6tBr0

She could hear her heart trying to escape from her chest.144Please respect copyright.PENANAvtbmNe4P5G
copyright protection140PENANAzx1aadGqTl

      "I... my name is Amy. I was in the same position as you. I had to document the haunted house as part of a haunted documentary series. But I got driven to madness. I lost my sanity. I eventually committed suicide.144Please respect copyright.PENANAJRhUMkW9eZ
copyright protection140PENANA5RMgtEKVEL

     "I found out that this house used to be prison and mental asylum. So many villains died here. Psychopaths too. Anyone with a mental illness...144Please respect copyright.PENANA2eMiXxS3Tn
copyright protection140PENANA3hF0rR6Vty

     "Eventually it got shut down. Someone bought the land and built this mansion... but he, too, got driven to madness.144Please respect copyright.PENANA0oRcKErPuw
copyright protection140PENANAV25XdgaUG3

     "You have your information. Now, please... go home and tell everyone. If you're lucky, you might only be scarred by this experience for the rest of your life."144Please respect copyright.PENANAwdnN8a74jm
copyright protection140PENANAfMV12oGMkl

Emily ran. She told her editors everything, but they refused to listen.copyright protection140PENANAynCen45tZz

She turned to blogging, sharing her experience with the whole of the internet; but to no avail.copyright protection140PENANA1VB7SPn2J4

She was considering suicide one day when she got a phonecall. A teacher who had seen her blog wanted her to come in and teach her class all about the paranormal and tell them about her experience in the haunted mansion.copyright protection140PENANA6YQ10SqGFK

She accepted.copyright protection140PENANA2d7EruJxYI

"And today, we have here Emily Kelly, with her own experience of the haunted mansion!"copyright protection140PENANA60EI7wxuzg

There was a round of applause.copyright protection140PENANAyGfpIgi8XX

Emily sat down and looked around her.copyright protection140PENANATZb0EDvnbu

These kids looked around 12-13. They stared at her as if she was a madwoman, and she couldn't help but wonder if her hair looked wrong, or her face looked too paranoid.copyright protection140PENANA6huK0Chy7R

She gulped.copyright protection140PENANAOGx45fknoi

"So... as you... probably will know... I went to the haunted mansion. It seemed okay... but then I got these voices. I could hear what they were saying."copyright protection140PENANAlhhwiV9Njk

      "They are afraid of you."copyright protection140PENANAipCMaDprbw

Emily shivered, and carried on, in a voice that seemed about to burst into tears.144Please respect copyright.PENANA4lBQEzowCh
copyright protection140PENANAj0dQ4i6pGu

"If there are two mirrors facing eachother, it creates a portal to another world, where demonic spirits can enter and leave as they please..."copyright protection140PENANAI1MZy4VISe

Someone raised his hand, nervously. copyright protection140PENANA2aEFXPimhu

"Yes, Aaron?" the teacher next to Emily asked.144Please respect copyright.PENANAUDGLQqqhfU
copyright protection140PENANATAu6qzpxZ5

"P-please... can Miss Kelly stop now? It's scary..."copyright protection140PENANA2H7OHFSCnK

There were nods around the class. The teacher looked at Emily.copyright protection140PENANARqVw6SlpfC

It had been a fail.copyright protection140PENANAT9cofDYFaX

She had never set off in the first place.copyright protection140PENANALcFS1myUZW

The voices were still there.copyright protection140PENANAFQmAmttHSI

She felt cold all the time.copyright protection140PENANAkMSwa898Nk

She felt as if there was always someone there, watching her.copyright protection140PENANA6yxLry80t7

She felt as if she had nothing to live for.copyright protection140PENANAW8YiIkLc2E

144Please respect copyright.PENANAOM8bzglHkF
copyright protection140PENANAVmqNTBV2KI

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