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    It What's up guys! Thanks for stopping by my page. My names Jeffrey. I've written Poetry, Blogs, Songs and Scripts some of these which you can find scattered everywhere through the internet. In 2020 when everything slowed down I decided to write the story Supremeo. Its based off an Idea I had in middle school. Think if astro boy and megaman were real. Supremeo would be the American relative to those legendary robots. If you haven't gave the story a read yet ill tell you its something like part game of thrones part dragon ball Z sprinkled with a bit of astro boy and Megaman. This is the first of a whole slew of stories in my head that will be occupying the Supremeo universe. Other stories I'm working on will be called Sullivan And The Duel Masters Chronicles. If world building stories is your thing. Give Supremeo a read. The first volume is done!
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Way before the new age of armored knights, soldiers, and droids like the mighty Supremeo. There was the last hero of the old world, and the first hero of the new. This is the story about Bernard Sullivan's road to being that hero of the new world.  The story of the legend's greatest adventures starts here.  Along the way Bernard gets much needed aid for his mission. Unintentionally creating more legendary heroes with the path he takes. However with every path taken, its never a steady road. For Bernard and the ones who decided to join his fight. They'll be met with a forces that threaten everything they love, but those unstoppable forces have never met a team as powerful as the one that Bernard has assembled. In this beginning volume, you'll be read, an early tale of Sullivan and his companions legendary adventure for eternal youth and wealthy beyond imagination. They'll visit mythic locations in search of relics thought to be nothing but myths but as Sullivan would say, "If it started as a story he'd be the first to head out and explore to find out if it's real or not." They'll fight powerful enemies from their world and others. Inspiring a new age to rise from the ashes of it's current.  The age of Sullivan starts here!

*This is the first spinoff book for my other title Supremeo vol 1 & 2. "Vol. 1 is complete!" Please check that title out if you want to know what else the world of Sullivan and Supremeo has to offer in adventures for a reader.*

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