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The Guardian Lineage, which has managed to survive since the time of King Jehoshaphat and became a secret organization within the United Nations, started to question its purpose of existence under the leadership of Darius Bratt. Was their reason for existence really to prevent the evil that was waiting underground from coming to the surface? In the end, they decided to send the seven youths they had chosen, following the descriptions in the ancient inscriptions, down a now-forgotten door. All they had to do was complete a twenty-four hour research underground and bring information up. However, at the end of the time, none of the members of the research group managed to come back.

While the above was struggling with the difficult decisions to be made, the seven youngs found themselves in the middle of a struggle that has been going on for hundreds of years and that human beings have forgotten about. In order to see the light of day again, they needed to accomplish their new mission among the Guards, the Guardian, the Shadowlesses, the Jewels, the Doubled-faces, the Whippers and of course the Ancient Sorcerers, albeit unintentionally. Time, which had stopped for centuries, started to work against humanity again.

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Night of the Broken Gliph

“We live in a world of gliphs.”

“The left arm chamber, right arm chamber, left leg chamber, right leg chamber, wind chamber and the heart chamber. These are the six chambers of gliph that represent a glipher’s quality.”

In his previous life, he was the best metalsmith on the continent; even the most powerful fighters came to him for weapons. He was no doubt a powerful man, but sadly, his incapability to retaliate left him at the mercy of others.

Chui Yim, once dead, reincarnated into the world of gliphs, accompanied by Heaven’s Flame. However, the violent introduction of Heaven’s flame crippled his heart chamber.

Born with a heart deficiency, he was unable to perform strenuous exercise, let alone engage in physical fights. As such, his father who worked as a doctor made him study hard and sent him to the Riding Clouds Academy, where he met a close friend who was escaping from his family’s murderer.

Determined to write his own destiny, Chui Yim vowed to break limits and take up the path of a cultivator.

​​​​​​​Join Chui Yim as he embarks on his journey of cultivation, a thorny journey full of blood, tears, and enlightenment. This mystical and martial arts chivalry novel, “Night of the Broken Gliph”, by the famous Hong Kong author, Maple Shing, will definitely not disappoint!

Translator: Xiannie

Original Work: 破紋夜by Maple Shing

Schedule: 4 chapters per week

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PG-13 Paid content
Blood, Status, Ethnicity, and Nationality

Daphne Yalle: When the great nation Neptune invades her land, Daphne's peaceful life soon changes drastically. And because she is a Neptunian-Plutonian - owns the same ethnicity as the Neptune invader country - Pluto residents hate her ethnicity very much it leads to a provoking conspiracy that traps her and her entire ethnic group as genocide victims. Fortunately, at the last moment, she was saved by Stairmount Rivers, one of the lecturers at her university. Stairmount's heroic actions immediately make Daphne fall in love with Stairmount, without realizing that the mysterious quiet man holds many secrets, some of which are even very dark and have the potential to bring Daphne to the deepest scrap of affliction.

Stairmount "Schynn" Rivers: As a citizen of Jupiter descended from Saturn Country, it is very awkward for Stairmount as he can live legally in Pluto, especially since Pluto is in war. Yet, maybe he must be grateful for this 'awkward' destiny - so that he can save Daphne, that beautiful girl who captures his heart for the first time in his life. His deep love for her even leads him to be willing to risk his own life to save her. But the price for this love is too dreadful, as to pay for the consequence, he is then forced to sin against the land of his ancestors - with the lives of the people he loves as the captive to force him committing this unforgivable sin.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, countries, ethnic names, institutions, agencies, organizations, business, as well as the events, issues, and incidents produced from those matters above are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, issues, and incidents is purely coincidental.

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[ENG] Brave Tale : Peacebringer

Title : Brave Tale : Peacebringer

Etherealm Series Novels

The second etherealm, Yregalia, is what the man with the uncle's face really wants. Moritz, who is a retired veteran of the constellation war as well as the ace of the expedition team - dimensional exploration, is now allowed to lie down looking for peace.

On the planet Equinox, Yregalia, second etherealm, during his three years living in a two-story wooden house near Vaughtort Forest, Moritz was at peace and enjoying his retirement greatly.

Farming, greeting Vaughtort Villagers, fishing, or just strolling around to play with village kids, little beastrians.


In those three years, of course there were some minor incidents. Less depressing Moritz, but recurring events and oddities make Vaughtort Forest more wary. Grizzly wolves and Shell dogs, which should be found more in the Pirn Forest, were seen prowling the Vaughtort Forest and trying to prey on the villagers.

Moritz was allowed to put up his crutches now.

-------------------- ETHEREALM-------------------

The fantasy world that(public mind) real. A world that has unlimited possibilities, is beautiful and unique like heaven or cruel without mercy. Life that can turn on or even turn off life itself.

Only people who have clumsiness, difficulty accepting life, and regrets, are chosen to live in that world. Become an ancient hero prophesied by unique races or fall into the etherealm of a nightmare full of despair.