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The Takeover- Feline Grace
Ruza Dragic
Nov 17, 2016
4 Mins Read
828 Words
No Plagiarism!WQW5yUbLSDELruiiytjhposted on PENANA

Kristen:copyright protection112PENANAa81HqzbYkL

This is so not good. I can't believe this. I mean, actually, it kind of makes sense... It's not like we've done an even remotely okay job of running the U.S.A. If anything, we've run it into the ground. After Trump was elected, I guess it was bound to happen. The Cats f*cking took over the Government. Good job, America. Last night, around 1 AM, my Siamese started pawing at my face, and assuming this was the normal 'feed me' routine, I got up to go feed her. What happened next, is something I hardly believe, and I was there. copyright protection112PENANAwgBsl9nxVf

Some Time Ago:copyright protection112PENANAaz1B3jUCMd

"Well aren't you going to check the News?" The raspy feminine voice of a stranger echos through my apartment.copyright protection112PENANAUXlVFMuQLO

"Who's there?!" My eye widen and I scoop up my cat, Fluffer, and grab a heavy book off my night stand.copyright protection112PENANACh5dKrn7Yi

"Um, who do you think, Kristen? It's me. Fluffer." copyright protection112PENANAn9SoLWIFyv

"HOLY CRAP." I screech, dropping Fluffer and bolting for the bed. I catapult under the covers and squeeze my eyes closed. "It's just a dream. Ya, a dream. That's it. Fluffer isn't talking, it's just my extremely messed up over imaginative mind scarring my socks off once again." copyright protection112PENANATstfn81SZM

"I must say, I've never understood that name. Why Fluffer or all things? How is a cat to get any respect with a name like Fluffer?!" I bolt up, pulling the covers around my so just enough of my head pops out that I can see.copyright protection112PENANAHB4MOPecWd

"Shut up shut up SHUT UP!" How can my cat be talking, and after 5 years, too. 5 damn years and she chooses to speak now. Just when I thought she was starting to wind down and not destroy the entire apartment. copyright protection112PENANAukmnJ8jrNR

"That's not very nice ya know-"copyright protection112PENANAWGjqWHyXAx

"LA LA LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAA!" I huff out, cupping my hands over my ears.copyright protection112PENANAKh8O4XDjaA

"That's very childish and will not help matters. Now, I suggest you check the news, and while you're at it, I'd like to get breakfast while it's still breakfast time." I stare at Fluffer as she turns with a flick of her tail and struts out of the room. What. The. Hell.copyright protection112PENANAwFUT2D1l5O

******30 minutes latercopyright protection112PENANAc2vwsre0pP

"So wait, you're saying that Cats, Cats, as in four legs, a tail and little whiskers on the face," I wiggle my fingers in demonstration, "Cats, took over the government last night." I drop my hands, and Fluffer takes a loud *SLURP* from her cup of warm milk. She stares at me for a second, milk dripping down her whiskers, and she gives a single lick to get rid of a run away drop of milk before responding.copyright protection112PENANAy96HXbFBuP

"That about sums it up, yes." My god. My Cat, my 5 year old Cat, just explained that humans no longer govern the United States of America. I tug at the blanket that's wrapped around me and listen as Fluffer gives me the run down. Fluffer. I snort, and she gives me a look as if to say 'Don't you dare say it.'copyright protection112PENANAb1u6UwJVRP

"Fine. I won't" I smirk, and Fluffer grumbles at the silent mockery of her given name.copyright protection112PENANAK4RgBjIPk7

"It's not as bad as what the couple that was looking at me before you came in were coming up with." I take a swig of tea. "The guy wanted to name me Sweater Head. Or maybe it was Sock Head or Shoe Face. Something to that affect." We sit for a moment, in a cold hard silence.copyright protection112PENANAESgLzeXeQs

"So what happens now?"copyright protection112PENANA41ty8o4SjW

"To what?"copyright protection112PENANAH41ykCS2sc

"Us. You. Me, the regular Cats and the Humans." Fluffer takes a bit too long to answer, and a shiver runs down my spine. "It's not that bad, is it?"copyright protection112PENANAa74qTEFQSv

"No. Not that bad. Could be worse. The Cats in charge, they sent out a memo about registering your humans as yours before yesterday. It's why nobody's come to get you. If I hadn't gotten that memo, well, let's not talk about it. Ok?" I straighten up, startled.copyright protection112PENANAiWxMvFaAyu

"But what about the people who don't have cats, or the people whose cats forget?" Fluffer refuses to look at me. "Fluffer."copyright protection112PENANAxfzyOTaGWD

"They, um, they're put in cages. Like in a pet store, but humans. If it gets too crowded, or they start getting violent or sick, well, it depends on the store, but most put them down." My jaw goes slack and I cover my mouth in shock. copyright protection112PENANAS6KWxDAcut

"Even the children?" Fluffer doesn't have to answer for me to know the answer. I rush to the bathroom and keel over in front of the toilet. Once my last meal decides to end it's last enchor, I get up and clean myself. Fluffer comes over and rubs up against me. copyright protection112PENANAINqfzVVKvt

"It's gonna be okay. It'll be ok."copyright protection112PENANAf2IOBwHLcE

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Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - I need to haz a cat? I'm scared. I love the play on "cat" in catapult.
1 year agoreply

The Hybrid Cat - With the way you done this it could become a fully fledged story
1 year agoreply