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Co-Writer Jennie Camacho*
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Chapter 2
Jennie Camacho
Nov 17, 2016
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!HvA8PMRqSIuAJtv2Qvyeposted on PENANA

Moon Goddess? I couldn't become the Moon Goddess. How could I become someone I never even believed in until now? Gazing at the young girl before me, my mind couldn't comprehend if this was all some elaborate dream or a dying woman's hallucination.copyright protection70PENANASQsH6lQXx6

"You still don't believe?" she asked a hint of amusement in her voice. "Oh, how you wolves have strayed so far from what you once were." Her smile faltered for only a moment before she managed to compose herself. "Would you like me to show you?"copyright protection70PENANAyeB8nqVeRO

"Show me what?" I asked hesitantly. What could she possibly show me to make this outlandish experience real?copyright protection70PENANAXloGPUJGph

"Come, my child." Artemis began walking toward the vast nothingness of stars. Then suddenly, the air seemed to vibrate before her. At first, it was only a slight shake but quickly became more turbulent, and within a blink of an eye, a grand marble staircase stood just ahead of her. Unfazed by the abrupt materialization, she gracefully climbed the stairs with an unhuman like speed.copyright protection70PENANAVi8n0fJQcg

"Are you coming, young one?" I had been standing there mouth agape unmoving. A warm feeling spread across my cheeks at the thought of how I must have looked, most likely similar to a fish gasping for water. Shutting my mouth, I quickly made my way up the step. My movements were nothing like Artemis's, they were uncoordinated and heavy.copyright protection70PENANAWKvxTSYP7P

"This is my cathedra, or as you might call it a throne room," she began before I was all the way up the stairs. This room was even more stunning than the endless stars. The floor, which felt like marble against my bare feet reminded me of the milky way with swirling clouds of pinks and purple. At first, I thought I might have seen wrong but no, in fact, the clouds were moving and the stars twinkling. There were obsidian pillars encircling the wall-less room. Each carved into a different animal, all of which were predators. I couldn't help but notice the pillar closest to the throne. It was a majestic looking wolf that somehow managed to appear both vicious and resplendent at the same time.copyright protection70PENANAD4b2K0WuGl

The throne itself was made of an iridescent stone. It didn't seem too comfortable but the stunning intricate carving on the backrest of the chair more than made up for it. In the center of the room was a beautiful shimmering pool no larger than a bathtub.copyright protection70PENANALBETZE8Iul

"This is where I watch over my precious creatures. To make sure the balance is kept, and to see to it my hunters are victorious." As Artemis spoke she glided towards the throne, waving me over before taking her seat.copyright protection70PENANAZq6uYZnWPu

"I want to show you something," she said once I stood by her side. With a small wave of her hand, the pool sprayed a thin mist of water into the air almost creating a wall in front of us. The mist glistened until without warning an image began to take shape. I squinted, my eyes straining to make out the image.copyright protection70PENANAMsyXvjYrNE

Unable to hold back the strangled gasp the left my mouth, my shakily reaching out as if to touch it. It was Logan, my Logan, hunched over. His body trembling as he sobbed. Crouching next to him was Griffin, his beta, and dear friend.copyright protection70PENANANzgrtg5CZA

"It is getting cold. We need to get you inside and have Havers look over your injuries." Griffin spoke softly, his voice filled with concern.copyright protection70PENANAXY13tZ3QWS

Logan didn't respond. He only continued to clutch something in his arms, as he started to rock back and forth gently. It was then I realize it wasn't something he was holding but someone, me. He cradled my lifeless body so delicately as if even the slightest touch would cause it to shatter. Tears welled in my eyes, my hand dropping back down to my side.copyright protection70PENANAkIlTFQdDi1

"I will take her, make such she is safe," Griffin spoke as if I was still alive. His hands reached out for my corpse, but the moment his fingers grazed my skin Logan let out a ferocious growl, causing Griffin to fall back.copyright protection70PENANAi5Azw3QCFQ

"I'm sorry. Please, come back. I need you," Logan whispered stroking my blood stained hair. "Please!"copyright protection70PENANAcCPdGidJ89

I could not longer contain the tears. They flowed freely down my face dripping onto the floor below. So badly I wanted to reach out and hold him. Tell him I was there and that I would find a way back to him, no matter what. I needed him just as much as he needed me.copyright protection70PENANACtRYnxPAb7

"Logan, please we need to get her inside. It is getting too cold out here for her," Griffin tried one last time to coerce his friend inside. Logan looked up at him this time. His eyes swollen and bloodshot. I could see him debating with himself, unsure of what to do. He looked so lost, so vulnerable. And just like that, the image vanished as the mist dribbled back into the pool.copyright protection70PENANABucc4JfUlV

"What? No! Bring it back," I begged, lunging forward, kneeling at the base of the pool. Artemis on gave me an empathic look and shook her head.copyright protection70PENANAKyyzMeS0Y1

"No, seeing it won't change anything. I just wanted to prove to you this is no hallucination. There is no returning from death. Even us Gods are not that powerful." How could this be? Life without Logan was not a life, but I wasn't living anymore was I. I was dead, gone. There is no returning from death. Her words resounded in my head. It meant there was no returning to Logan.copyright protection70PENANA9Bu1ASzpsK

"I know this may be difficult, but I need to know. Are you willing to accept my offer? Will you take domain over the moon?" copyright protection70PENANAx4fKgjtweP

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