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Something Truly New
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Writer Black of the First Night
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Something Truly New
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Black of the First Night
Nov 18, 2016
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!9v9eHnkn5PjdRbLkHpBrposted on PENANA

1copyright protection52PENANAqyfjjXTHZt

What is this?copyright protection52PENANA48YdnGAH3G

What am I doing?copyright protection52PENANAwmTnyFIf4k

How do I even know what I’m doing?copyright protection52PENANAHvSXPcVIUU

I don’t even remember learning this.copyright protection52PENANAbY3acrQN8U

56Please respect copyright.PENANAGZ0S04Y31q

What?copyright protection52PENANAtFgn3P3M57

56Please respect copyright.PENANALYh6RGGaGv
56Please respect copyright.PENANA0In5gFXf6J

There are some random scribblings here.copyright protection52PENANA6MDZJsbEb5

56Please respect copyright.PENANAjNIjFJoEMq
56Please respect copyright.PENANA4xomDf2kqJ

2copyright protection52PENANAzn4Cxh3n4c

I should probably explain what’s going on. I found myself lying on cold rock. I don’t know how long I was out, or how long I had been there. The rock is elevated above drab, grey stone. I’m still sitting on the rock. It’s quite flat here on the top, but if I fall or climb off, I don’t think I’ll be able to get back on.copyright protection52PENANAhySyVVnZHs

So, for now, I’ll stay here.copyright protection52PENANA7NfKMZdYDo

Next to me, I found a notebook, how nice. There’s a pencil, too. I thought I’d break the graphite at some point, but I don’t seem to be able to. All the pages are blank but these blue lines to indicate where to write. I’m going to record everything that happens here, every little detail at a time. I mean, it’s not like there’s much else to do. I don’t want to leave this rock, though. Where would I even go? Is there anywhere even to go?copyright protection52PENANA4cL8PiqSGu

I stood up earlier to get a good look around me and all I could see is this bare stone going on and on for miles. Even when I squinted, there was just nothing, absolutely nothing.copyright protection52PENANA4X2WwYSTXA

I guess I should hop off this rock. Well, not now. I have a bad feeling. This rock is like my bed. I don’t want to leave.copyright protection52PENANAm4oBPbB29e

Although, I probably should. There’s nothing here on this rock, except me, this pencil, and this notebook.copyright protection52PENANArdrcmhvM9b

I’ll think about it tomorrow.copyright protection52PENANAhe9kbFj4zg

56Please respect copyright.PENANAQrrdwISuXY

3copyright protection52PENANAEWl2ybe9dn

Let’s do this!copyright protection52PENANAoEBQRY7nKh

copyright protection52PENANAy2wImIoFMY

I just dropped of the rock. There’s some stone. It’s quite barren. No grass, no trees, no animals, nothing, really. It just keeps going and going.copyright protection52PENANAWrUiuttICH

Maybe I’ll find something.copyright protection52PENANA51mHReFZBq

56Please respect copyright.PENANAdgLWArFY5r
56Please respect copyright.PENANAoaYNwC3yWu

4copyright protection52PENANAgasMSPuhvh

I got tired and fell asleep on the ground. Everything just feels heavy all the time. I just noticed it, but there’s no night or day here. Just light. It’s not harsh or anything, there’s not even a sun up there. I just get tired and fall asleep. That’s just kinda how it works.copyright protection52PENANAfrI9KcCeUf

I feel like I should be going somewhere or doing something, but I don’t know.copyright protection52PENANAV0giH8wn77

I’ll just go to sleep again. After all, all I’ve been doing it walking.copyright protection52PENANANnigaa5FrA

56Please respect copyright.PENANAiNVJ0srSXo

5copyright protection52PENANAWH2ERNQu1L

I just noticed. I haven’t eaten once. I haven’t been thirsty, or even had any sense of hunger at all. So then why did I randomly have to go pee? Where did that even come from?copyright protection52PENANAJWL0ft8LQf

I just felt this pain in my abdomen, and well, I didn’t want to pee on the rocks, so I held it in for a while. I kept walking until the pain got to me.copyright protection52PENANATEDbUOm0tN

Now there’s just this random puddle on the ground.copyright protection52PENANABpvD4mqVQs

I wanted to see what will happen to it, so now I’m just kinda sitting here...writing about my pee.copyright protection52PENANAGzosADWIpM

Great.copyright protection52PENANAYiqCtlqPlT

56Please respect copyright.PENANARaFD6f4Le9

6copyright protection52PENANADWj8Anu1jl

It’s gone! It’s gone! My pee evaporated! No puddle, nothing!copyright protection52PENANAt0USsvwodV

Hm…I wonder where it went. Into the air? Am I breathing it in as I write this?copyright protection52PENANAbcdBPHXfxi

AA--Oh wait. Evaporation doesn’t work like that.copyright protection52PENANA9bftkPRPQa

I should start walking again.copyright protection52PENANAaka5cCAI1N

copyright protection52PENANADc0ROPzL57

As I was walking, I thought about some stuff.copyright protection52PENANA4eijIC9zr0

I guess I’ll put it here. It helps clear my mind to write in this.copyright protection52PENANAJCkTHwwhey

One thing I can confirm: I am male.copyright protection52PENANA5SL6KzVkl0

New concept, I know.copyright protection52PENANArqfJKXmTwO

But here’s the odd thing. How did I not even know my own gender? I mean, it’s not like there’s mirrors lying about everywhere, but I should at least have known that, surely?copyright protection52PENANATgqea8KHpZ

I wonder what I look like. I think I have brown hair? It’s too short to get a good look at it, but if the curtains match the drapes, it’s brown.copyright protection52PENANAfvR0BCAxWW

Another thing. All my clothes are white. I have a plain white shirt, plain white sweatpants, and plain white sneakers. No socks. Strange, isn’t it?copyright protection52PENANAynnO77Lu1i

On the plus side, I have black and white checkered boxers. Those are pretty cool.copyright protection52PENANAiVzJ9JSTqi

My shoes are starting to wear. I guess I’ve been walking a lot.copyright protection52PENANASGNKHpnhWj

Hm...I’m pretty tired, I think I’ll go to sleep. ‘Till tomorrow.copyright protection52PENANAeuHBjOI4jK

56Please respect copyright.PENANAdDkcqROuqL

This page is covered in stains, making the beginning hard to read.copyright protection52PENANAnCFXlOHeI7

56Please respect copyright.PENANAYIyUrymSrj

7copyright protection52PENANAwBOjlvIIMF

I walked some. Then I st~pped. I don’t know what overcame me, b~t I can’t stop crying. I’m trying to n~~ get it on the notebook, but that’s not rea~y w~rk~~ng.copyright protection52PENANA21aJCtylyR

56Please respect copyright.PENANAhiuWWBc0nr

There’s just nothing. How long have I been walking? Who am I kidding? I’m crying because I’m all alone out here. I’m lost and there’s nothing. Endless empty skies, where’s the goddamn sun!copyright protection52PENANA5WtLTPzA3i

56Please respect copyright.PENANAaA4uMvlAZL

No.copyright protection52PENANAIzTwTf1CYO

That’s not why I’m crying.copyright protection52PENANAi0PsKsViNt

I’m forgetting something. I go to search for it, but when I find that nothing, I cry. I feel worthless and pathetic and miserable. Miserable that I’m out here, rotting away by myself. Rotting in nothing, only to become nothing.copyright protection52PENANAaTqDEjteUx

Why do I even keep walking?copyright protection52PENANAwC7q91FaDE

Where to?56Please respect copyright.PENANAmYtUSVtfNV
For what purpose?copyright protection52PENANAZVEPoohjH5

Why continue when I could just sleep?copyright protection52PENANANRYdvDxZSr

Ah, that sounds nice.copyright protection52PENANAwp4DPdEvoi

Maybe I’ll never wake up.copyright protection52PENANA9oeOdCdvWU

56Please respect copyright.PENANAy4e31aEea1

8copyright protection52PENANAAKMzXhdvg5

I woke up.copyright protection52PENANAXNu1qkf5QD

56Please respect copyright.PENANAFkBKPofbZf

I thought that if I gave up, it would all end.copyright protection52PENANAoZ2CNff1Kb

I was wrong.copyright protection52PENANAVlVHUTZ7og

I should walk. It’s all I can really do, as painful as it is.copyright protection52PENANAdl3Inu2CAS

Just stop thinking.copyright protection52PENANAgYSjBGyQHj

One foot, then the other. One foot, then the other.copyright protection52PENANA1DFXkzQkHf

Here I go.copyright protection52PENANAAVBDDY8FBI

56Please respect copyright.PENANAWldqg6lKl8

9copyright protection52PENANAySGqch7K8O

Grass! There’s grass! A miracle! I think I’m alive inside!copyright protection52PENANA4arJ7MjX61

I’m just lying here, in this grass, so fluffy, so amazing.copyright protection52PENANAdHWOlzNtfp

Actually, it’s kind brown and coarse. It’s sharp and it pricks my arms.copyright protection52PENANAbNiSeualfi

But it’s grass. Life! that may be actually dead. who knooooooows. I’m so boooooored.copyright protection52PENANA9ksB4Anoyu

copyright protection52PENANApLbmAxWo0b

It’s a bit sad that seeing simple grass makes me this happy. When you’re out here, you forget the little things sometimes.copyright protection52PENANANcY65dBgyQ

As much as I want to lie down and take a nap, I should keep walking. I’ll take some grass with me.copyright protection52PENANAzIb2jfCHDa

Walking is the only thing I can be sure of.copyright protection52PENANAb3WnpwUlVV

This pain is the only thing that keeps me alive.copyright protection52PENANAxI8vPdIqth

copyright protection52PENANAh2Zs4iIG0l

What if this world is like a treadmill and I’m just walking in place?copyright protection52PENANARbpNzPktaf

I don’t want to think about that.copyright protection52PENANApHYxdOKWee

Luckily, there’s too much that doesn’t make sense, if that’s truly the case. Why is there grass here now and not before? Why is it getting...Taller?copyright protection52PENANAewgdYlwH2w

It’s the same brown, coarse, prickly stuff, but it goes up to my knees now. I’m not sure how tall I am, but that’s about two of my shoes stacked ontop of eachother, so pretty tall as far as grass goes. When I look off into the distance, all I see in the same brown, dead, dusty underbrush.copyright protection52PENANA2UIsIhh2Ls

I’m really tired now, so I’m going to go to sleep. Maybe I could make a bed with all this grass.copyright protection52PENANAia9hIn5tkk

56Please respect copyright.PENANAFUdTXf3Bte

10copyright protection52PENANAHyQYLPkiwm

The bed really helped. Better than sleeping on that cold, lonely stone. My back isn’t in pain (well, not as much pain). I still have that grass stuck in my waistband. It didn’t vanish. At least that’s a plus.copyright protection52PENANAOzgx1YOi1A

I’m going to keep walking and stop overthinking things.copyright protection52PENANAKkLUBtiHWC

copyright protection52PENANA1EbRDXHXfd

So I’m sitting next to a particular section of the grass. And I’m waiting.copyright protection52PENANAj4NABPzq8B

That strange sensation happened again.copyright protection52PENANA0SVMNwf6dc

I had to pee.copyright protection52PENANAIfRU7uROr6

Why? I didn’t even drink anything. Hell, I didn’t even eat anything.copyright protection52PENANA2LbPlNFVdN

Shouldn’t I be dead? Why world?!copyright protection52PENANAweGr0tYgAc

Ha…copyright protection52PENANAsjrjdyO4nf

I guess I’ll stay here for now. Who knows, maybe a flower will grow or something stupid.copyright protection52PENANAbp0nfmaUhn

Hm…copyright protection52PENANAINCofCSdTs

56Please respect copyright.PENANAC8yeToC8zB

11copyright protection52PENANApmLRGYpu3N

It’s green.copyright protection52PENANAJfcKCs6Mnn

Green.copyright protection52PENANAa5bMtqpmEj

Green.copyright protection52PENANAO4FAVlzlPC

GREEN.copyright protection52PENANA8zSljuNphb

Yellow + Brown = Green, it’s confirmed.copyright protection52PENANANrgZeKqE74

I need to start pissing more.copyright protection52PENANAXV8Cv3Y5oO

I never thought I’d see myself say that.copyright protection52PENANAHxozSH4F7l

56Please respect copyright.PENANAowXCWdIhX4

I never mentioned this before, but underneath the grass is the stone. It’s a lot easier to see when the grass is nice and smooth like this. It just kinda juts out from the rock, no roots or anything like that. If I try to pull it out, it just tears by where it connects to the stone, leaving this stub thing.copyright protection52PENANARVN7U1SkFZ

If that is truly the case, then why is it green now? I’m not exactly sure how this stuff works, but that’s not how it works in the real world.copyright protection52PENANApCVxfrBew0

Real world, huh.copyright protection52PENANA2exqOp8S5g

Did I live somewhere else? This is the only ‘world’ I’ve ever known, after all. Did I lose my memory?copyright protection52PENANAeWb1462XrI

It’s quite uncomfortable when I try to reach for it. It’s like when you’re going to do something, then stop, having no idea what you were going to do. It’s that horrible pit in your stomach.copyright protection52PENANAWQkSoAj0OQ

It’s strange. When you feel déjà vu, you’ve probably never actually done that before, so why do we associate it with that feeling? Where does that even come from?copyright protection52PENANA1R4yiSYqL3

56Please respect copyright.PENANAqCYEwVUAxn
I need to stop thinking about these things.

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