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"would you love me even if I don't love u?"
PG-13 On Break

hii bambi here, today i was inspired by music (ik cringe), and basically create this whole story off of me (irl and music p.s some stories I may write may contain my experience irl) 

lantis a high school girl age 18, spends her time daydreaming, listening to music and stays to herself most of the time but only talks to her best friend Blair who were childhood friends and grew up together

lantis  was characterized as "weird", she was a people pleaser, trying to put on a act just to make friends and even if they say mean things she still stayed she didn't know how to let them go, until her friends betrayed her and didn't even want her in her group, that's when she went to Blair, as harsh Blair is she said her honest truth not to let anyone boss u around, just be yourself, do u.

lantis love interests is named Rigel, he's a music artist, loner, he speaks Italian 

the school is like a dark academia aesthetic and the school is named Crestwood academy