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    Conflagration Blitz
    Conflagration Blitz
    [Formerly Jess Rufus!]

    If you listen to the void for long enough, you can sometimes hear me yeeting myself out of oblivion to write something substantial.

    The query "uploading schedule" returned an error 404, though.

    I have a plot sometimes. Mostly, I'm planning and designing characters for no apparent reason other than "ooo look at these cool personality traiiiiits".

    I'm a hobbyist writer and (digital) artist! I've also coded three short games, somehow. I like to consider myself a jack of as many trades as possible, but I'll master something eventually. Other pasttimes include trying to become fluent in another three languages (Thai, Japanese, Latin) whilst also trying to remember my mother tongue, UK-English.

    A note for those looking through my portfolio: I've been on Penana for a long time, so please check the date of publication! Don't fall into the illusion that something from three years ago still accurately represents my writing skills nowadays. I like to think I've improved a little.
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It's Only a Memory
PG-13 Completed

It came to me in a dream - literally. 

I mean it. Like... Literally. And being the writer I am, I had to document it!! 

It's based on one of my worst nightmares... Which may or may not have been inspired by real life. (I don't know. Dreams, like love, work in mysterious ways...)

Actually, it's based on the dream. I made up some parts to make it seem more like a story. 

(Contrary to what you might already be thinking, this is not going to be an LGBT story with a gay couple in it.)

Well, that was because the title used to be "The House with Two Fathers". That title summed the story up in a nutshell, but it was a bit... lacking spice. A bit boring... it didn't seem right. So I changed it. I hope you like it. 

Are you clueless as to what I'm going on about? You probably are. I'll stop droning on now, so you can just read the story for yourself. :) 

P.S. I might change it again depending on the mood I'm feeling in. But I quite like this one.

P.P.S. Read the age rating, people. May contain lots of blood, brutal combat/other pretty violent stuff that may or may not involve a wooden cane.

I do not own the image used in the cover.