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The Whispers
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Writer Chat Noir
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The Whispers
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The boys...
Chat Noir
Mar 12, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!l3T3R8gFtq6JF2Lg5W9Kposted on PENANA As I looked closer at each guy, I noticed that they were holding a weapon of some kind. And I guess Claire decided which weapon went to who.

Two of the guys, just wow; they were so freaking tall! I felt like a 'shroom next to them however the rest looked pretty short. They noticed me staring and walked up to me, I blushed and looked down. copyright protection131PENANARDFSYqMo67

I felt a wooden stick lift my chin up, as I took a closer look; I noticed that the guy who was holding the bat was rather pale, and his hair was a beautiful golden blonde. "Well hi there," he said, smirking a bit, I shook my head and blushed more furiously, "Hey now, we don't bite." He said, looking into my eyes with concern. 'Alert! Alert! Guy TOO close!' My mind went into panic and I backed up, tripping. I almost screamed, reason I didn't? Cause I remembered that this was supposed to be a secret and I would die if I told a single soul...copyright protection131PENANA4rbYv26MIz

However, I got caught by the other guy. His skin colour was the total opposite of the other, and he had short but slick black hair and black glasses. "Hey, I'm Switch, but I like you so you can just call me Sam." I heard the pale one clear his throat, "Oh yeah..that's SilverHit, but..." He looked up, the other put his hand into a cross mouthing 'no!'  Sam snickered, "you're welcome to call him Skyler." He laughed, "screw you dude." Skyler just laughed and helped me up.copyright protection131PENANAcPiSR38X0i

I looked at the other three, the shortest one came up to me, his hair was black and neatly combed to the side, he had rather dark skin and a red rope around his neck. "Hey! I'm Mixer, but of course, you're allowed to call me Damien as you wish." He smiled, I went up to the other two since it seemed that they'd rather me go over.copyright protection131PENANAHRWnJUNwjU

"Took you long enough." the taller of the two said, his skin was lighter than Sam and Damien but darker than Skyler, he was in the middle. His hair was brown, messy and extremely curly I looked at him with a shocked expression, "Oh don't take it too seriously; he's just kidding," I heard Claire say, her hand on my shoulder, "Joker you're mean!" She pouted at him, "Joker?" I asked, he nodded and walked over to Claire. "Claire...pwease don't be sad pweaaaassee?" He mumbled to her ear, she looked at him "fine.." She gave up, "introduce yourself properly! Or else!" "Or else what?" He teased, suddenly I saw her lean towards his ear and whisper something in his ear, "Name's Joker, weapons a tazer, and shocking's my game, but you're most welcome to call me Barry." He finished rather quickly, I heard Claire giggle. copyright protection131PENANAEnmPlRRsEz

I turned my attention over to the last boy. I walked up to him similar as I did to the others....except...."STAY AWAY!!!" He launched at me with a knife, he suddenly stopped.copyright protection131PENANA2QplIhpRep

"What the.." "Jeez...Dagger you got to be kidding us", I looked over at Pinia. "H-h-how did y-you??" I started shaking, "shoot." I heard Pinia say, "ok ok, just calm down; calm down..." Claire ran up to me and made me kneel down, "that's it...breathe in......breathe out...." I did as she ordered, eventually I stopped shaking.copyright protection131PENANA9Wh6j107yk

I looked at 'dagger', "ahem, P?" Checilia mentioned, Pinia nodded and unfroze him, he dropped his knife and slumped down. "Listen, I'm so sorry, it's just I'm not that easy with newcomers ok? I'm really sorry" He apologized over and over, I just smiled sympathetically and nodded. "My code-name is Dagger, but...you can just call me Aaron I guess...doesn't matter" I nodded, seeing how uncomfortable he was around me.copyright protection131PENANA1cIo14fTwT

"Do you want to show you're weapons? Girls count too since Pinia used hers" Claire asked the group. copyright protection131PENANAtzKSUt9jkn

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