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The Love Scandal

"This wasn't suppose to happen." He whispers to me

"But it did." I say as I began kissing him again.

Hi, I'm Violet Myers. I'm a detective and so is my partner Dustin Wright. We've been best friends since 1st grade. He's been so supportive of me and has always been there for me, even when I lost my Dad. Dustin and I got a big opportunity to go undercover in one of the biggest cartels in New York. I live in New York by the way. The name of the cartel is Malum Contauit. It's Latin for Evil Crew. If you ask me I think it's kind of lame but there is literally nothing I can do about it. A little about myself? Well, I'm blonde with brown eyes. I have one younger sister who's named Annie. She's 2 years younger then me and I love her to death. I'd do anything for her! I lost my Dad when I was 9. Annie would've been 7. It was hard for me at first but I learned to accept it. We didn't have much money but my mom did everything she could to make sure we were happy and healthy. I am currently 25 and extremely single. I prefer to focus on my job but, if a guy just happened to walk up to me I wouldn't push him away instantly. And before you get any ideas, No, I'm not interested in Dustin. He's been my best friend for 19 years. I don't want anything to change that. 

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