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Short Story
My Old Dream Journals

For a few months back in Highschool, I'd have dreams almost every day, and I'd remember them all. So... I decided to write them down. I have four full notebooks that are basically full of my dreams.At some point, writing them down took too much effort, and hence I stopped. Eventually, I also stopped remembering my dreams regularly. Good thing was, the sleep paralysis I was having almost daily went away as well.

Without further ado, here are my dreams. Horrifying dreams, dreams that have a complex plot, and just plain weird dreams like fighting Mark Zuckerberg in my garage.

Note: Some more complex dreams would be modified a little for it to flow better and form an intelligible story.

The Wandering Sword

Once upon a time, there was a land between two continents: Najta, considered as the cradle and home of the gods of all religions. For centuries, it flourished as a cultural, scientific, and commercial center of great wealth under the rule of the Kingdom of Lebias.However, the kingdom eventually fell into chaos and decadence, harassed by the emerging empires of the eastern continent of Ayaria. Desperate, it begged for help from the friendly kingdoms of the western continent, Elvira, as a last resort to prevent the imminent advance of corruption and barbarism.Thus, the bloody "nefeshic wars" erupted, in which both civilizations clashed in fierce battles with a display of weapons, tactics, and powers where the old myths and legends of their sacred texts came back to life.Several years after its end, a self-proclaimed wandering knight travels to the ancestral lands, following the trail of his mysterious origins. Under the motto "My wandering sword for thy Lordship's safety," he will try to set an example of honor and justice, the same example that he has been responsible for bringing to all the domains he has explored in the past.Unfortunately, his good intentions will be hindered by a series of serious misunderstandings that will drag him into a new struggle between supernatural forces. A new nefeshic war that will determine not only the fate of Najta, but of the entire world.

Short Story

Wow, Nature is a Amazing thing Ah whoa👁 that’s right.Nature, in my mind there’s a lot i want to say about nature. yeah that’s right because when i’m in a outside or when i’m all a alone is the great thing i have. nature really helps me out.it’s calm my mind, it’s really relaxing one. helps to my mind, to my body it’s feels like a it’s heals me from

everything yeah that’s right. you should have to try it,it’s a awesome thing. you have to enjoy that alone. because that’s how it is. so anyway i’m going to talk about nature. i think i have a connection with nature,i think so. yes that’s absolutely right. because i want to tell people how i’m spend my life,my mind with this environment.it’s so messy. but there’s a one point. it’s very beautiful to my mind. it’s nature. because the reason it’s so good. you must feel that, enjoy that. Please Humans Don’t Destroy Nature🌳. because that's the only thing we have for all of us. that’s what i think. just think a about for one second. if we don’t have nature we have nothing to belong, nothing to protect. that’s the thing keeps us alive. i think the entire world,space and our own minds and nature have specially connection (don’t you think). because the reason is why i’am telling you this i want to people know things about how i feel about my mind. it’s so messy right now. no every time is so messy. i don’t know why is that. anyway this whole thing like conversation to me. the point of this conversation is (actually i don’t know,what the fuck point of this conversation) i want to just tell you, that’s all. OK let’s get to the point. Naturemy favorite thing about life is nature. just look at your around man. it’s so beautiful. right now i think so my mind connected with nature. there's so much i want to talk a about nature,wind,trees,sun and sunrise the early morning,birds songs,silence,rivers,sky,people,mind,animals. so at the time i been thinking about a lot of things. it’s very hard to my mind, very complicated. i can’t control that sometimes that’s why i want to explain to you all how i feels.

Life,Everyday life,Job,Working,Thinking,Walking,Studying,Living in,Traveling,Worrying,Fighting,Love,Family,I’m,People,Life,Nature,Us,World,Space,Mind

What’s the meaning of all of this, what are you really looking for in this world (Actually i still don’t know what the fuck answer is) but i think i’ll find it one day. nature is everything, it’s effect to everything, it all you have,keeps us alive. To me it feels like i don’t have any time to enjoy nature,environment. it’s feels like that’s way, don’t know why is it. stuck in one place my whole life feels like that way, but when i go to the outside, to the environment it’s feels like a different way. freedom,free it’s like a i just release from something. escape from something No every time it’s not like that. i’m too much upset right now. uh ah fuck shit………..

I wanna go somewhere. Far a where from here. to feel my mind, body, nature and everything. for a minute just think about your life, your journey.

Sometimes life is good and sometimes life is bad. I still know about little things about this life (my life). I think so there’s a lot of stuff I have to know about this Life,world,people,mind. But somehow I know little bit about that.

I want to tell you again all my feelings about Nature.Because I’m really freaking out right now. I don’t know what to do. Really upset about everything (don’t know why) but it’s just like that. But when I feel lonely and worried I’m go to the outside to see environment,the nature. So then I feel free to my mind (it’s so much happiness to feel) there’s so much happiness to enjoy outside world( just go and see,enjoy yourself) enjoy your fucking life man.BecauseIwant to say. I’m stuck in one place. What is the meaning of this life ?. If you think you know the answer. You’re wrong anyway. Because to me everyone don’t know what’s the reason to be here all of us. there are just go on… just living in their life. don’t know what the fuck reason is. there just go to work make money and buy things and again go to work make money and buy things everyday their doing same things like a circle. Do SoMeThInG fOr YoUrSeLf.Every man can give something to the world. New things, don’t waste your time, think about nature. Think about your life. You’re getting older every day.I’mtalkingabout a life here. To me in this world have everything fake,illusion to me. Can you imagine how my mind is. When people read this their think I’m crazy or something. But this is important thing. Think about life, what are these ah, what is the meaning of your life ? What is the reason to you be here ?. What are all of this just look at your around what you see? You’ll say, people going to the work, children’s going to the school, just normal stuff like that. But I want to ask you from all what is this? Why are you doing all this things ? For what. Actually the point of this, I want to tell all of You. We have to escape from this life. We have to realize what’s this life a about. Every day we just go to work and do stuff and make money and again and again same shit. Right. So I mean you should have to give something for this world. Don’t waste your time for unlikes things.


Sometimes I feel like I’m totally mess. I’m useless. I’m foolish,mad,lazy,upset,week,fear but the seconds after I think I’m strong and I feel confident. I’m really disarray now no every time I’m over thinking, it’s confusing, actually it’s mental confusion. “A confusing of impressions” everyone act like a good people. but do wrong things. and the world keep going on… what is the point of all of this ah, please can you tell me? our body in present but our minds in the past. everyone live unhappily. people smile at each other. but it’s not comes form the heart it’s fake smile. howsoever nature is the best thing i ever seen in my life. nature give us everything What we want, peace,freedom,happiness and positive (good) life. Meaning of this entire words I want people understands what’s this life,mind,love,nature. But when I’m going to say this most people think I’m joking but it’s not I don’t understands at all everything I told before, don’t you understands when I’m saying ( when you read those words).

Actually. I wanna know meaning about all of this (I was thinking about that unfortunately I don’t understood it) this entire words about how I think about everything in brief. This is my life, my mind.

Present situation

I wanna go some where now…(I’m writing this in the office ,right now our department manager and regulatory executive discussing something also regulatory officer listing to it and other girl doing something from her computer.) ok,anyway. I can’t be here anymore. I’m really upset and I’m so tired to my mind and to my body, so tired man… I want to run away from here.

G Completed