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The Triangle that Helps Save the World

 by Jeanette Rivera dé Guajardo
 Original story written by James Guajardo, age 10, 1988.
 The Rivers went on vacation to Colorado in the mountains for a picnic. All of a sudden, it started to rain and hail. So they went inside a cave but the top was cut out. So they stood where the rain didn't fall. 
 Then the rain stopped but they saw something very strange and they walked towards the object. They saw a large circle with a small triangle rock in the middle and they picked up the triangle rock and went back outside. Then the sky turned violet-purple and blinded them. They saw a large spaceship and a beam of light come down. The mom yelled, "it's a UFO!" and they ran. It sucked them up like a vacuum cleaner and then they found themselves in chairs with crystals on the side. Then screens opened up in front of them and it showed them what the world would be like without them. Then a door opened up and a Light came out. It said, "you were chosen to save the world ."
 They woke up in a sweat at home and all thought it was a dream until they looked outside and saw an evil world. Then they said to themselves, "that was not a dream!" And they had to save the world from final destruction.  "Mom, what are we going to do?" said Jack. "I don't know", she said. "We don't have any power or magic, so how are WE going to save the world?" said Tom. "God will help us and protect us, said mom, "let's pray for God's wisdom and guidance."  Mom led the prayer, "Heavenly Creator, we thank You for this beautiful new day. Please surround us with Your Light of Wisdom, Understanding and Protection, we pray this prayer in the name of your Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ." 
 "Wait, remember the triangle rock", said Dave, it probably does special powers!" Mom said", "only one problem; how do we use it?"  "There must be a special place where the triangle rock belongs", she said.
 So the Rivers started their journey to wherever they needed to go. Then the Light came again and the Voice said, "you will use your skills for survival!" So they started their journey again. They looked all over the world, everywhere. Then they remembered the beautiful Colorado mountains where they found the triangle rock.  
 All of a sudden, the Light came again, and shouted, "You only have an hour!" So they went to the mountains and found the place where the triangle rock belongs. Mom yelled, "There's the place!" The boys said, "where?" And mom pointed to the Holy Place and she said, "right there." So they placed the triangle rock back where they had found it, and the Earth shook rapidly! "What is going on?" they all cried at once!" "I don't know", said mom, but let's try this." So mom picked up the triangle rock and turned it around the other way and it worked; the world was saved!
 When we got a little older, my sons asked me, "Mom, was that really a UFO back when we found the triangle rock?" I told them: "In my humble opinion, no!"
 "I believe the Light and the Voice are from the Creator of this Earth." 
 "ALL humans living at this time in history have been chosen by our Creator to help save the world."  
 "I believe our Creator wants ALL of us to use our wisdom and skills to help save our planet, Mother Earth." 
"Our Creator is trying to help us move back into the Garden."
 I also told my sons that the UFO was their mind's way of just choosing to see the experience in a creative way. It is good for kids to use their imaginations. It probably didn't help that I allowed my boys to watch UFO movies. OMG: that reminds me, I even took them one time to a UFO meeting at the fire station in Glendale, CO with my aunt. She wanted us to show the triangle rock and James' illustrations of the UFO and the screen and the crystals to those in attendance. There was even a man in a NASA jacket who rode up with us in the elevator! Just a reminder to parents that we sometimes make mistakes as parents. I think this is where younger people say, "My bad!" 
 We really did find a triangle rock on that day back on August 16 in 1987. I would like to dedicate this story to my friends Cathi, Matt and Beth, and my wonderful sons Thomas, James and Daniel. The 7 of us went on the picnic that day. Love you all! 


"Let there be Light." -- Our Creator

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." -- John 1:1 The Holy Bible KJV

Note from the Author:

"Every single human being has amazing inner potential which can be tapped into and encouraged to grow. Use it to the fullest." 💕🌹 Bellringer

"There is a great deal of beauty, joy and happiness to be found in this life, if you look hard enough and in the right places. Spread this very important message." -- Anonymous

Oh, and my son James is now a dad, happily married and he earned his Master of Science Degree in Management, Strategic Innovation 😎

Copyright 2017 -- Jeanette Rivera|James Guajardo