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Salems Island
Writer A.C thompson
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Salems Island
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A.C thompson
No Plagiarism!SSRCHqxADsSi5BUptdBdposted on PENANA

Lindsey Brookes and Jake Brookes lost their parents during a outbreak of inflected killers, due to a science experiment gone wrong, leaving less than half the human race alive. The remaining army made a bomb to wipe them out and most of the earth along with it. Lindsey and Jake took refugee in a small town called Xavier built by survivors. Only now 9 years later their home is over populated by hundreds.There's not enough of anything for everyone and the laws are critical to survive. Lindsey and Jake are tested even more when a cruise trip crashed near an inhabited island along with other passengers. The stakes just got higher, for they are on their own, its not only a fight for survival, but with each other. who can be trusted, who is a rival, who will survive and who won't, as quick as loyalties are made they will be tested, how far will they go to stay alive or save each other.  Morals have shifted in order to maintain civilization, impossible choices will be made. some will be on the brink of losing their humanity, as others try to remember who they are or were before their lives have changed forever.. yet again. They band together to survive on this Island and the secrets it hides.copyright protection417PENANAVxlAfOP1B4

Comments ( 2 )

A.C thompson - It is almost complete just a couple more chapters and yes they are long but bare with me I am doing editing to make pages shorter and still got more story plot twists to tell but I do have an ending planned out :) untill then there is more drama, deaths, humanity battles, horror and love interests so just read when you can :) 
3 months agoreply

Emoddess - This is probably the longest chapters I've seen here. Is it almost complete? I'll need to find a good time for me to read this when I can :)
3 months agoreply