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Where Do I Start
Writer iEatWaffles
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Where Do I Start
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Chapter 9
Jul 9, 2017
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!oXnJ4HG0ru60gCJoScNfposted on PENANA

"Well I have to inform you that you have ten fractured ribs, a compound fracture in your right arm, severe burn marks along your left rib cage and you seemed to have taken a bullet to the leg. Also, you told one of our nurse's that you have been electrocuted is that right", Dr Colon said.copyright protection32PENANAR9JtYGqMWw

"Yes don't you believe me", Erica said.copyright protection32PENANAlktI4yqKyS

"Damn Erica what didn't you break"copyright protection32PENANAeFTuiCSaPG

"So when will I be able to leave", Erica said.copyright protection32PENANApGP99OPAAL

"Once your ribs heal up and then two weeks on bed rest now rest you need it", Dr Colon said.copyright protection32PENANA6V6AEa85VH

"What I want to go back to work", Erica said.copyright protection32PENANAY9mRDFuwPj

"Erica you're body is in no condition to work or even do anything I don't know how you didn't faint from the lack of food and water or blood loss", Dr Colon said.copyright protection32PENANAcfZ2o9ReJr

"How long will it take for my ribs to heal", Erica said.copyright protection32PENANA0Qn7r2iA8d

"At least a week because you're so young", Dr Colon said.copyright protection32PENANAi6mFY0kswa

"So I'm stuck here for one whole week", Erica said.copyright protection32PENANAMJpMMOVD3F

"Yes now rest you need it. Everybody out", Dr Colon said and left the room.copyright protection32PENANA43wsaYvszD

"If you have any information to tell us about what happened during your disappearance call me", the officer said and gave Erica a card.copyright protection32PENANAFRK2wJ2Qcy

Erica balled it up and tossed it in the trashcan near the door.copyright protection32PENANA1YiqK4fGHi

"I don't want to go to court I can handle it myself", Erica said and the officers left the room.copyright protection32PENANAmMlTfwRKZq

I looked down at Erica and she was smiling talking to Ellie. Just then my phone rang and I checked the caller ID. It was boss he was actually calling me.copyright protection32PENANAnFi8HORKF3

"Cameron here"copyright protection32PENANAiG1B7MFmsn

"I got a call saying that they found Mr Mauricio so I'm guessing you found Erica", boss said.copyright protection32PENANAFO91Hoxz8x

"Yeah I'm at the hospital with her now"copyright protection32PENANA0wciFU7wEN

"How's she doing", boss said.copyright protection32PENANAAXuByBneYQ

"Good the doctor said she has to stay here for a week"copyright protection32PENANABDELFm9cVi

"That's not going to happen get her here now", boss said.copyright protection32PENANAKVPXeuSl1w

"Why she has to stay on bed rest"copyright protection32PENANA8BuCd3eAid

"Because in a week her kidnappers could find out where she is and take her again. Get here to AU and a nurse will be waiting out front for her when you get here", boss said and hung up.copyright protection32PENANAqTR5EwrOJn

I didn't know we had a medical center at AU. I put my phone up and looked down at Erica.copyright protection32PENANA7tjWqxriTs

"Time to go", I said giving her the bag with her clothes in it.copyright protection32PENANAP14kEhoTSG

"What I thought you said I have to stay here", Erica said.copyright protection32PENANA6izXoeuQ3d

"Boss said he wants you at AU and a nurse will be outside for you"copyright protection32PENANAdaHw784zrX

"Where is Airy going", Ellie said.copyright protection32PENANA1hZ6BDnZwf

"I'm not going if Ellie can't come visit me", Erica said sitting up.copyright protection32PENANAGDygBWu5My

"Boss never said she couldn't come"copyright protection32PENANAj0I0xQ8BpA

--copyright protection32PENANAzrRyxsbUsI

Erica's POV (2 weeks later)copyright protection32PENANAa8mIoXFT3s

"Erica are you okay", boss said standing on the side of my bed.copyright protection32PENANArmsam00vBp

Boss moved some of my stuff into this empty room so I could feel more at home. Ellie comes by every day after school and Cameron is here every day. He left some hours ago because his parents wanted to talk to him. copyright protection32PENANA5aQWIopUjS

"Yeah", I said trying to sit up.copyright protection32PENANADt1ZcqXSj0

"Lay down Erica", boss said pushing my shoulders' down.copyright protection32PENANAkLmNWJNWfp

"I'm fine I want to work"copyright protection32PENANAmlAdijBHeV

"Erica you've been through hell these past weeks. You have been tortured burned, shocked, cut, beat and starved. You need to let your body heal", boss said.copyright protection32PENANAARoBRB1Ptl

"I feel fine"copyright protection32PENANAPN7cB3VoZb

"Just because your arm and leg healed doesn't mean your actual body is back in working order. Your ribs still need to heal", boss said.copyright protection32PENANAOmwozOHbwV

"My body is fine"copyright protection32PENANA66NuHE6Jtz

"Erica I'm not going to keep doing this shit with you if you think you're fine then you are", boss said and was doing something with the IV in my arm.copyright protection32PENANA4jnbvYerne

"What you doing"copyright protection32PENANACbA9A9Xhlt

"If you aren't hurting or anything why do you still need this", boss said pulling the IV out my arm.copyright protection32PENANAdrz0WhF219

I was just looking at what he was doing in shock.copyright protection32PENANAB5sYhYXwqk

"If you feel no pain after a few hours then you're free to go. Also, you still have stitches on your side and if I see that it's bleeding when I come back just be prepared", boss said and left the room.copyright protection32PENANAL2wlb6v9oQ

Since when did I have stitches. I pulled up my shirt and I did have stitches they went down to my hip. I pulled my shorts down some and I had a long cut going down my side.copyright protection32PENANACBicCeuhgv

"Oh my god Erica pull your shorts back up", I hear Cameron yell.copyright protection32PENANAqSBTRSSOpi

I pulled my short back up and looked up at Cameron he had his hands covering his eyes. I rolled my eyes and pulled my shirt down.copyright protection32PENANA9alFwxM1Gb

"It's not you haven't seen it before"copyright protection32PENANASjMavop0GF

Cameron uncovered his eyes and sat on the side of my bed.copyright protection32PENANAv7x60pZTdp

"I wish I could have unseen that too", Cameron said.copyright protection32PENANAbmzx264P7K

"You know you liked it", I said and winked at him.copyright protection32PENANA003NbzbAzS

Cameron started laughing at me and then stopped once he saw my arm.copyright protection32PENANAf5ZNc0ccTq

"Where's your IV", Cameron said grabbing my arm.copyright protection32PENANAB5NbCQhGFp

"Boss took it out he said I could leave finally"copyright protection32PENANArFqutB4EbE

"Erica not trying burst your bubble or anything but that IV was your pain meds without it, you'll be in pain like getting Hulk smashed by Hulk over and over again", Cameron said.copyright protection32PENANAxrKwfWws8q

"I feel fine I don't fucking need it"copyright protection32PENANASKvGV7wdNb

"You feel fine now because the medication is still in your goddamn system", Cameron said.copyright protection32PENANADeR3JkEOZQ

I got up and steady myself on the floor. Shit, I haven't actually walked in awhile because Cameron and boss kept babying me. I grabbed onto Cameron's shoulder and he grabbed my waist.copyright protection32PENANAtwid3x9zZi

"If you're not going to listen to us then at least let me help you", Cameron said.copyright protection32PENANA0S2vyYC5cq

"Fine"copyright protection32PENANAgPF8Sotxds

Cameron wrapped his arms around my small waist and helped me walk out the room.copyright protection32PENANAnGZFU2d4Cc

"You sure you don't want the wheelchair", Cameron said.copyright protection32PENANAmC5p7EoKJA

"Yeah I'm sure"copyright protection32PENANAa0pQ8ifBPs

Cameron opened the door still behind me with his arms still around my waist. As we were going down the halls into the locker room the other workers were giving us this look. Like I don't know how to describe it but it felt weird.copyright protection32PENANA4d93S3567I

"What are you going to to exactly", Cameron said and opened the locker room door.copyright protection32PENANAjtkoTs2hdM

"Take a shower and change my clothes"copyright protection32PENANARoMheUztwo

"Oh", Cameron said and opened the shower door inside the locker room.copyright protection32PENANAVAC4Ev8KBf

"Can you get my clothes out my locker you already know the passcode"copyright protection32PENANAsUJNiCflUt

Cameron left the room and I walked well limped into one of the shower cubicles. I started the water and took off my clothes. I showered with the soap in here and leaned my head against the wall. I let the warm water run down my body and sighed.copyright protection32PENANA8MRU35PDyl

"Oh shit", I heard Cameron say.copyright protection32PENANA2uWEzA9HkK

I turned around and Cameron had his eyes covered. I turned off the water and walked over to Cameron. copyright protection32PENANAWNFGAYiQkd

"No peeking"copyright protection32PENANAjs0am4gcHO

I grabbed his shoulder and started getting dressed.copyright protection32PENANAyJiuoS5yzq

36Please respect copyright.PENANAJC7bDe8uiH
copyright protection32PENANAjwdYcNWvEg

"Just look at them", I heard somebody say.copyright protection32PENANAIXIJ85Nohu

I looked around and there was nobody here with us. I tapped Cameron's shoulder and he slowly opened his eyes.copyright protection32PENANAdQewkDoqbX

"You heard that"copyright protection32PENANAQuu3sGRpcv

"Erica there's nobody in here but us", Cameron said.copyright protection32PENANAFVtoECur0M

"I heard something"copyright protection32PENANAVeCaKXN8nY

"Do they you know", I heard the mysterious voice again.copyright protection32PENANA6dtBhWh8lt

"Okay time to get out of here", Cameron said and grabbed my waist.copyright protection32PENANAE1o8q2KUuL

He pulled me into him and we walked out of the locker room. We went to the indoor pool area and I just set my feet in the water since I still had stitches. Cameron took off his shirt and jumped into the pool.copyright protection32PENANAGpZjzKgnSD

"Lucky"copyright protection32PENANAmZQPA7LSg7

Wait a second Cameron can't swim.copyright protection32PENANAmV8L3yONti

"I know what you're thinking I'm taking swimming lessons", Cameron said laying back into the pool.copyright protection32PENANAzaHythiJFb

"But you still don't know how to swim"copyright protection32PENANAm1bdQMlCFC

"I know enough", Cameron said floating across the large pool.copyright protection32PENANAJ1xSMArBoU

"Hey lovebirds", someone yelled.copyright protection32PENANATX4BwyTOhy

I turned around and Phillip was standing in the doorway.copyright protection32PENANA0EzcRqYd2D

"What do you want"copyright protection32PENANAPMFmEsW53k

"Nothing boss didn't see you in your room and Cameron's car was outside so he sent me to tell you two something", Phillip said.copyright protection32PENANA0Wi4xODqDU

"What", Cameron said.copyright protection32PENANAYEzyQqYPE0

"That there are cameras there and there", Phillip said pointing at the ceiling and wall near the door.copyright protection32PENANAttM8QqANwD

There are only two cameras in the pool area and there are so many blind spots.copyright protection32PENANA8wAqB7feyS

"Ok and why are you telling us this"copyright protection32PENANA9xwI5n93cN

"Because boss said he doesn't want to see any sexual activity between you two on them", Phillip said.copyright protection32PENANA4FhQN8hoVO

"You won't"copyright protection32PENANA24kCuWJJai

"Cameron", Phillip said waiting for his answer.copyright protection32PENANACjP82UwbXI

"Ok", Cameron said.copyright protection32PENANAZ1ngSboaAk

"Now that that's done carry on with what you were doing", Phillip said leaving the room.copyright protection32PENANAYCoieTeYDp

I felt the water moving and looked back at the pool. Cameron was gone he was nowhere in the pool. copyright protection32PENANAgfJ5oLZUXX

"Cameron", I yelled.copyright protection32PENANADWZ1cRdB1N

I couldn't actually get in the pool to look for him because of the stitches. I turned around and nobody was there. The room was empty and I turned back around yelling, "Cameron."copyright protection32PENANAV0pkjEdxCR

I felt someone lightly grab the side of my face and press their lips on mine. I looked and notice it was Cameron. His eyes were closed and he was holding onto the side of the pool to stay floating.copyright protection32PENANAXS6HYvsXpq

I kissed him back and opened my legs so Cameron could get closer. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I closed my eyes. I leant my head to the side to deepen the kiss and wrapped my arms around his neck.copyright protection32PENANAV3mU4yMhaO

I felt his arm move and heard two gun shots from behind me. I was going to turn around but Cameron grabbed the side of my face and turned me back towards him. After some minutes I heard the door burst open and someone sighing.copyright protection32PENANA46Ouq78EFK

"Break it up lovebirds", I heard someone say and pull me back.copyright protection32PENANAvDDCkB7Nzx

I opened my eyes and looked up to see boss.copyright protection32PENANAduAzpE8bVi

"Shit", I said under my breath.copyright protection32PENANA00oPuPWDtC

"Didn't I tell you two specifically that boss didn't want to see any sexual activity between you two", I heard Phillip say.copyright protection32PENANAnZg1BACJob

"He said he didn't want to see us", Cameron said.copyright protection32PENANAgBGRb5vjhr

"That doesn't mean shoot my fucking cameras", boss yelled.copyright protection32PENANAChs06WQ3zk

Boss dragged me all the way to the door and helped me stand up. I balanced myself and leaned against the wall. Cameron got out the pool and may I add he was easy on the eyes.copyright protection32PENANAGXjWYVxBEV

"Both of you in my office now", boss said and left the room with Phillip behind him.copyright protection32PENANANUwtLHyh0Q

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