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Black Wolf of the Void
Co-Writer Firemaster1*
Beta Reader ShadowBobcat10
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Black Wolf of the Void
Comments ( 8 )
FionaDaydreamer - Where did you learn to write? It is great down to the detail with a natural flow. Plus like your taste of music (Loreena MacKennitt). I'll give another comment in the next chapter. ;-)
2 years agoreply

Firemaster1 - You are correct Marius Wolfgang was not the captian he was the head of the engineering department, and a lieutenant the circumstances of his crews tagic demise will be illustrated later.

2 years agoreply

BriRose - Honestly, I haven't seen Zootopia yet. Though I have been meaning too.

So I find this quite interesting. I love the way the prelude ended, definitely sets up the story. I also love the characters so far. Even though Marius is the antagonist, you can't help to love a good villain. I love how you ended the last sentence with the title of the novel. It's interesting how you are turning this into a science fiction. The descriptions are wonderful. 

Though I do have some questions though what time period are you making this take place? Is it the way future or near future. I am curious because it mentions Terra which Earth is sometimes referred to. Also, it says "His two loyal companions. The only two in the universe who were left standing by his side." Does that mean he had a crew before he this prelude? 

This has caught my interest. I shall keep reading soon.
2 years agoreply

Firemaster1 - You honestly should its a lovely movie :)
2 years agoreply

ShadowBobcat10 - This is actually not bad. I look forward to working with you on this story, and any other sci-fi ventures you may have.
2 years agoreply

Firemaster1 - :O! Small spoiler he offeres Manchas a gold coin with the face of Caesar. ;)
2 years agoreply

Nicole Armas - Perfect
2 years agoreply

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