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Short Story
Monet Gardner
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Writer Sparrow Pen
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Monet Gardner
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Sparrow Pen
Jul 18, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!iIvR4mSGPGjOd61AExoVposted on PENANA

Humans are very vulnerable. Susceptible to lies, inclined most forms of deceptions and attracted to instability. I should have listened to the warnings of my ship before choosing this planet to land upon. To be exact, I had nowhere to go, too little time to choose (it should have been Mars if Earth didn’t spark any interest) which is why I’m stuck in this hell hole until the nearest star explodes and fully recharges my ship. In the first day I walked its ground, I was already treated badly by its inhabitants; they attacked me the moment I opened the glass door of my ship. Of course I was able defeat their first line of defence, I devoured their low class ships, armory and army in mere seconds; which is justified because it’s foolish use weapons of mass destruction to welcome visitors. Since I am able to camouflage and the environment I’m on is a harsh tundra biome that was filled with tall trees, they did not see me escaping the premises. Another good thing that happened is that I found a settlement just below the mountain that seem to be quiet and careless of my presence until one of them stared at me and began screaming. I ran away again but this time, I realised something that may help me live with this creatures till my ship is in great condition. I found what I was looking for at an empty street and stood in front of it. I looked at the mirror and saw why they were in absolute fear… I’m naked (to their standard)… I also have hundreds of eyes, earless (no need of such function because my skin could identify everything within 500 kilometres), an unseen mouth and I’m relatively tall compared to the norm. Just on the first day, I already identified their weaknesses – if I remold my appearance to look exactly like the majority, no one would even know I’m an alien. Since humans always rely on their senses rather than their rationality, not in a million years someone would discover this front.copyright protection45PENANAAEMYCRkzgV

Several years later, shaped as a human and employed to a gardening company, I was able to understand why humans attack foreign beings; this is because they themselves hate each other. But even if this planet is filled with tyrants and whores, they were all once children – they were once simple, dreamers, wonders and pure yet they were taught to be the exact opposite as they grow older. That is why I was not able to ignore the mother who died on a corner while her son was in tears… and completely alone. He was at the park that I was responsible of and it was a winter night so I guess it’s justified that I scared him off by pretending to be a large mad dog, then devoured his mother and pretended to be her. Humans always fascinate me; the boy bravely returned with a shovel to defend his deceased loved one. Though hopeless and helpless, the inhabitants of the planet called Earth always endure the darkest of times; which is why he smiled brighter than any star in the universes the moment he assumed that his mother was well and with him. For some reason, I’m beginning to be affectionate and patient with them… I hope this condition may not go severe to the point that I will favour their side when the time arrives where my kind would come to conquer them.copyright protection45PENANAkzDQqHcjo2

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