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As Above, So Below
Writer Lunassandra Hughes
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As Above, So Below
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I. The Reversal
Lunassandra Hughes
Jul 18, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ts4abv1dcXyQK0vdQQSoposted on PENANA

 The end was not truly the end, but an event that set back the progression of the human race, dear reader.copyright protection38PENANA42E6zKRiKG

There have been myths and stories foretelling the end since the dawn of time.copyright protection38PENANA0d85okBqyO

In greek mythology, there is said to have been several apocalypses, each bringing about the end to one age of man, and life to another. The first age was known as the Golden Age, the first race of man lived during this time, under the rule of Cronus when he reigned in heaven. They did not know old age and lived without war. Though they died, it was felt like sleep. The earth bore fruits without trial and yielded all needful things.copyright protection38PENANAo6E879mX0e

This age was known as the first age where no one was compelled, faith was kept, and good done. There was no law, hence no need for punishment. No cities. No states. No warring nations. There was no war, nor did anyone sail across the seas in search of more prosperity.copyright protection38PENANAl5gZbQK38u

This age came to an end by fire. Man was loyal to Cronos, so when Zeus took power, he feared that man would rebel against him.copyright protection38PENANAJ9ISe6cQxK

In the second age, the Silver Age, the world was ruled by Zeus. The Olympian created the second generation of humans. Zeus shortened the spring and forced the year into four seasons. The seasons forced the humans to take shelter, for up to then their homes had been caves and branches bound by bark.copyright protection38PENANAEVRj3YtpWt

The humans then stayed with their mothers for a hundred years, growing slowly only to live short lives once they reached maturity. They lived in sorrow due to their foolishness, for they wronged one another constantly, nor would they serve the gods. Their behavior angered Zeus, and he destroyed them with fire for their lack of maturity.copyright protection38PENANADiyUhKK2NT

The third race was known as the Brazen race, who were more ready to use arms, but not yet impious. They were created by Zeus from ash-trees.copyright protection38PENANAww3foilB8S

This race was not held equal to that of the Silver age. They held love for war and violence, yearning only for more blood to be spilt. Their armour was of bronze, as was their weapons, houses, and various objects since their was no iron to be harnessed. They were said to have been destroyed by their own hands, as their perishment left no evidence. Others say that they were destroyed by the Flood in the time of Deucalion.copyright protection38PENANAlMNd5Rcyh8

When the Bronze generation was dead, Zeus forged a fourth generation. They were of more noble stock, and far more righteous; they were the heroic demigods. They were the race before our own.copyright protection38PENANA2VqAPIkAK7

Many died in wars such as Thebes and Troy.copyright protection38PENANAuhExw3PSEX

Some were granted an abode apart, untouched by sorrow, at the ends of the earth, in Elysium, or the Isles of the Blest. They lived far from the gods, who were ruled by Cronos, whom Zeus had released.copyright protection38PENANAL0KzdPqpoH

The demigods were destroyed by Flood and Wars.copyright protection38PENANAyqCY1sGm2q

In the Iron Age, the fifth generation was created. It was the Age of Iron. Evil burst forth into this baser age.copyright protection38PENANAuxI84ecT7Q

Men never rested from sorrow by day, nor from perishing by night. Faith, modesty, and truth left the earth and in their place sprang trickery and greed. The earth became tarnished with boundary lines. Man demanded all from the earth, not just the fruits that it bore, but wealth.copyright protection38PENANARSQBr4rSuQ

Not only did iron come from this age but gold, corrupting men and their children, like a snake in the garden. They found it natural to plunder and live off what they had stolen.copyright protection38PENANAA2hd0iFGEI

The guest could no longer trust the host and affection became rare. Longing for one another began to corrupt even the holiest of matrimonies. Piety vanished from the mortal realm and Astraea left the earth.copyright protection38PENANA79fQhk5tec

Zeus took far longer to destroy this age, allowing the human race to grow out of its bounds yet again.copyright protection38PENANAk55bHwf9pJ

The destruction to that race was known as the Reversal.copyright protection38PENANA0ZLhdLzSse

It took place in the seventh month of the year 1999 A.D. as prophesied by the seer, Nostradamus. copyright protection38PENANABAnRqFcw9q

No one could have fully predicted what happened. Not even the gods.copyright protection38PENANAItwOEelUnK

The Aegean gave up her long kept secret. From the waters rose the dilapidated ruins of the storied Atlantis.copyright protection38PENANADnKoEXaeQD

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