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A Love Test (NicoMaki)
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Writer MichelleAngelina
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A Love Test (NicoMaki)
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Chapter 1
Jul 24, 2017
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!LI6br3zjyADkwTwAB0Kmposted on PENANA

Hi everyone! 54Please respect copyright.PENANAUYdcPwzsmF
54Please respect copyright.PENANAO1xAn7peUB
Welcome to my first NicoMaki. I hope you all will enjoy it! This is my first time writing a story so, be aware of grammar fails and weird parts. copyright protection50PENANA5VDpdUdgi554Please respect copyright.PENANAwqEoOiGCkt

                                 ----copyright protection50PENANA43NaffeOyM54Please respect copyright.PENANAEesSrho1JK

Nico's POV. copyright protection50PENANAoc7V5EvHEg54Please respect copyright.PENANAGyMd89kyof

"Oh, Honoka. Just look at her. She's perfect." I said to Honoka, my best friend. copyright protection50PENANA4JbH9pCnFU54Please respect copyright.PENANA9VGOju606q

"Yeah, no wonder she's your idol. She's mesmerizing, charismatic, and talented." she replied. Her name is Honoka Kosaka. But I called her Honoka. copyright protection50PENANAsJYgUdv82454Please respect copyright.PENANAtLFVD6d27X

"Yeah, and I heard she's rich nyah!"54Please respect copyright.PENANANOvz1EJlc8
54Please respect copyright.PENANABl3hanLgnS
Rin added. She's also my best friend. Her full name is Rin Hoshizora, and I called her Rin. Her name is beautiful though. copyright protection50PENANAVrg2mmHS3l54Please respect copyright.PENANAGRDmNht0jB

"Yeah, that's because her father is the owner of Nishikino Hospital, the most famous hospital in all of Japan." I told her. copyright protection50PENANA885kPeKsBp54Please respect copyright.PENANAX6ptGq7qMj

"Wow. You really knew so much about her, nyah!" Rin commented, she's amazed, shows that her eyes widen. Yeah, she often say 'nyah'. That's her habit and sometimes her 'nyah' habit really annoys me though. copyright protection50PENANAn49lk4zQdB54Please respect copyright.PENANAynFCEPZq5n

I rolled my eyes. Of course I knew a lot about her. She's my idol for a long time. Since we're in high school. That's our most wonderful memory ever. copyright protection50PENANAU83bbpySiC54Please respect copyright.PENANAiMeW91eC2x

We are in my house, we watched Maki in my living room TV. She's on her piano recital in Osaka. She played gorgeously. She always do. She's famous, just like me. She even often abroad. copyright protection50PENANAerKjLAyw2a54Please respect copyright.PENANAdZEDsl3ALQ

She's mature, wise, beautiful, talented, and she's also perfect, although she's two years younger than me. She's like the daughter of the president. And one thing that I never forget is, her smile. She has a beautiful smile, although her face looks so arrogant. copyright protection50PENANAVpe5Lz9kqn

When we're in High School, we used to fight. She never know that I'm such a fan of her. We hang out a lot when we're little, but we often fight.copyright protection50PENANAWkv0wHp4AI

Now, my job is to Google her. I have to know a lot about her. She has a red short hair, well maybe not too short. Her hair just touch her elbows. She also has a beautiful purple colored eyes, and she's tall. Not too tall, but taller than me. You know, I'm very short, but my fans said that I'm cute. Well, I don't know about that. copyright protection50PENANAHO9r8V1Gr4

She can make songs too. The first song that she wrote is I Love You, Hooray! (Aishiteru Banzai). She wrote it when she was in High School, and she made it just for me when I graduated. She cried when she played that in front of the third years at Graduation Day. copyright protection50PENANAQnt5teFCz5

I still remember it and I played it in my phone many times. That time she played the piano while I sang it for her and we made it mp3 in our phones. copyright protection50PENANAZwqvwXdW2N

"Nico? Nico Yazawa!" copyright protection50PENANAEJCOaKJcqb

"What?!"copyright protection50PENANAghyKn1Z2Ey

"You were daydreaming. Are you okay?" Honoka asked, she seemed worried. copyright protection50PENANA8E5zaCwnyy

"Oh. Yeah, I'm okay. Thank you for letting me know." I replied. Oh my, I'm so embarrassed. And I felt guilty bacause I yelled at her. copyright protection50PENANAbdhN1sxLFY

"Sure." Honoka answers with a sweet smile. copyright protection50PENANAWVfvGDwFGa

"Ahhh, you must be thinking about Maki! Right?" Rin guessed. copyright protection50PENANAeOPjnZVUmu

"Yeah, I missed when we were still in High School. We had a lot of memories." I answered, while looking at some pictures of me with Maki in my phone. copyright protection50PENANAsyIJlKcSvR

"Hey Nico. The show was over 5 minutes ago. Do you want to go to my bakery?" She offered me. copyright protection50PENANARsN6XtJu9q

"Yeah, of course. That would be great. Let's go." I said happily. Yeah, Honoka has a bakery. It's called Homura. The thing what I love is their steamed bun. It tastes great. copyright protection50PENANAFneuGCuCwR

So, me, Honoka, and Rin walk to Honoka's bakery. I can't wait to taste their steamed bun again. Rin also like it, but not that much. She loves noodles more. copyright protection50PENANA6YpPIKzVD4

"I'm home!" She said. copyright protection50PENANAMuxABv4lZd

"You're back! And hey Rin and Nico! Welcome!" Her mom greeted, always with a sweet smile. Looks like she's holding a tray of buns. copyright protection50PENANALEA09hCDT9

"Thanks maa'm." Me and Rin greeted back with a polite move. copyright protection50PENANAu08TPREoMh

"Mom, where's Yukiho?" Honoka asked curiously. copyright protection50PENANAtzM19nwdIv54Please respect copyright.PENANAUkezWSpWjv

"She's sleeping in our house. "copyright protection50PENANAqua1uji7Xb54Please respect copyright.PENANAjBiyyrzM4C

Yeah, Honoka has a younger sister called Yukiho. We used to hang out together. copyright protection50PENANAgrcpl1gZq254Please respect copyright.PENANAjiBYV4jYF4

Honoka's POV. copyright protection50PENANAgUC2VLqsZ854Please respect copyright.PENANAPzo39lWyif

I'm happy to see Nico is smiling. I know she's hungry. That's why I offered her to come. And Rin seems happy for her. I know Nico wants my steamed bun. So, because of that I said to my mom to make steamed bun everyday. copyright protection50PENANAXpD8r7sJep54Please respect copyright.PENANA4BQmaoOKaS

"Hey, want to go up stairs?" I asked. copyright protection50PENANAVvR7Uc9bbA54Please respect copyright.PENANAmuaYt52M4I

"Sure." They compactly approved. copyright protection50PENANAesuQvqBVSB54Please respect copyright.PENANARThgWqBTZT

So I lead them towards my room. Actually I have a house behind my bakery. I used this room as my second bedroom. So if I invited friends, my mom will not be getting any trouble to send breads. She hates walking. copyright protection50PENANA4Q1HYsPrb454Please respect copyright.PENANA83vZqGneqy

I opened my white door room with a sign 'Honoka', with a lot of stickers around them too. copyright protection50PENANAQ7zIfuUpG654Please respect copyright.PENANA7M3hLwnNjs

After that I offered them to sit.copyright protection50PENANAZUyuK3UmZN54Please respect copyright.PENANAvalNrid2bd

"I can't wait for your steamed bun to be prepared Honoka! My mouth always salivates every time I imagine that."copyright protection50PENANAY3DZKCrz3D54Please respect copyright.PENANAWjgsiH8GVz

"Yeah, just be patient. It will be prepared in just a minute." I said to her, to calm her. copyright protection50PENANADUKdC0Ixpo54Please respect copyright.PENANAf2mjk7QIV9

"Oh, Honoka! There's someone behind the door. It must be your mom nyah!" Rin warned after we heard the door knocked. She really is hungry. copyright protection50PENANADojcT4fNre54Please respect copyright.PENANAarkveLOsOZ

"Yeah, come in!" I welcomed her. Mom brought a tray of steamed buns and 3 cups of teas. Perfect as I predicted. copyright protection50PENANAApieo3QPCT54Please respect copyright.PENANAFLjWeCDnjz

"Thank you ma'am." Rin thanked as my mom walked out from my room. Wait, why Nico's face looks so pale? Usually she always do her 'Nico, Nico, smile!~' Especially when she saw these breads. She must be daydreaming again. And it must be about Maki. copyright protection50PENANAtgNeuqedXD54Please respect copyright.PENANAWzBjSWqJEl

"Oh my, the aroma smells so good to our noses! Right Nico?"copyright protection50PENANABA2UMVY2Jq54Please respect copyright.PENANASOMdk1Y8tN

Silence. copyright protection50PENANAhkPzydCo3f54Please respect copyright.PENANA89ys5M4J9o

"Um, Nico? Hello??" I tried to wake her up. 54Please respect copyright.PENANAi6XUpQQQzv
54Please respect copyright.PENANAbsjYFEZENt
copyright protection50PENANAiww5L1wZet

Still no response. copyright protection50PENANADP4GKRCJTl

"Nico!!" Rin shouted. copyright protection50PENANA9bGYKecnDg

"What?!" Nico wakes up angrily. Like we already disturbed her nap. copyright protection50PENANACVM91xaxxo

"You're daydreaming again nyah!"copyright protection50PENANA1ae5RYWtIQ

"Oh. Sorry. " she apologized. copyright protection50PENANAOS1vRMK39n

"Why are you always daydreaming about Maki?" I asked carefully. copyright protection50PENANAjLj6UlE5Tb

Silence again. copyright protection50PENANAtUmH0dGWGo

"Nico? "copyright protection50PENANANvgO07BKbK

"Because... "copyright protection50PENANA8vwsBrNfwH

"Because of what? " I asked again. We're so focused on her. copyright protection50PENANArZBNHB0nyH

"Of course because she's my number one idol, and... "copyright protection50PENANAMlc3adbLYn

"And what nyah? "copyright protection50PENANAv7S2zttnJZ

Suddenly Nico's phone rings. copyright protection50PENANA4bZGYHhZ4Q

"Hello?"copyright protection50PENANAGRcTVm6684

"Nico, I want to tell you something."copyright protection50PENANAtEcmGLQa9z

"What is it, Saki?"copyright protection50PENANA9eK9UJQcIV

"Next month you will be performing at Stars Awards right? Apart from singing and dancing like usual, the next session we want you to sing your song in an acoustic way, and we need a pianist. Do you know some great pianists who can work with you?"copyright protection50PENANA3pNfiIBpPJ

"Wait, what? Pianist?"copyright protection50PENANAtjnFF4rveB

"Yes, do you know some? If you don't, we can search it for you. We have lots of lists."copyright protection50PENANA5oPPyKzpXi

"No wait. I know a person! I want a person called, Maki to be with me."copyright protection50PENANAl0H8fZRQoG

"Maki Nishikino?"copyright protection50PENANAASZYyE20ah

"Yes."copyright protection50PENANACfFs5dcECa

"Okay then. We will call her. "copyright protection50PENANAWYaE6pEYg3

"Yeah call her. Don't make me disappointed. copyright protection50PENANAERWEQujTvt

"Noted."copyright protection50PENANAa7JQAO4MtH

After that, she said 'thank you' and ended the call. copyright protection50PENANAXqF74LxIKO

"Who is it, Nico? " I asked her curiously. Looks like she has great news. I can't wait to listen to it! copyright protection50PENANAMoGI3wdnpI

"It's my manager. Oh my, I'm so happy!"copyright protection50PENANARAQAqroudS

"What's the matter nyah?" Rin asked with her eyes widen. copyright protection50PENANAbbiQimCQ5m

"Nico, Nico, smileee!~ I will be performing with Maki a month later!"copyright protection50PENANAFRLlAPRNch


A/N54Please respect copyright.PENANArVCZoIMtsW
54Please respect copyright.PENANARK2PFsFvif
I'll update this every Sunday!copyright protection50PENANAw3RnDiO2M2

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