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The Dark Secrets of Pixie Hollow
Writer IcePrincess
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The Dark Secrets of Pixie Hollow
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Jul 31, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!KAB22R2EEdg3lTjUrJq6posted on PENANA

Have you ever wondered how nature gets its glow? Who gives it light and color as the seasons come and go. Who helps the creatures great and small to walk, to swim, to fly? Who crafts such tiny details? You’ll see them if you try. For it’s all the work of fairies though they stay well out of sight. For the first time a baby laughs a fairy’s life takes flight. copyright protection72PENANAPgdM1vafLA

Carina, like all fairies, was born when a baby laughed for the first time. On her way to Pixie Hollow she was pulled of course by a strong wind into a land of dark magic. Zara, a Fast-flying talent fairy, creating winds, pulling the small dandelion seed towards the Dark Pixie Dust Tree. The dandelion seed landed on a platform, as if a silent alarm sounded, fairy and sparrowmen alike came flying into the clearing, settling down to watch. Zach, a Dust-talent sparrowman, came forward and poured dark pixie dust over the dandelion seed which turned as black as night. The dark pixie dust sparkled and shimmered in an evil sort of way and Carina stood up. Her black dandelion seed dress swayed in the soft breeze. She had light purple hair which faded into black. Her eyes were a light purple when they caught the light, a dark purple in the shadows. Her hair swished as she turned, spotting the fairies surrounding her. Perched on branches and sitting on leaves, they silently judged the newest addition to their dark kingdom.copyright protection72PENANAWwbyyepAS3

A spot of dark light floated into the clearing than another and another. They swirled together leaving a trail of dark pixie dust in their wake. They came together in a brilliant purple light and Queen Violets form appeared. Dark-talent fairies arose from the shadows and surrounded their queen as she touched down on the platform. Queen Violet was Queen Clarion’s sister, born from the same laugh. Unlike Queen Clarion she had fallen short of Pixie Hollow bringing Dark Pixie Hollow into existence. Queen Violet had moss like, blond hair that faded into purple. She kept it up in two buns on the top of her head. Some loose hair framed her grim face. Her dress was a strapless gown of black rose petals with purple frills going down the dress in a spiral. Her wings were a dark version of Clarion’s, they hovered on her back made solely out of dark pixie dust they sparkled in the night. Fairies wings buzzed as they shifted away from the most powerful dark fairy of all time. Queen Violet strode towards Carina who visibly cringed away from her. Whispers arose from the crowd, quickly silenced at a glare from the Queen. Queen Violet lifted her arms and pulled Carina’s wings into an upright position. Carina fluttered her wings and she rose a couple inches off the ground. Excited, Carina pumped her wings harder and rocketed towards the branches above her. Fairies scattered as she crashed into the thick branches, falling back to the platform she had just left. Queen Violet waved her hand and seven fairies fluttered forward. Each fairy carried a talent: Water-talent, Garden-talent, Dust-talent, Animal-talent, Tinker-talent, Fast-flying talent, and Dark-talent. The fairies placed the talents onto purple mushroom like stools and flew back to their seats. Carina walked towards the objects intrigued and with a nod from the queen walked up to the first one: a hammer, representing tinker-talent. Carina reached out and picked it up. The wooden handle was smooth to the touch and the vine used to connect the head to the handle was tied with care. As she held it up to the light to examine it, it crumbled to ash in her hands. She stared in shock than adjusted her dress, dusted her hands and moved on to the next one. The next one was a ball of purple-black light. It represented the dark-talent. She reached towards it and it shone bright, lighting the clearing up with a purple glow. There were mumbles in the crowd. Queen Violet appeared by her side and raised her hand up high, “Let us all welcome Carina, the Dark-talent fairy, to Dark Pixie Hollow!” As the crowd erupted around them the queen looked down at Carina, “You will be seeing a lot of me young one.” then with a wink she broke up into balls of purple light and zoomed out of the clearing.76Please respect copyright.PENANAAYMOKNkV35
76Please respect copyright.PENANAv0BGy9VYKN
copyright protection72PENANAO96a2p4u9v

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