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Orphic Writing
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Orphic Writing
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Ellipsism - form of depression with the oppsite effect
Aug 13, 2017
2 Mins Read
372 Words
No Plagiarism!Ai29DpB4xQdjpg2Bv95pposted on PENANA

ellipsism is a state of depression... in which you are deeply sad but your happy to have this sadness... to be too sad to care or to do anything for that matter and you long  for it to a point  where people cant even call it sadness, sometimes one may smile because they are happy that they are so sad and depressed... deep ellipsism is commonly mistaken for insanity, which is why people who really have it bad or shall i say good are currently in asylums there is no cure for this stage of depression it may even go as far as a person taking enjoyment in suffering of others copyright protection77PENANAMYTrg51Sr6

eventually the  victim will be confused to what sadness is as well as the rest of there emotions, they start questioning what they are currently feeling... but more then anything they start wanting to feel sadness so they take it to a whole new level by causing that suffering in other... ruining other peoples life or even  preform mass murder all for that on single feeling of sadness they keep searching for...copyright protection77PENANAk2onb2MM6j

a common trait for these victims is the expression on there face... there eyebrows will sink almost like a  U-SHAPE while the smile on there face may never fade... there common smiles are closed mouth smiles like a innocent child while the victims who have it  much worst may have open mouth smiles bearing there teeth with a wide grincopyright protection77PENANADkD2BFE6OJ

the ones who have it worst do not seek to feel sadness but to see that sadness in others turning them into potential psychopath it is at this stage that the victim has gone  into a stage called ellipsis-madness  they seek not only the sadness in humans but animals as well...copyright protection77PENANAvBHp3Yv4QX

at that stage there is nothing that can be done until death its self clams them at there death bed or execution as there final last words they will always confess what they think they did wrong and then thank the caused of there death for giving them one final sad moment in life and then before death they will  shed one or two tears depending on how happy they are to die there expression always permanentcopyright protection77PENANAbbZzybClYI

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