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A Lion's Cub & A Lion's Heart
Co-Writer Sarah Louise*
Beta Reader Frances
Full House
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A Lion's Cub & A Lion's Heart
A Lion's Cub & A Lion's Heart

After a pardon from the King keeps Anne Boleyn's head firmly on her shoulders, she is exiled to the country to live no longer as Queen of England, but as the significantly less powerful, less influential and less wealthy Marquess of Pembroke. 

As court life continues on without her, king Henry VIII moves on to his third, fourth, fifth and sixth wives, and Anne Boleyn deals with the effects of her almost-execution that left her suffering from trauma and turned the lives of her sister, daughter, and all those near her upside down. Determined to get Elizabeth to the throne, she hatches a plan that involves poison, intrigue and the killing of a king. She no longer has anything of value left to lose.

(Title comes from a quote by Elizabeth I herself: "I may not be a lion, but I am lions cub and I have lion's heart”)

Total Reading Time: 2 hours 58 minutes


Nocturne - What would've happened if Anne Boleyn wasn't executed... I've been looking all over for this kind of story!
2 years agoreply

Sarah Louise - Haha! No pressure then...!
2 years agoreply

Frances - This is a bad-ass premise. I am SO STOKED to be your beta-reader!
3 years agoreply