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Six Locks Six Keys
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Writer Coruscare
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Six Locks Six Keys
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1-Clara (Demon Child)
Sep 9, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!oOl7tYQmhgnGQsyH6voYposted on PENANA

     Darkness.20Please respect copyright.PENANApCnWvwKdOg
copyright protection16PENANAtx1vRo1szT

     The absence of light, the absence of our senses.copyright protection16PENANATYIe5bdWyu

    It helps us to turn a way from the world, from the chaos outside, and helps us focus on the peace and serenity inside.copyright protection16PENANAcVb2nJKtf9

    Try it.copyright protection16PENANAsJGueySg0s

    Close your eyes.copyright protection16PENANAaUqS9w4msC

    Cover your ears.copyright protection16PENANARFx2HVMsp1

    Do you feel it?copyright protection16PENANABSKimZRffS

    The energies of the world, within and around you?copyright protection16PENANAHqM8iVEmi7

    The breath of life and the kiss of death?copyright protection16PENANAZ9MwcusYWS

    …copyright protection16PENANA0yKLQ6KIm0

    …copyright protection16PENANAA3qmcIiQ5A

    …no?copyright protection16PENANAX4KKBWe4Vb

    Sucks to be you then.20Please respect copyright.PENANAVwLRnXVf7s
    I am Clara Miranda, and I am one of the “Gifted”, people who can sense and manipulate the world in ways that ungifted people like you cannot comprehend.copyright protection16PENANAWWJHHAOria

    I first manifested my gift when I was eight years old. It’s a grey, flexible arm that protrudes from my back; they call it the Vengeful Arm. The hand has the thumb on the left side, like a right hand should, and the palm has an eye on it. The arm and the hand pass through me but they don’t pass through anything else. I can lengthen and shorten the arm at will, and control how fast it does so. I usually use it to get things, but sometimes I use it to punch people.copyright protection16PENANAsSdSfpBygH

    And one time, I used it in a way that I will never regret. Ever. Even though it meant that my gift would be revealed, because I never used it in front of anyone else before this.copyright protection16PENANA8eMTYoPdsL

    Actually, I partially don’t regret it because it revealed my gift: if that didn’t happen I wouldn’t be telling you about anything.copyright protection16PENANAopH76oHUQ0

    Back on track. So I was in sixth grade, which was where I met these two friends of mine, Lucas and Jules. We were walking home from school. It’s not a very big school, being a public one, but it’s got decent amenities. copyright protection16PENANA4iTib9IMHY

    The three of us got to the gate around two hours after class ended. We weren’t lost or anything, we just talk to each other a lot. copyright protection16PENANAuPdgIcEyp7

    “No way! Did she really?” Lucas said, fixing his short black hair. He’s a fair amount shorter than me, and only slightly darker.copyright protection16PENANAkNw2UCqCxh

    Jules, on the other hand, did not comb his long hair the entire day. Which I find weird: doesn’t long hair need more maintenance? “Yeah, I could hear her from outside the bathroom!”copyright protection16PENANACCAwULFCym

    If you’re wondering who we’re talking about, it’s our school’s local bitch, Daisy Skyler. Tall, blonde, pretty, and the most punchable person I know. I’d probably beat her up, but she’s never without her “friends”, the shy redhead Rose and the protective brunette Tulip. Daisy still towers over them, both height wise and assertiveness wise, and would probably command them to tell the teachers about me.copyright protection16PENANAB2cOjV0Xuq

    Apparently, Jules was going to the men’s room when he heard Daisy scream. He claims it was the funniest thing that happened all day. Shortly after the scream, a tiny mouse scuttled out of the ladies’ room, and Jules is almost certain that that is why she screamed. A small mouse, not even half the size of his small palm, caused the tough, bitchy, Daisy Skyler to scream like a banshee.copyright protection16PENANA5OdBQ7ehKL

    “Guess she’s not as tough as she makes herself out to be,” I tell them. “I wonder what else will scare her like that. Worms? Spiders?”copyright protection16PENANAznn9ThVyUt

    “But think about it; she was alone,” Lucas added. “I doubt she’d have reacted that way if she wasn’t.”copyright protection16PENANAVww7kQ2lOx

    Back on track. When we got to the gate, Jules probably thought it was a funny idea to lift up my skirt.copyright protection16PENANALTlZuc7IuR

    So he did.copyright protection16PENANAu4eRd799G4

    “Ah!” I exclaimed. One moment I was filled with shock, the next I was filled with anger. And it was very apparent.copyright protection16PENANACBA9JVZLhN

    “Oh no,” Lucas said, and oh no indeed. Jules was not in for a normal beating. He was in for hell.copyright protection16PENANAi3GE2bR9Um

    I closed my eyes and breathed in and out. They thought I was just trying to calm myself down, when, in reality, I was tuning myself to my inner darkness. See, that’s where the gifts manifest themselves from: one’s inner darkness. Mine apparently is vengefulness. I see why.copyright protection16PENANA0oqfgEnqN3

    But to do that, you need to shut yourself out from the outside world for a while, hence what I said earlier about darkness and feeling the energies of the world.copyright protection16PENANAuqF5Ao1Aai

    When I open my eyes, my brown irises turn dark grey, and my Vengeful Arm is attached to my back. I reach my arm out, and it follows, extending to Jules’s face. Then, I clench my fist, and Jules has his face squeezes hard. His screams of agony entertain me. I have fun looking at Lucas and his horrified face. Closing his eyes so he doesn’t have to watch, hah!copyright protection16PENANAotl48og0xa

    I do this for a while, then let go. When the screams stop, Lucas looks at us. Jules is panting in relief. I take advantage of his vulnerability.copyright protection16PENANAmyyNNPsbfg

    “Revenge!” I yell, while my Vengeful Arm grabs the back of his underwear and pulls it up. Then, it gets pulled down to his chin.copyright protection16PENANAfKHUQhjRSt

    I call it the Nagasaki Wedgie.copyright protection16PENANA9gXvl5UB5r

    Lucas looks at me in horror. “You’re a monster,” he says. Horrified of course. It would not make sense any other way.copyright protection16PENANALs0kgO9IZp

    Jules frees himself and adjusts his underwear. “You’re not just a monster, you’re a demon! You’re the demon child!” he says, laughing nervously.copyright protection16PENANAZe9G80YsRQ

    And the name stuck among us three.copyright protection16PENANAV16TxrYr24

    Sometime after Lucas and I join in the laughter, I say goodbye and part ways with them for my house. When I get there I unlock the door, go in, lock it behind me, and go to my room. There, in front of the mirror in the blue tiled bathroom, I take a shower, brush my teeth, comb my bobbed brown hair, and put on my pajamas. Then I enter another room in my house, one with a king sized bed.copyright protection16PENANATOxT8NHiwH

    The room where my dead parents slept.copyright protection16PENANAHvVRb4R9wI

    “Just you wait,” I say out loud. “I will be the greatest detective Marqueza City has seen. And I will find you, and I will kill you for killing my parents.”copyright protection16PENANAZsK5lhxkIz

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