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Of Vanilla Sugar and Cinnamon Rain
Co-Writer ShadowBobcat10*
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Of Vanilla Sugar and Cinnamon Rain
Welcome to Death
No Plagiarism!qOoGarjtGqcESntGhQeVposted on PENANA

"You were a hero." copyright protection46PENANAbP21qQsa2C

"It's not every day you meet a real champ." copyright protection46PENANA6sqv8BWs4D

"When they join you here, they're going to be so proud." copyright protection46PENANAThhLEKsWBH

"And you.  How did you die?" the golden winged warden asked. copyright protection46PENANASMwVOXMg7O

Tori frowned.  "I… uh…  I don’t know?" copyright protection46PENANATegjJpVFR0

"It's okay," the warden assured.  "It'll come to you eventually.  Guys, it's time for your initiation to the afterlife!" copyright protection46PENANAiKhzwWkYTV

Tori took a deep breath and along with the three other newly deceased, followed the warden down the hall to the theatre room.  Inside, there was a giant projector screen with the words "Welcome to DEATH!" projected across it. copyright protection46PENANAFMIcIw9uNh

"Alright, guys, time to watch your death tapes.  I find it's the best way to get to know your new friends," the warden smiled.  "Now, the reason you were all assigned together was that your circumstances were similar.  Now, Stevens, you're up!" copyright protection46PENANAiGvz0eYWTQ

Stevens was a crack jumbo jet pilot who crash-landed his 747.  According to the warden, everyone else survived because of him. copyright protection46PENANAWcBeM7b665

Nikki broke the ladies record for bench press just before the equipment failed and crushed her to death.  Talk about being a real champ. copyright protection46PENANA1MRJZAg843

Felix was a Marine who saved ten hostages in Libya before the terrorists mowed him down with machine gun fire. copyright protection46PENANApmKVVK9UG3

And Tori, you ask?  Well, she didn't even remember how she died.  Mind you, she remembered signing a record label with Sony Pictures at twelve, but that didn't feel so heroic. copyright protection46PENANAKDglS2t38A

"It's Pastoral's turn!" the warden cheered. copyright protection46PENANA8am0UlAauF

"Please call me Tori," Tori said.  The warden ignored her. copyright protection46PENANAeU1ZQXJZSq

A bar filled the screen.  A woman in a bright red dress and burgundy lipstick smiled at Tori.  "I love your voice, sweetheart," she said. copyright protection46PENANA3C4kYWnrZv

"Oh, thank you," she said.  "It's a beautiful piano, too." copyright protection46PENANA18Go9AKKLf

"Let me buy you a drink," the woman offered.  "One Long Island Iced Tea for the next Adele!" copyright protection46PENANAp09rZZpJZh

"Wait, stop.  I'm not–" Tori protested, pulling out her wallet. copyright protection46PENANAa3UeoSbLka

"Sweetie, that's not how the world works," the woman chuckled, pushing away Tori's license.  "If no one asks, don't tell." copyright protection46PENANAhmjXKtyvdk

The bar tender slid the tall glass down the bar and Tori picked it up.  Abruptly, the playback ended. copyright protection46PENANAKClU4kUt4U

"Oh, it seems Pastoral's isn't loading," the warden frowned. copyright protection46PENANAKeYEtmxE7R

"Excuse me, it's Tori, please," Tori insisted.  "Um, and why isn't it working?" copyright protection46PENANAPpd8mYCVtP

"Well, this system can only replay events you remember, and it appears you don't remember how you died." copyright protection46PENANAgesB9wW400

"But I want to know!"  Tori said. copyright protection46PENANAYLeXqIjXmr

"Let go of it, girl," Nikki said, doing wall pushups.  "We get it.  You were boring." copyright protection46PENANAObQ2kd0W9u

"Hey–" Tori protested. copyright protection46PENANALpJe0TKXXK

"Alright, step two, kiddies," the warden shouted.  "Geography!" copyright protection46PENANAXWvcTVUdTg

The warden led them out of the theater and into a classroom with one table, four chairs, and a SMART Board.  It showed seven layers, with a dot on the fourth-to-the-top layer reading "You Are Here." copyright protection46PENANAFIswKMJLIT

"This top layer, layer one, is Earth.  If you're alive, you'll be there.  I don't think any of us are suffering that problem," the warden joked.  "And here, layer seven, is what most consider 'Hell.'" copyright protection46PENANAguiZIjStgQ

"Then what's here?"  Stevens asked. copyright protection46PENANAeeMKqFGlTz

"We're in Upper Purgatory.  Both level four and five are considered purgatory and are almost identical," the warden said.  "Level three is Heaven, and level six is pre-Hell.  Trust me, that's a bad place to fall into." copyright protection46PENANACzh452RPNA

"Fall?"  Tori asked. copyright protection46PENANAI3413NkWgB

"Ah, yes.  All levels, except for the first, connected-floating plates.  There are many gaps in each plate where one can fall through to a lower level," the warden explained.    "And that brings us to the next step – wings." copyright protection46PENANAMvPyfgeVB8

"Wings?" everyone spontaneously cut in. copyright protection46PENANAudHMiMO9BB

"Ah, yes.  All deceased get wings," the warden said, showing off her golden ones.  "They're like angels' wings except the angels are better.  For one, they aren't dead humans." copyright protection46PENANAJkFOlJBGFS

"Are you a dead human?"  Felix asked. copyright protection46PENANAirn80Doey0

"Absolutely.  Been dead since 1845," the warden cheered.  "Go team ghost!"  No one laughed. copyright protection46PENANAn2e4PxQDGs

"So depending on how worthy you are, you get different powered wings.  They help you escape the pull of the level 7, you know," the warden winked.  "Wings will show up around a day or so.  Before that, don't leave the house." copyright protection46PENANAfqMVf8EROj

"The house?"  Tori asked. copyright protection46PENANAJ7L7fMKE1j

"Well, you have to live somewhere," the warden said.  "Now, time to enjoy death!  Shoo!" copyright protection46PENANAEomTsbqjO7

Suddenly, the four of them appeared in a living room of a large house.   Stevens sighed.  "What the–" ​​copyright protection46PENANAL3yyZNGDEv

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TheLunaWoodElf - I really enjoyed that! I am hook. Are you going to write more? I would read it in a heartbeat! Love this! 
3 months agoreply