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You are amazing.
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Writer Gicel Livelo
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You are amazing.
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Gicel Livelo
Sep 13, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!1r5VR7wABB8kMSctw0Gdposted on PENANA

"I can't do this anymore." "I'm broken." "I give up." "I want to die." "I'll never amount to anything." These are the words we usually tell ourselves most days when we just can't see what we are capable of. Sometimes, we tend to downgrade ourselves thinking we can't do what we want to do in our lives, thinking we are not worthy of doing such things. There are also days when we just wake up the next day and feel as though there's nothing left for us to move forward for. Well let me tell you this: I feel the same way. I've gone and go through difficult moments in life and I also have my 'bad' days. I know it's not easy being okay when you know you aren't. I know that feeling of painting a smile on your face to show others you are okay so they wouldn't need to worry about  you but deep inside you're hurting, your heart hurts, and every inch of you just feels weak and you feel as though there's nothing left for you to do to make you better. I know the struggle of trying to be strong for the sake of those who love and care about you so you wouldn't have to be a burden to them. I know how it feels. But you know what? Screw that! You are stronger than you think. You are worth more than you know. You are amazing and that's all you need to know. Life is tough, I can't argue with that. What with all the challenges and hardships we experience, I can't pretend I'm struggling too. But you know what else? You are tough as well. How many times have you gone through difficulties and overcame them? How many times have you felt like giving up but ended up striving harder? Remember why you started! Remember, you are alive for a reason. You have a purpose in life and maybe you don't know that purpose yet, but that should not stop you from being you, doing what you love, and going after you goals. I know it's hard. I know right now everything feels wrong, but keep pushing forward. Ignore what people tell you what you should and should not do. Ignore the voices in  your head telling you that you're not good enough and you can't do this or that. Just do you. Focus on you and the people you love and care about. Have more confidence in yourself and stay positive. Take it day by day and trust me, things will get better. You may not see the light under the tunnel right now, but at the right time, you will and you will realize that everything you are going through now is worth it. Stop being hard on yourself and instead, love yourself more. There are so much to be happy about. Focus on your happiness and the happiness of those dear to your heart. You deserve to be happy! You are a spectacular person and you deserve to love and be loved! You deserve to be respected! Most importantly, you deserve to be you without worrying about what others would think of you. Just know that everything will be alright soon. Maybe not right now, but sooner or later, it will. You're awesome so keep your head up and smile because life is such an amazing gift filled with nothing but happy moments and times that will help you grow. copyright protection82PENANALRiPIOMwY6

Love you,copyright protection82PENANA30y8Vqgs1S

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