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Short Story
Writer Caitlyn C. Cooper
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Caitlyn C. Cooper
Sep 16, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!jtl395VwtJ5xOgWFxvorposted on PENANA

It was snowing one particular day when Colin Beck went for a hike on a mountainside. Hikes helped him forget about his loneliness.copyright protection10PENANAaJaziZ4MxB

Lie.copyright protection10PENANAYR5kUfqQMT

Hikes kept him away from the Protector from Suffering slumbering in his nightstand drawer. It protected him from the burglars.copyright protection10PENANAARqo7m4FSs

There were no burglars to make him suffer. But there were friends who didn't exist.copyright protection10PENANA72chCvhHiP

The dirt trail was becoming a snow trail to blend in with the snow in the ground and the snow at the mountain, but Colin had been up and down and left and right this mountain more times than an intelligent lifeform can count. He could find his way back. was going to have to. work in the morning. the stockroom of a department store.copyright protection10PENANAjhHoBCD1sq

All alone.copyright protection10PENANAU3hlroIw4A

By himself.copyright protection10PENANAZbDbtfHLXZ

With nocopyright protection10PENANAAggiESUiTn

onecopyright protection10PENANAIOqZaSoTpt

around.copyright protection10PENANAuoE7A8nhTk

Just himcopyright protection10PENANAhuByMfqGyk

and the company of boxes.copyright protection10PENANA3g9ugjmFcL

Hundreds of boxes.copyright protection10PENANA8GaMOKUc2O

Hundreds and hundreds of boxes.copyright protection10PENANAxki8S4niLW

Shelves of boxes. Hundreds of shelves of boxes.copyright protection10PENANACPcLjt5G8i

Hundreds and hundreds of shelves of hundreds and hundreds of boxes.copyright protection10PENANAsgZC3NnY0q

So many shelves, so many boxes, that to get lost was easy. Turn left here, walk up there. Take three steps back, now close your eyes and spin around. Easy as getting lost on a snowy mountainsidecopyright protection10PENANAMxK4FC83VU

Where was he?copyright protection10PENANAZxJcj3FpKN

On the mountainside.copyright protection10PENANAHc4GP7ud5u

Obviously.copyright protection10PENANADR2oWH15LW

But where on the mountainside?copyright protection10PENANAZKuJWOMCdw

All Colin could see around him were (no one) trees without their clothes and bushes without their pride and a uniform snow unwinding on the ground, floating in the air, singing a song of accumulations and content.copyright protection10PENANAqVJuCyB6MH

The trail was 46 centimeters deep and six hundred and five meters gone.copyright protection10PENANABpzDNvlOA6

Colin didn't know.copyright protection10PENANALAQfjN36qg

Didn't know how he couldn't have not gotten here. couldn't have zoned out that much. have roamed that far off the path. walked up the mountainside without realizing it, right?copyright protection10PENANADQcnkOVWVH

Right?copyright protection10PENANAEw7daVJvKk

Colin needed to return to his vehicle, so he walked down the slope andcopyright protection10PENANACvUtLehOkH

stepped andcopyright protection10PENANA5YxhlS6hP1

stepped andcopyright protection10PENANAZty7GJ2peN

stepped andcopyright protection10PENANAJRjEk4SBTd

wasn't fifteencopyright protection10PENANAiYcQgxJmPy

stepscopyright protection10PENANAnO1VVIEY8T

in before he realized that he was surrounded by the body of a god.copyright protection10PENANALSK4w59pG2

It was everywhere.copyright protection10PENANACZ0OPgmyDb

All around him.copyright protection10PENANA7008WWQAUY

On him.copyright protection10PENANAuGRfLnkUM1

So beautiful.copyright protection10PENANAWp0XeQeBpR

So gorgeous.copyright protection10PENANANwRNEOJvpE

It made him want to sleep. But he couldn't sleep. Not until he found his vehicle. He had to find his vehicle.copyright protection10PENANAuTkl95JtZw

His vehicle.copyright protection10PENANAvWVvUal8ML

It wasn't there to be found. But there was a cave to be found. He entered it, and the songs and bodies of the god were worlds away.copyright protection10PENANA0zhSnWG7r5

Colin removed his backpack and leaned against the cave side facing up. Safe from the god. Cold, but safe.copyright protection10PENANALWZ5h8b0Ca

And sleepy.copyright protection10PENANAw77sD1DZaq

So sleepy.copyright protection10PENANAKaZ12nXIup

Colin knew he should build a fire (it was survival 101), but he forgot to purchase matches, and the god didn't want him stealing the stiff paper ore, so he turned on to his side and closed his eyes and fell asleep.14Please respect copyright.PENANAHaGODjQgi0
copyright protection10PENANANflNlDVwDy

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