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Months as Characters
October Rulez
Brandon Owen
Oct 11, 2017
1 Min Read
281 Words
No Plagiarism!i5z8cK6uwfmLjuwps7vRposted on PENANA  The glowing blue energy spiraled down from the sky and crashed in front of October. It exploded with tremendous force and sent debris in all directions. However, October's jack-o'-lantern head and black robes were not damaged. Unfortunately, you couldn't say the same for everything else. In fact, the forest around him was now engulfed in flames. October felt rage fill his heart as the fallen leaves crackled in the flames.

"What have you done?!" October yelled at the dark skies above.copyright protection22PENANA3V8GqbAFYC

"I'm sorry it had to end this way, brother." November's voice rang through the air. She appeared before him, a beautiful being of pure light.copyright protection22PENANAWgIvoVgvpN

"I have committed no crimes! I haven't even left the forest!" October yelled. November frowned as she gazed upon her brother.copyright protection22PENANALMy5g5uJdZ

"That is the crime, my dear brother. You have stayed in this realm far to long. Look at you, you have become a monster." November said as she shook her head. October looked at his sister with disappointment.copyright protection22PENANAAhVIXlUy0S

"You know, I thought you would be more understanding. You of all people. Remember when December tortured you? Do you, November?" copyright protection22PENANAaX9StyNJ3c

"That was the past. It's not the same as it was. October, it's our duty..." November said as she held out her hand.copyright protection22PENANAxPZ6UfcoZp

"I wish you could see everything for what it is, sis." He said as he took her hand. Suddenly, a scythe appeared in his other.copyright protection22PENANAoAGkjEGdcG

"Brother, they will come for you. Don't do it." November was still calm. It was possible she knew he wouldn't commit such an atrocity.copyright protection22PENANA6mEge7O2RS

"So be it." October said as the scythe cut through the air.copyright protection22PENANAfoHeuCtG0t

Comments ( 3 )

FionaDaydreamer - Thanks for your epic entry! ^.^ Poor November, always caught in between two seasons (and my favorite month as well as October). ^.^
1 week agoreply

Brandon Owen - Thank you so much for the compliment man you don't know how much it means I've all but quit writing but I decided to do something that people could see to find out if anyone liked it
1 week agoreply

FionaDaydreamer - @Brandon Owen,
I know that feeling too well and almost quitted too few years back but I never gave up because I realized writing makes me happy and challenge better through hard times I had to confront in life. No matter what, what counts the most in writing is, write for yourself. Every person is different out there and you can not please everyone but you can please yourself, especially when being hard on yourself.
Keep writing Brandon Owen if you love your own ideas and creativity. ^.^
1 week agoreply