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Falling For The Devil
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Writer ForeverPotato
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Falling For The Devil
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Chapter 1
Oct 9, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!BjaipJlgWIS3XiSoGBpFposted on PENANA You know,I've always loved the grassy green hills and beautiful blue sky.They just give me life.I would just twirl around all day long in the garden full of dandelions,daisies,roses etc.Mother would never approve of me getting dirty like this because it's 'not princess material' as she says.But to be honest,being a proper princess is not my kind of thing.My shiny,scarlet hair would dance in the air as the breeze blew by.But not everything can be perfect.

My father,the king of Amarus,and all his soldiers are at war against the Underworld 'dwellers' as he calls them.Father told me since young I should always hate the Underworlders but I never found a reason to though I never told my father.He would be furious.copyright protection6PENANA3z8k5GOWmQ

As the only child,I will have to take over his throne one day.But I cannot rule alone as just one queen.I need a king.My father has brought mme many suitors for me to talk to and find a connection but I cannot.Now he has given up and will just choose a husband for me.I did not want to marry someone I do not love.Since my father is ill,I have no choice in the matter.10Please respect copyright.PENANAsM9uKUrZAr
copyright protection6PENANA3X9efyXAPT

"Do you really want to get married?"my best friend,Aaron,asked me while he read his book.We would always be in the library reading books together.copyright protection6PENANAiIXg0PEGq3

"Do I have a choice?I don't even like anyone.I don't understand how I can't rule alone." I said extremely frustrated.copyright protection6PENANAmuDvOIbDEx

"Well,I heard rumours about your father choosing Prince Andrew Laikin to be your husband.That true or false?" He asked still having his nose in a book.copyright protection6PENANAuIuDWKcTk2

"Wait...Prince Andrew Laikin like in the kingdom of Evergreen that one?The one girls always chase after?" This was news to me.Me and Andrew weren't really the best of friends.I hate him or more like despised him.I don't understand how my father can choose a clown like him.copyright protection6PENANANDKKTKAxr0

"That's the one.Why are you so upset?He's a great guy,Kat."Aaron is nice,I have to admit.But sometimes he gets on my nerves."At least you're not in the war."copyright protection6PENANABNvejjXuXB

At that time,one of the servants came into the library,which I recognized,in a rush.She seemed extremely panicked and me and Aaron just stared at her trying to figure out what was going on.She took a few deep breaths and started yelling,"The castle walls have been breached.Take shelter,my lady!"Me and Aaron kind of just got up quickly and ran out of the library with the servant.copyright protection6PENANA2rkx5ghiaC

"Come with me." Aaron said as he took my arm but I couldn't leave.Not without knowing if my father has escaped.copyright protection6PENANAkXf5I8QiGh

"No,I Need to find my father.You can go on ahead."I could not leave my father behind.I wouldn't let it.copyright protection6PENANAii5Owo7tT4

"Promise you'll be okay?"he asked me with a concerned face and I replied with a nod.I dashed through the halls as fast as lightning to my father's room which was located on the fifth floor.The library was on the third floor.I ran up multiple flights of stairs and I started feeling tired.Fifth floor,perfect.copyright protection6PENANA5WvptBGLTQ

I ran through another set of corridors and hallways but the castle was much or less like a labyrinth.When I ran through the halls,I bumped into someone.I fell down onto the floor with a huge thud.I looked up and saw a soldier with a sword and a shield and a symbol containing the Underworld colors.Goddamnit.copyright protection6PENANAndOCiwL9Os

He took me by the arm and dragged me aggressively onto my feet.Under all my messed up hair,I could still see him take a devillish smile.copyright protection6PENANAq7KwVhU2KO

"Oh,look here.Little Miss Princess decided to take a stroll when Underworld soldiers are attacking your castle.Cute,I must say."he said in an extremely deep voice which to me sounded like a horrifying devil.copyright protection6PENANA7QKDgeeWZ7

"Let me go!"I yelled at the top of my lungs and I started kicking and punching him.copyright protection6PENANAMmlAZE6LNV

"Or what?You'll behead me on your daddy's orders?Well that's not gonna happen,Little Miss Princess."he said still aggressively holding my arm.copyright protection6PENANAde2XKXeF0Z

"I have a name,you know?It's Katrina.Maybe you should think twice about what you're saying or maybe just don't say anything at all because you have nothing good to say anyways.Have you ever thought about that?"I yelled again and my face flushed.When it came to insulting people,it wasn't what I would do.Being raised strictly to be a perfect princess basically meant you couldn't insult anyone.copyright protection6PENANAu7QeL6sZ2s

"I don't care what your name is.Hope you won't mind having your dress a little stained.And when you try to insult anyone,it's so adorably cute.You know that don't you?You'll really entertain King Magnus when I take you to the Underworld.Have you ever thought of being a comedian?"he maniacally laughed at that.He took a potion out of his pocket and made me drink the potion.Instantly,I started feeling dizzy and light-headed.I slowly started to lose consciousness and blacked out.copyright protection6PENANA7POtqO7xzV

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