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E.Stryder and The Medallion of Infinite Darkness
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Writer JaysenDaniels
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E.Stryder and The Medallion of Infinite Darkness
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Oct 9, 2017
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!F4pV5meLN1U7A4zIHtRMposted on PENANA

Chapter 1-Darkest Dayscopyright protection9PENANAt0i4TstuhC

Flags of royal blue with gold trim flew half-mast over the great castle of Ghaldyria as the sun began to fade into the realm of Zalarion's horizon. It was a day of tragedy as the citizens of this great elven kingdom wept for the loss of one of it's greatest heroes. His name was King Alvarrin Shaaldrowbane and he was known throughout the realm for leading the victory charge in the great battle known as the War of Ages.copyright protection9PENANA0WHqSNM6yA

What made his untimely passing so devastating was the manner of death. He was poisoned and the accused killer was his eldest son Daellien Shaaldrowbane.copyright protection9PENANA7tHIxhqfLi

It wasn't long before he was eventually arrested and awaiting trial with the possibility of a death sentence for a murder he adamantly denied. This was a difficult situation because Daellien was beloved by the masses in Ghaydria and abroad.copyright protection9PENANA2eikjcNMH4

On the eve of the trial, Daellien's sister Nazarelle Shaaldrowbane freed him and his family in a daring rescue in the middle of the night. She was accompanied by a small band of loyal followers to her brother. They managed to escape without detection into the nearby forest but were far from safe.copyright protection9PENANApH167TTUZs

Nazarelle provided Daellien, his wife, and their two children blue cloaks.copyright protection9PENANAu7VcPttgIe

"You must hurry and lead your family to safety. I will escort the others to our secret base camp," said Nazarelle.copyright protection9PENANAyLtR6M3TzK

Daellien nodded his head and looked over to his family.copyright protection9PENANAYZsZ5zSZuS

"Take this," said Nazarelle as she handed her brother a pristine blue crystal sword.copyright protection9PENANAsZ0nbQRE6A

"I am forever indebted to you for this," said Daellien.copyright protection9PENANATFlnwr9zlJ

"We must part ways now brother," said Nazarelle as she vanished into the forest.copyright protection9PENANAkjJMiOmbOQ

At that moment, Daellien remembered a portal that led directly to the earth realm that he and his siblings used a few years early. He was faced with a difficult and life-altering decision for his family but knew there was no choice. With the ongoing threat of a trial he could not win and the looming threat of the Dreth Knaught Legion, the choice was clear.copyright protection9PENANA3gQ4E1UvG1

"We must run as fast as we can to the northern part of the forest," said Daellien as he cradled his daughter in his arms.copyright protection9PENANA5zGrWcT6Me

"Why the north?" asked his wife Vivian.copyright protection9PENANAQ6xzTQof1d

Daellien quickly grabbed Vivian by the arm and hid behind a large tree as a patrol of Ghadyrian soldiers stormed by on golden unicorns.copyright protection9PENANA65tW98Y4DE

"The reason we are heading north is because that's where the sync gate leading to your realm is located," said Daellien. "copyright protection9PENANA5JeLbaY4hK

"This feels like my home now," said Vivian. "Will we ever be able to set foot here again?"copyright protection9PENANAi8RQIKG60H

"Yes, one day we will be together again," said Daellien.copyright protection9PENANAj7NN3XW21z

The sky of Zalarion had an unusual purple hue and was well lit by its dual moons.copyright protection9PENANAG7jUTu5Rzn

At that moment, a large dragon as black as the night with four large wings landed near a lake a few feet away. It was enormous, had menacing glowing blue eyes and a deafening roar that made the creatures of the night run away in fear.copyright protection9PENANACRvuHdeokf

"Don't make a sound," said Daellien as he put his hand on his sheathed sword.copyright protection9PENANA6EmTsqQosS

The forest was dead silent and only the sound of the creature's roaring was heard throughout the area.copyright protection9PENANAY9Zi3SM9Kl

"I'm scared Daellien," whispered Vivian as she held on tightly to their children.copyright protection9PENANAwmd2QVg5jB

A small garrison of Ghaldyrian soldiers went to investigate the loud commotion and approached the creature with swords drawn in a tight battle formation. Daellien wanted to warn them but knew that was not an option under the dire circumstances. He sneaked his family into a safe area as the massive beast obliterated the soldiers with minimum effort. The blood-curdling screams of the soldiers in distress echoed throughout the forest.copyright protection9PENANAlpfHjI896B

"We're almost there," said Daellien.copyright protection9PENANA25K1nOUaXF

Daellien safely guided his family down a winding dirt path that led to a small cave. "Wait here." he whispered as he unsheathed his sword."copyright protection9PENANAwu2JwTFMYY

The cave was slightly lit by several orange crystals protruding from the walls and a musty odor filled the air. The ground was damp, muddy and littered with bones of small animals.copyright protection9PENANAokoD1HlaRs

Surprisingly, baby Abigail remained sound asleep and oblivious to the danger that surrounded her. Her big brother Eric clinched his mother's arm and gently laid his head on her shoulder.copyright protection9PENANALTxvVUjQ5h

Vivian was petrified with fear but she tried her best not to show it. She rocked back and forth and whispered lullabies to Eric and Abigail. The few minutes she waited for her husband's return seemed like hours. Then without warning, a shadowy figure walked back into the cave.copyright protection9PENANAvBLxlhq04p

"Come, we must leave now," said Daellien as he grabbed Vivian by the hand.copyright protection9PENANAZsJn6L5sWW

"Where is that monster?" asked Vivian as she exited the cave.copyright protection9PENANAVHQsdMnxCt

"Don't look back," said Daellien.copyright protection9PENANAP74AFpS6qX

The gateway leading to the earth realm was roughly two hundred yards away and partially hidden within another cave. The entrance was surrounded by thick brush and large trees.copyright protection9PENANAwpqfNw1SZX

"We are almost to the sync gate to earth," said Daellien.copyright protection9PENANAPUFGnTsKq4

When Daellien and his family came within fifty yards of their goal, the four-winged beast swooped down from the sky and landed directly in front of the sync gate.copyright protection9PENANAdgciQSIIY8

"I'll distract him while you run with the children to the gate," Daellien yelled.copyright protection9PENANAGux6KlCMdB

"I'm not going to leave your side," said Vivian.copyright protection9PENANAJ3wpJTibEJ

"You have to leave now before it's too late," Daellien replied as he unsheathed his sword.copyright protection9PENANAgSZtaQlSzk

Vivian ran as fast as she could while Daellien waved his arms to get the dragon's attention.copyright protection9PENANA1fOylzTXl7

Daellien took several deep breaths before he ran towards the dragon with his blue crystal sword drawn.copyright protection9PENANAz5a6uUZN5D

The black dragon reared its head back, opened its mouth and unleashed a devastating blast of blue flames. Daellien anticipated the move and did a barrel roll seconds before the blast hit the ground. The blast impact from the flames made a large crater and disintegrated small trees in the vicinity.copyright protection9PENANAxmwxPGnazW

Daellien looked over his shoulder just as his family reached the sync gate. "Go through the gate now!" he shouted.copyright protection9PENANAvAcj9xT3ve

Vivian looked back at her husband and hesitated as she stood by the gateway. The sync gate was roughly ten feet tall and 6 feet wide, oval-shaped and made out of a gold like metal with four red circular crystals. The center emitted a blinding white light that got brighter and brighter the closer Vivian got to it.copyright protection9PENANAa5klbPfbCl

The dragon turned its attention to Vivian and the children and Daellien took advantage of the unexpected distraction and lunged at it with all of his might. He successfully struck the beast in it right arm with his sword and opened up a gaping wound. The dragon staggered to the ground and clawed frantically at the sword which was lodged halfway into its arm as it yelped in agony.copyright protection9PENANAOaHlIw15HA

This provided the perfect opportunity Daellien needed to rejoin his family at the portal to the earth realm. He and Vivian held each other's hand and jumped through the sync gate with their two children. They returned to the earth realm within seconds and exited a sync gate at the bottom of a lake. The year was 2002.copyright protection9PENANA2cbewkMpnh

The tranquil night in the small suburb of Sapphire Point located on the outskirts of Seattle Washington was a far cry from the turmoil simmering in the realm of Zalarion. copyright protection9PENANAEymYTyN9Jq

Daellien and his family emerged from the lake in the middle of the town's forest and appeared distressed as they exited the water. Daellien embraced Vivian and gave her a long goodbye kiss.copyright protection9PENANAuyBbTjIUpq

"Don't leave Daellien," said Vivian.copyright protection9PENANAvrCHG91szp

"I will come back for you and the children once everything is safely back home," Daellien replied.copyright protection9PENANAKdX6cQFZZo

"Please promise me you will come back for us," said Vivian.copyright protection9PENANAquW1FPkoKJ

Daellien paused for a moment before hugging Vivian and their children. "I promise."copyright protection9PENANAOgbrXSAZl9

"I love you," said Vivian.copyright protection9PENANAo5nlczcRzb

"I love you too," said Daellien. "Please let Eric and Abigail know that I will always love them no matter what happens."copyright protection9PENANAf0Fc1l1mJM

"Wait, don't go!" Vivian pleaded as she cried on Daellien's shoulder.copyright protection9PENANA6y2iZ0aAZv

"I have no choice," he replied. "I promise we will be reunited as a family very soon."copyright protection9PENANAKnB7JNHVFg

"Please stay just a little longer," said Vivian.copyright protection9PENANA6UhM6j88GR

"I must go back home and make things right so that you and our children can live without fear," said Daellien. "You are my wife and I swore an oath to protect you."copyright protection9PENANAUMqX5pYfZY

"Goodbye Daellien," said Vivian as she disappeared into the forest with their children.copyright protection9PENANALJlnR5by0Q

Daellien dropped to one knee and began punching the ground. Seconds later, a set of footprints appeared next to him.copyright protection9PENANAP7K6URp205

"You must remain, strong brother," whispered Nazarelle who remained invisible.copyright protection9PENANAUVSkTXJRdJ

"Make sure you stay within the shadows and protect them with your life until my return," Daellien said as he dove into the lake.copyright protection9PENANAPZtbnkgyTh

"Don't worry Daellien. I will do what needs to be done in your absence."copyright protection9PENANAoIo9Pj0fl1

Moments later, Vivian, Eric, and Abigail safely reached the town. It was a new beginning but now there was no turning back.copyright protection9PENANAlfWeAPbkHp

"It feels good to be home again," said Vivian as she removed the hood of her cloak and looked up into the sky.copyright protection9PENANA3wpxIMSYkL

Vivian took a moment to reacquaint herself with the home she left three years ago. She took a deep breath and inhaled the aromas of pine trees and freshly cut grass. Something so routine in the past now seemed like an unforgettable event. It took a moment but reality of being back finally set in as she approached the front door of her house.copyright protection9PENANAgIuERjXSzj

"I haven't had to use you in quite some time, my friend," said Vivian as she removed a key from a small compartment in a blue star-shaped necklace pendant draped around her neck.copyright protection9PENANAUUzQ89Gktn

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