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Hacking the Sun
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Hacking the Sun
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Dreams of Yet Another Retro Geek
Oct 13, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!B9VSuVHEpax4gMSPwyfFposted on PENANA

There is this song that keeps playing over and over again, an audio piece she was initially hesitant to listen to. It collapsed into this strange conjunction of somber and lifelessness, and no, not in any clever representation of the latter. One does not mesh well with the other, so it's just a sound that came as a crime against harmony. This is not the end. Repeating lyric, three keys playing into her eardrums: This is not the end. But it is the end, she thinks to herself, the end of you. "Babel," she says; a beep sounds from her wrist. "Play Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics." And then comes the electronic beat, that sequenced synth bass line: 59Please respect copyright.PENANAncQyClnave
copyright protection55PENANAZshVhcmvq0

Sweet Dreams are made of thiscopyright protection55PENANAh19cTE8Biy

Who am I to disagreecopyright protection55PENANAMPC3CuS927

I travel the world and the seven seascopyright protection55PENANAO2z6YRiknI

Everybody's looking for something    copyright protection55PENANAlEJvRD9Zes

She listens to the synchronous drum and notes as she stares over the skyline from a sixteen story complex. A view beholden to its fair share of skyscrapers, flying cars just passing them by in the rising summer sun. Hovering lanes on different altitudes separated by luminescent lights that appear as little more than blue dots guiding every vehicle's steering. The morning light ascends on top of them and the many top-floor domes - transparent bio-domes for every building: "The best views of the 'modern' city offered by the 'modern' city." Yet they can't seem to stick out more than the ginormous Pepsi billboard on the side of the nearest skyscraper. All that blue and red, and white; all that red, white, and blue. copyright protection55PENANAx1i94UEW4G

Some of them want to use youcopyright protection55PENANA4SIEYGvh1S

Some of them want to get used by youcopyright protection55PENANAZnxJSom2oB

Some of them want to abuse youcopyright protection55PENANAvVCN5GIKDM

Some of them want to be abused...copyright protection55PENANArHF9lEQRVS

But the bio-domes are reserved for greener pasture persons. Where Jessica's sitting, it's just a regular roof that happens to have stairs leading to it. Despite this fact, she never bothered to use the stairs. That would be pointless.copyright protection55PENANAJVfgE8F1b3

She simply sat featly on the precipice of the old-fashioned concrete while city sounds came to and fro. Alas, she heard the door several yards behind her slide open—at which point she looked at the device on her wrist: 9:30 AM. "Predictable," she says.  And she lip syncs with him as he bellows his sentence, "Hey!" the security guard growled, "you're not supposed to be up here!" copyright protection55PENANACGZfu4WdPz

Then she looks back to find an average Joe in a grey jumpsuit with a black, armored vest and matching gear around his arms and legs. Across his utility belt: a smoke grenade and what are undoubtedly cartridges for the stun gun on his right holster. A typical sight. So Jessica stood in reaction to the guard and looked him in the eye; he definitely seemed adamant about her not being on the roof. That grey hat with a shield on it, it emanated an aura of imagined authority that leered at her with its meaninglessness. "I'm a rebel, so it's okay," she told him.copyright protection55PENANA0ghFqCjgtf

At first, the guard saw the back of jet-black hair reaching past the neck. As she turned around, he better beheld the delinquent image before him: fitted black pants creasing near the bottom; a pair of shoes outer-soled with metal—mismatched in color, one black-orange-white and the other black-blue-white. As her arm shot up, it brandished a striped cotton gauntlet. It then lowered as she locked her goggles, lowered to her red polymer vest and a black T-shirt with the image of a cross-armed robot. But the last thing the guard saw were sun-grazed hazel eyes underneath the goggles. Thick aviator lenses under black bangs, they reflected his upset image.copyright protection55PENANA9dapuPy9QK

All the while she was holding a small board in her hand. "McFly," she said, and the board extended several inches as if by command, after which she let go and it hovered in place before her feet. So when the guard advanced, she simply set both feet on the board; it floated her whole body over the roof's ledge after she cracked a smile at the jogging guard and completely dove off.copyright protection55PENANActqbJVgF85

The guard appeared stupefied, bending and peering over the ledge only to find the young woman riding the gravity board downward. Ninety degrees, she was angled ninety degrees while scaling down the building's length, and her board never touched the surface; it hovered directly parallel the building's windows as she leaned backward. Thus, in lieu of a teen splattering on the pavement, he received a humble wave goodbye and a smile as she casually touched down.copyright protection55PENANAf8mwOM983C

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