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Silent Love
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Writer sitalakshmi
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Silent Love
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A Confession?
Jun 12, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!0P6WdUApgxU9k1Of2QH2posted on PENANA

I was still in a state of shock when Adrian spoke.copyright protection26PENANAQDbvVKkLgd

"You are lying Mathew." He said calmly. "You cannot be the person who killed Ophelia."copyright protection26PENANAjg2pcgjNFA

Mathew did not meet his eyes. "But I am...I am the one who ran over with the car and never bothered to stop and help her." He sighed. "Go on...Go to her parents and tell them that the culprit has finally confessed. I am ready to face the consequences."copyright protection26PENANAlzJFByVEoC

Adrian shook his head. "I may hate you but even I can see you are lying right now. You never..."copyright protection26PENANAGfgSKbC5XS

"I am not a horrible enough person to do that?" Mathew managed a weak smile. "That's not true at all Adrian. I insulted Ophelia...I broke her heart...I hurt her almost every day..."copyright protection26PENANAig8lGlC09h

"You did." Adrian gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. "But...I...There's a line between disliking someone and not caring if they die."copyright protection26PENANAAuRkatS57h

"But I didn't care Adrian...She was a thorn in my side...She was the reason my friends were making fun of me and she was being a creep...I didn't..."copyright protection26PENANAINwYFhain7

I felt a surge of grief wash over me...It made the sadness I felt when Mathew made fun of my love for him feel like a joke. I just sank to the ground and screamed....Wishing for something that would make the pain go away.copyright protection26PENANAaGoi24EE4N

"You..." Maya surged forward and caught his shirt collar. "Is this who you are, Mathew? You..." She slapped him right on the cheek. "You are despicable...I....How could I ever have fallen for you!"copyright protection26PENANAWEiNYshRyo

Adrian caught her and pulled her back. "Stop Maya..." He said gently. "Let's go to her parents and then the police. We'll see that he receives the punishment he deserves." He threw a contemptuous look at Mathew. "I never..."copyright protection26PENANA8gcFeSXpak

In no time both of them were gone. As soon as he was alone, Mathew broke down. Tears streamed down his eyes as he whispered one thing over and over again.copyright protection26PENANAxk1VD3ZhH3

"I'm sorry, Ophelia."copyright protection26PENANA5DHnrGQIxo

To be continued...copyright protection26PENANA6GEjlTbiim

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