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Red Riding Hood The Untold Legends
Manner Hall
Dec 6, 2017
6 Mins Read
1,280 Words
No Plagiarism!jn3OiSoecGSDYRrMydyaposted on PENANA

''So you have made a choice to hear the truth. You should give yourself a pat on the back. Not many dare to stare reality in the face. Less long erase something they believe in, to find out what they were told was a complete lie.  Well enough about my thoughts. Let's get to why you are here. If you’re a Lycan lover, or if you have a dislike for the dark arts I suggest, well too late to turn back now. I'll start us out about two hundred years past. Which will take us to the small and thriving village of Lycanwood. And, before you think that name is odd or overplayed I'm here to tell you that the lycan was given its name from my home village. For the simple fact, it plagued no other land but our own. So close your eyes and get ready to see history."      copyright protection68PENANAehGQCEgayd

“Now that you have taken a seat and gotten comfortable I can begin my tale. Most think I am some hopeless child of torment and murder. Some asking where on earth my parents were while this, beast of night took over my poor unsuspecting grandmother. Again a slight misunderstanding throughout the years. My grandmother was not weak, nor was she the victim of a bloodthirsty beast of the claw. No, my grandmother was valiant, she was a woman full of fire and passion. For generations the women of my family were born Lycan killers, my grandmother included. She was not eaten, no. She was slain in battle, and not by a cross-dressing wolf either. My Grandmother was killed by an Alpha within our lands. I know that you’re probably wondering why on earth history been so twisted? Well, the answer is simple, human beings enjoy stories. The more lies, the more mystery, the better you hold their attention. But today I will begin to let you know what started it all. The reason I sit here today married to a man very similar to the one who killed my beloved Grandmother. And believe it or not, it all began with A feud over A single cow.”copyright protection68PENANABSAEGSw57I

“I remember the night being cold, the rain pouring outside my window fogged by the passing ice like winds. The village was quiet, not many were out during the cold and rainy day. I sat in my window seat admiring how the weather had turned. How calming it was to feel the nips of fire at my hanging heels, while the icy bite of winter embraced my cheeks upon the glass. My father had set out to slaughter, we had expected to have a beef stew that night, but my father never came home. My mother was frantic of course, back then, as a wife, your entire life revolved around your husband. With the exception of your crafts work and children. The search went on for days along with my father, a Mr. Cambrid and Mr. Wescott had gone missing as well. The later of the two men returned about a fortnight later, battered and bruised. The women of my village couldn't help but drown them in waves of questions as to where they had been and who they had been with. And no matter how many times the coop of hens pecked at them, they never got the answer they wished.”copyright protection68PENANALZmKQOwp25

 “There was a tale that the Lycans had once again crossed over the lines of our treaty. And in return, the men of our village had been stealing their kills. My father, of course, was the only man who had not survived a confrontation with one of the legendary beasts. My mother wept, as did her parents, but not me. For some reason, I had a feeling that my father was still alive, somewhere. As I grew older, my mother began training me in the arts of the hunt. How to kill a Lycan, how to poison a Lycan how to spot and restrain a Lycan. My entire young years were consumed by my future. By the time I was sixteen, I was my village’s pride. I soared above all the other girls, in beauty and strength. But one thing was sure I would never be ready for what was coming next.”copyright protection68PENANAzgng7ZUnat

“ I was on my daily rounds within the forest when I came face to face with one of the creatures. He was snow white with arctic blue eyes. His coat of fur was long and silky. It was clear he had just been released from the grasp of a female. He bore several love wounds and his......well you know... remained dangling below him. Now as a slayer it was my duty to kill him then and there. But did I, no of course not. He was too beautiful, and far too rare too.  I had never seen one of his breed with his complexion before. It hit me like a brick house, and I found him pulling me into a trance. I enjoyed feeling his soft fur upon my palm,  the heat from his body grazing over me like a snake. He was like a puppy, the way I saw it if he didn't attack me why should I attack him?”copyright protection68PENANAALlbq24W7b

“He trotted off into the brush all of him in his grand size. I returned to my own village and back into the same routine. Cook, clean, roast dinner and tend my mother who had finally lost what little mind she had left. My grandmother, however, remained as always nose pressed into her spell books and potions. As the dawn faded away night became mine and mine alone. It was the time given to myself and my needs. I enjoyed often taking walks around our village, but upon that evening something followed me. It was the wolf and his blue eyes.”copyright protection68PENANAFTa2D1QarT

" I see you wonder alone again." “He spoke darkly. I gave him a short, sharp look before my hand went backward to grasp my crossbow. Already loaded, I pointed it at the center of his head. Aiming it between his eyes, I spoke.”copyright protection68PENANAg09DggDbEO

" Yes, I do I protect my village just as you protect your pack I suppose." He stepped forward and placed his paw on the weapon making me lower it.”copyright protection68PENANAEez0q03uWa

" Fear not girl, I seek not to harm you, as you spared my life in my.. weakened state earlier. I simply have sought you out to give my gratitude." “I rolled my eyes and aimed my weapon once again.” "Well, you are most welcome. But I would suggest that you leave my territory and never return. I will not be so kind a third time." "Oh, Sheskla, so vicious, father always said you were the most precious of his offspring and now I see why."copyright protection68PENANAFC3QEHSvSj

“Now, let's stop there. I know your thinking father? Yes, I was thinking the same thing when it came out of that long maw of his. Remember how I told you earlier I had a feeling my father was alive. Well, he was, but you will never believe how.”copyright protection68PENANAo8kyLBPpMt

" Father? How would you know my father? Were you the one who killed him?" "Oh no, you have it all wrong. We share the same father. He lives with me. Well with his pack." "Take me to him, I wish to lay my eyes on his face." "Hmm only if you leave your weapon here. And promise never to tell where take you." "You have my word I would not slaughter my own kin. Unless you speak false words." "I assure you, sister, I do not. Come now, follow me."72Please respect copyright.PENANAGimJ80r1wj
copyright protection68PENANAdrINs8NvCJ

Comments ( 2 )

rosemill2017 - never saw this part of a story... nice.. :)
7 months agoreply

Manner Hall - Thank you so much! Your opinion means so much, I am so pleased that you enjoyed.
7 months agoreply