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Never Forget You (TFP Fanfiction) Book 1
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Writer KatVsAnime
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Never Forget You (TFP Fanfiction) Book 1
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Darkness Rising: Part 1
Nov 13, 2017
15 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!jK3QfTqTnVdQjrEqCXlDposted on PENANA

"Welcome to K.O. Drive in, where every patty's a knock out. May I take you're order?", Jack said over the microphone.copyright protection32PENANALSdx4Fjmgi

It had been a long day at work and me and Jack's shifts were almost over. In Jasper, Nevada there's not much to do so naturally you're going to have rowdy teenage kids with attitude problems and stupid ideas that they think are jokes. But this was totally uncalled for in my book. copyright protection32PENANAcA2gqh9Qbx

"Uh, Two super combos, extra fries", said the customer. copyright protection32PENANAMpn6Q2ws0S

Jack turned to prepare the meal. "Okay, dos numeros tús."copyright protection32PENANA6LKkjOZCaf

Turning back to the window jack asked if they wanted anything else. copyright protection32PENANAVnPXDffN6q

"Yeah, some advice. How do I get an awesome job like yours?" copyright protection32PENANAlSPJZGLv9M

Laughter was heard over the speaker as Jack and I wrapped the sandwiches and fries. Although they thought it was funny, Jack had a comeback. copyright protection32PENANAnfy7zRWyu7

"So that's two we're-not-as-funny-as-we-think-we-are-combos with a side of bite me!" Jack retorted into the microphone whilst I giggled to myself. copyright protection32PENANAOpuDn8TCW0

The laughter abruptly stopped as Jack slammed the bags of food on the counter. "What'd you say?!?!"copyright protection32PENANA3hTT1SzMnI

Jack reached up and placed his hand on the microphone. "$5.59 sir, at the window." copyright protection32PENANAyKY7SxYP6s

Jack turned his head towards me with a smirk adorning his face while I was by now laughing my ass off. Jack turned to the cash register. While Jack was preparing to take cash or credit I didn't fail to notice the car pull up to the window and the school bully, Vince, and a bunch of his friends grab the bags of food and pulled a dine-and-dash. They started laughing again and that's when Jack turned around to face the window again. However, Jack and I weren't quick enough to grab the bags before they pulled away from the drive-thru window. copyright protection32PENANAWUSryfArSw

 "Hey!!!" he cried. Jack slammed his hand down on the windowsill. "I have to pay for that!"copyright protection32PENANArVOlOPdoCA

I just smirked and slapped Jack in the back.copyright protection32PENANA6bl4ieCg4I

"OUCH!" Jack exclaimed. "What was that for?!?!"copyright protection32PENANAJ1CCsbS3CK

My smirk turned into a helpful, friendly advice giving smile. "Jack, life sucks and we can't just sit around and wait for things to get better. We have to act when the time is necessary, so don't your panties in a twist over a few measly bucks."copyright protection32PENANAz4FopteDRR

Jack's mood didn't seem to be any better than it had been before. I sighed. copyright protection32PENANAeY2A3lOGCS

"If it makes you feel any better I'll take the money of of my paycheck and you can keep your $5.59." I offered. copyright protection32PENANAomT1YmcQpP

Jack's face seemed to light up at that offer and I smiled. Finally, he was starting to cheer up! I motioned for him to follow me. "C'mon, it's time for us to clock out."copyright protection32PENANAAZUgokKDXC

I walked to the back and clocked out of the computer. After Jack had clocked out as well we walked back into the main area of the restaurant, out the front door, and into the parking lot where our bikes were. I was an exchange student from Greece so I was staying with Jack and his mom, June. copyright protection32PENANAubBxLFSAlu

That's when Jack's phone rang. "Hey mom! We just got off." Jack said as he answered it. copyright protection32PENANAtKQnMPKZG9

Mrs. Darby said something and then Jack spoke up again. "No, I'm not going to the dance and neither is Alexis."copyright protection32PENANAOh9Jxx3ib1

Jack smiled. "Experience suggests that neither Alexis or me should never cut a rug. Unless we're installing a carpet."copyright protection32PENANAUFcwdYb5zw

Jack walked into the parking lot as he said this. I smiled from where I was on a bench and looked down at my phone only to see that I had no messages. copyright protection32PENANAA2grp3h92X

"Be careful? Seriously?" Jack asked. "This is Jasper."copyright protection32PENANAjResAM0E4b

That's when Jack stopped short and finally took notice of the blue and pink motorcycle sitting in the parking space in front of the door. copyright protection32PENANAFZRSv4RGaq

"I love you..." Jack whispered in awe. copyright protection32PENANAcLstcSwt2z

Of course Mrs. Darby thought that Jack was talking to her so she said something across the line. Then Jack realized what he did and made up for his mistake. copyright protection32PENANArlqFO1rPFw

"Y-yeah I love you too mom! Gotta run!", he said stuttering in anticipation. copyright protection32PENANA1lvSd0X4G8

He hung up the phone and walked towards the motorcycle. copyright protection32PENANAuTTXn5PUzR

"Hello, beautiful!" he said. "Where've you been all my life?"copyright protection32PENANAt0dUG1V7QB

He ran his hands across the console and seat of the bike. While he was doing this I could've sworn I saw the mirror on the left side of the bike move on it's own. That's when Jack started to get on the bike. copyright protection32PENANADRW9Ka9IfQ

"J-jack? I don't think you.." I trailed off because he wasn't listening. copyright protection32PENANAQJKJH7Pw2p

"It may take a few K.O. paychecks, but I am gonna own a ride like you someday." Jack declared. I rolled my eyes. Of course Jack was obsessed over getting a motorcycle. One he was a teenage boy, and two, he's had this motorcycle helmet that he bought when he was just a kid and he's wanted a real motorcycle ever since. copyright protection32PENANAowpBq5Dmdu

That's when I noticed the local "pretty and popular" girl from high school, Sierra, had walked upon the scene. Tailing her was her blonde haired friend, Christy. copyright protection32PENANAYRmU0749Pj

"Are you talking to your motorcycle?" she asked, bursting out laughing with Christy. I stood up angrily. copyright protection32PENANA0F3KpLReiU

"Hey! Don't talk to Jack like that!" I shouted. Sierra stopped laughing and looked over to me. copyright protection32PENANADGq3iQ9Wdm

"What's it matter to you toga girl!?!" she asked angrily. copyright protection32PENANAqbdN6eUboJ

"U-uh my motorcycle?" Jack stammered. It was to be expected for him to be nervous. He was one of the many male high shcool students that was crushing on the auburn headed popular girl. copyright protection32PENANAvopy8Ok03C

"N-no! I-I mean yes! Yes!" Jack cried. "It's mine, but uh...heh heh no! I'm-I'm-I'm not talking to--well to you! I'm talking to you! I-I am."copyright protection32PENANAUHikKBbTxo

Jack set his head in his hand in defeat, having just embarrassed himself thoroughly in front of the girl that he liked. "How's thing's Sierra? Take you for a spin some time?" copyright protection32PENANAgYztMGIGR6

That's when I noticed the mirror move again on the motorcycle. "C'mon smooth operator! Wrap it up!" I heard a voice whisper. I looked up into the street and saw two cars that looked exactly the same who looked suspicious. It was also the fact that they were pointed directly at us that had me suspicious. Maybe the biked belonged to them?copyright protection32PENANAqmuQVCEfDI

I decided to intervene. I walked over and grabbed Jack by the shoulder. copyright protection32PENANARxpaR9L23j

"Jack we need to go. Now!" I whispered sharply into his ear. He ignored me. copyright protection32PENANArji1N4HvKy

"You...know my name?" Sierra asked. Ha! No surprise there, the girl's a total airhead not to have noticed that she and Jack share the same homeroom. copyright protection32PENANABbU61PIG5l

"We-we're in homeroom together. I-I'm Jack! Jack Darby?" Jack said with tone of hope in his voice. copyright protection32PENANAoWTO6KYSN1

Then all of a sudden there was a rev of an engine and the two cars that had looked suspicious were now right in front of us, lights shining in our faces. The mirror on the bike moved again. I felt something bad was going to happen so I quickly wrapped my arms around Jack. Then the two cars started charging towards us. Sierra and Charity jumped out of the way. Unfortunately though, I was hanging on to Jack so when the motorcycle started and reared up into a wheelie on it's own, I was dragged along for the ride. copyright protection32PENANAcekug8yXDj

"Heeeeyyyy!!! Whoa! Whoa! Whoaaaa!!", Jack yelled as we speeded through the two cars and onto the main road. The two cars turned around and followed us. copyright protection32PENANAwfvrlwh4cm

Holding on as tightly as I could I was surprised to hear the voice come from the motorcycle. "Do not let go!"copyright protection32PENANAqBijpp4nhS

"W-who said that!" Jack and I screamed in unison.copyright protection32PENANAot6JYnSxkv

The two purple cars from before sped up and converged around us. Slowing down, the bike caused the two cars to slam into one another. When they pulled apart and an opening formed in between the two, the motorcycle sped up, getting further away from the two dangerous cars on our tail. We turned around a corner and we pulled into an alleyway where Jack and I both jumped off. copyright protection32PENANARQLmi6Szb5

"What are you!?!" I asked in alarm.copyright protection32PENANAVBGeV6D0tV

The bike revved and drove forward a bit. "I don't exist! Tell anyone about me and I'll hunt you down!" the motorcycle said. It drove forward threateningly and Jack and I ran off, Jack tripping a bit. copyright protection32PENANASSpZCnmuUG

As we ran away, one of the purple cars followed us down the alleyway. I screamed and grabbed Jacks hand before hearing the loud sound of tires screeching as the motorcycle was once again heading our way. copyright protection32PENANA0LxL8PS1o4

The purple car was gaining on us. "We don't even know her!" Jack yelled out. copyright protection32PENANA6kGNyBTbBn

To my delight, however, the blue motorcycle pulled up next to us. "Hop on!" the female voice yelled. copyright protection32PENANA7tgwsSTPnO

Jack and I jumped on and I wrapped my arms around Jack to prevent myself from falling off. We sped up and then pulled back out onto the main road. It was then that the shooting started. Jack covered his head and I buried my face in his back. We pulled onto the highway. copyright protection32PENANAvoA39JT2Ki

"W-why are those guys shooting at us!?!?!" I shouted. copyright protection32PENANA6RDMEboyn0

"There's no us kid, and they're no guys!" the feminine voice of the motorcycle rang out. copyright protection32PENANAWuuc1X5UMt

Jack and I turned back on the motorcycle only to see that the two dark plum colored cars had followed us onto the highway and were steadily gaining on us. It was then that a black and yellow mustang pulled onto the freeway and crashed into the two purple cars. The mustang turned around from the crash and started to head our way. copyright protection32PENANAJiRkl13f3N

"Friend of yours?" Jack asked in a panic. copyright protection32PENANAyaEbXjmlSK

"Family." The motorcycle's voice answered. copyright protection32PENANAlOeQ1fN7az

As we sped up I turned to check on the mustang and noticed that he was preventing the purple cars from getting around him in order to get to us. I silently mouthed a thank you and turned back to face the front only to share Jack's look of terror as we were about to head right off the end of the road!copyright protection32PENANAAURsfdtitx

The motorcycle sped up and raced towards the edge. "WHOOAAA!" Jack and I screamed in unison. copyright protection32PENANA61IKcF4z1W

The bike jumped the edge and we were in the air for about five seconds before we landed on solid ground and were racing down a hill towards the edge of a wall. We launched off the edge of the wall and into the air, only to land on the concrete below in front of a boy who looked only about twelve or thirteen years old. copyright protection32PENANAjnLydMO0TZ

"Woah!" the boy exclaimed, dropping his remote control.copyright protection32PENANAAuUsW9Gqr9

I sighed in exhaustion. "You can say that again."copyright protection32PENANAXybGiolnYm

We heard the revs of engines and I looked up with Jack and the small boy, only to see the two purple cars racing down the hill and launch into the air. However, that wasn't the shocking part. No, It was the fact that In mid-flight, they transformed into four story robots! I gasped and grabbed onto the little boy bringing him close to me. copyright protection32PENANAjhK5QXRFYL

That's when the mysterious motorcycle behind us transformed into a robot as well. "This ends here cons'" she said as she started to charge towards them. copyright protection32PENANAFygz1cJHCb

Jumping in the air, she kicks one of them to the ground while dodging their fire and then kicks the other one in the face. Reeling back from the force of her kick, the "con" as the female robot had put it, was pushed back further as the once motorcycle sent another series of attacks on him. copyright protection32PENANAQAJ2g2qCpo

"What are they?" asked the little boy. copyright protection32PENANAZJGJOxHGcF

"Talking cars that turn into robots." Jack answered. copyright protection32PENANArSeHrfUbWx

"Or the other way around." I finished. copyright protection32PENANAmN85Po7g1w

"!" she said as she punched the con in the face. copyright protection32PENANAE0glK4SrL5

The con looked at the female robot before she stepped back into a guarded stance and both him and the other con who had recovered from the first attack started to shoot at her once more. Doing a series of backflips, the female robot was eventually hit by a blast from one of the cons. That's when I heard the horn of the mustang. copyright protection32PENANA6cXkUpAPAw

The mustang rolled down the hill, launched into the air and transformed into a black and yellow robot. He landed on one of the cons and punched the other in the face sending them to the ground. Behind the robot the female robot got up and growled under her breath while holding her head. The black and yellow robot took a step back and stepped on the little boy's remote control car. Looking down he realized what he had done. copyright protection32PENANAmWku19T8pV

::"Oops! Sorry":: I heard the robot say. copyright protection32PENANAF4WVpG0h7L

"No problem! Really!" the little boy reassured the black and yellow titan.copyright protection32PENANAmeYjzTI9Ij

That was when one of the cons shot a blast at the black and yellow robot and sent him to the ground. The robot was about to get up but one of the cons slammed him back to the ground with their foot. Blasters pointing at the poor bot, the little boy defended him. copyright protection32PENANAG5f0AgaupA

"Leave him alone!!" he yelled. copyright protection32PENANAp5El1411m9

One of the cons' raised their blaster and walked towards us. "Bad call" Jack said. copyright protection32PENANANInM2WFL6o

I grabbed the little boys backpack and Jack ushered us into a pipe to where the robot couldn't get to us. copyright protection32PENANA4MtkN4AYy0

The can however was pulled back from the pipe and was beaten by the mustang/robot. He then looked down into the pipe and reassured us that it was okay now. copyright protection32PENANAyY5dk6hm8E

"Thank you!" the little boy and I said in unison.copyright protection32PENANAvWmSIpPobV

::"No problem! You're welcome!":: the bot said and then walked away. copyright protection32PENANAMfIgAwkauT

We didn't stay to see what happened after that. copyright protection32PENANAb3Rggbnyxw

The next day after school, Jack and I walked out of the school and past another exchange student who was drawing. It was then that I saw the motorcycle from yesterday. I paid it no mind and could've sworn I saw the mirror following my movement. From afar Jack and I saw the little boy from yesterday who we learned was named Rafael. copyright protection32PENANAc3szVbZLza

We walked over to him by the tree. "Raf. Hey." Jack said. I waved a Raf smiled at me acknowledging that I was there. copyright protection32PENANAHlqqB0WWbq

Jack scratched the back of his head. "Look, let's just keep this between the three of us and forget anything ever happened okay?"copyright protection32PENANAPmtGCKS0jp

We heard the horn of the yellow mustang as it pulled up to us on the sidewalk. copyright protection32PENANAwvsZ5oa4aJ

Rafael gasped. "Jack! Alexis!" he said and grabbed Jack's wrist. copyright protection32PENANAeS4EiGFfCQ

"Oh not again!" Jack cried.copyright protection32PENANAFrc98PU0Qd

::"Come on in Rafael and Alexis!":: the car said, raising the door. copyright protection32PENANAqmJTmOiwSt

However I don't think that Jack had understood him. "I-it wants us to get in."copyright protection32PENANAg7lkMD1rSD

"No just me and Raf." I stated.copyright protection32PENANAiy5uIdkCea

Jack looked at me questioningly. "H-how do you know that?!?!?"copyright protection32PENANAPExyyTmQqf

"It said so" Raf simply said. copyright protection32PENANAjGnE19i2Bb

"What!?!" Jack exclaimed.copyright protection32PENANAFTKLnsYI5c

"Yours is over there!" I said pointing behind us. copyright protection32PENANASURptpjQgJ

"Look, I really don't think that-" Jack was starting to say.copyright protection32PENANA6zpteqCxtd

However, Raf and I weren't listening.copyright protection32PENANAJ97tUuWTd1

"How's it going?" Raf asked.copyright protection32PENANA65WXvpnPgD

I climbed In the car and got in the driver's seat while Raf hopped in the passenger's side. copyright protection32PENANAymdYPrprZS

"Alexis...Raf! Wait! Wait! Stop!!" Jack protested.copyright protection32PENANAFI1McWh8Pu

The mustang didn't stop as we pulled away from the curb. copyright protection32PENANAaWA6T6whVM

Apparently, the mustang's name was Bumblebee and the motorcycle was called Arcee. Although he didn't give us anymore info because we were supposed to get that information from their leader, someone called Optimus Prime. On the way though, when Jack was getting picked up by Arcee, they had picked up another person. An exchange student who I knew as Miko, was now along for the ride. copyright protection32PENANAUt87sXzRpz

We pulled out of town and looked to be headed for a mountain when all of a sudden the mountain opened us and we pulled inside a tunnel which came out into a military silo.copyright protection32PENANAK5hMRuJ9Dy

"Cool!", Raf and I said in awe. copyright protection32PENANAENueTolqFg

There, at giant computer stood another robot. This one was orange and white. Then came another in the color of an olive green. We came to a stop and hopped out of Bumblebee. Arcee and Bumblebee transformed and waled off somewhere. copyright protection32PENANAcAKlHcih4I

"I thought there were three." stated the orange and white bot. copyright protection32PENANAQPN8CFClPf

Arcee put a hand on her hip. "Haven't you heard?" she asked. "Humans multiply."copyright protection32PENANATt3oIXN3ns

"I'm Alexis and this is Jack" I said, pointing to myself and Jack. copyright protection32PENANAkA24VKhe2m

"I'm Raf" Raf introduced himself.copyright protection32PENANAWTbK2NqF9f

Miko ran towards the olive green bot. "Hi! I'm MIko!" she said. copyright protection32PENANAV2IYrrVeuj

"Who  are you?" she asked. copyright protection32PENANAHOTKTOva2x

Surprised, the green bot answered. "Bulkhead."copyright protection32PENANAxZrJKtxa8G

Miko gasped. "Are you a car? Are you a truck? I bet you're a monster truck!!"copyright protection32PENANAp3I81azXp4

She continued to rant on as I looked around. Their set up was pretty cool. I myself was wondering what the shortchanged turned lined with technology was though. copyright protection32PENANAg6TaRMYmW1

"So if you guys are robots, who made you?" Raf asked curiously. copyright protection32PENANAUu1mdMPKWY

"Raf I don't think that they were made." I stated. copyright protection32PENANAqm19v3j41J

"Pphht. Puuuleease" the orange and white robot said. copyright protection32PENANA9iP2sHOr3L

That's when I heard the crashing footsteps that were going to change my life forever. I turned around to see a six story robot in red and blue colors. copyright protection32PENANAtYfuksgacd

"We are autonomous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron. Also known as, Autobots." he said. copyright protection32PENANA8DzaM5e59f

Jack stepped forwards. "Why are you here?" Jack asked. copyright protection32PENANAOjyEl0larp

"To protect your planet from the Decepticons." he said. copyright protection32PENANAVUobpIDGSQ

Arcee cut in. "The jokers who tried to bump us off last night."copyright protection32PENANAT1ttbfyqlI

"Ok, why are they here?" I asked. copyright protection32PENANAFa1ePmebxG

I'd kinda figured out by now that he was their leader, Optimus Prime. He kneeled down to my level. "A fair question, Alexis."copyright protection32PENANAAsBYD0HhGA

"In part, they are here because our planet is uninhabitable, ravaged by centuries of civil war." Optimus stated.copyright protection32PENANA8ABB3NRBdd

"W-why were you fighting a war?" Raf asked. copyright protection32PENANAjTol7dHmof

"Foremost, over our world's supply of energon, the fuel and lifeblood of all Autobots and Deceptions alike."copyright protection32PENANA2ZHDYlEGDl

"The combat was fierce, and endured for centuries. In the beginning, I fought alongside one whom I'd considered a brother. But in war, ideals can be corrupted. And it was thus, that Megatron lost his way."copyright protection32PENANAgLVSnYFezT

Miko sighed. "Is there gonna be a quiz?" she asked sarcastically.copyright protection32PENANAsTMQeT3Wfs

"So what does Megatron, or any of this, have to do with us?" I asked. copyright protection32PENANAbisTWreA8R

"Megatron has not been seen or heard from in some time. But if his return is imminent, as I fear, it could be catastrophic." Optimus stated.copyright protection32PENANAVoCQh0OXeo

Meanwhile on the Nemesis..copyright protection32PENANAQHiDxxxBtN

Soundwave walked towards Starscream with the transmission playing on his visor. copyright protection32PENANA4F5wy1YMB6

"Those transmissions are emanating from deep space." Starscream said. "I would hate to waste the energon. Unless, you are absolutely certain?"copyright protection32PENANAExvhnMhcKw

Soundwave nodded silently. copyright protection32PENANABAdTdKqKmU

Starcream sighed. "Then lock on transmission coordinates, and activate the space bridge."copyright protection32PENANAxqzDX7EVUg

The vehicle by the control board complied and activated the space bridge. copyright protection32PENANA2zNxQbk8o4

Just outside earth's orbit....copyright protection32PENANAFZFSTTDkDZ

The space bridge opened and a single jet flew threw the vortex. Transforming, a silver and purple cybertronian could be seen. It was Megatron. copyright protection32PENANAfbqOPnWtiR

"DECEPTICONS!" he thundered. "I have returned."copyright protection32PENANAKlqyShKdq8

to be continued...copyright protection32PENANAi58XY2QBnu

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