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Beauty and the Prince: I am Significant (MC X Liam Fanfic)
Writer Mycsishere
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Beauty and the Prince: I am Significant (MC X Liam Fanfic)
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Nov 14, 2017
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!239lcJV06jTRXRCKxjEkposted on PENANA

       A day to remember , a day where it all started , a day that I met you. I was here at my room preparing for the ball. But not just any ball , a ball which it was a special occasion that Liam was about to picked his beloved Queen and a bride-to-be. I wasn’t really that contented and assuming he would picked me besides I have so many reasons why not choose me over the other ladies like Olivia and Madeleine. Opening my closet and searching for a perfect gown to wear for the ball everything needs to be perfect. As usual I saw my bluebell dress inside , heh.. it reminds me when I was young. I used to love Disney Princesses and I couldn’t picked any of them because all of ‘em were gorgeous and outstanding. But the bluebell reminds me of Cinderella , a beautiful and kind girl with a golden heart but lived with a wicked step mother and two step sisters which makes her life more difficult. She was hoping to find her one true love someday as if that guy will loved her as much as her father before he died. I laughed with a wide smile on my face. Tsk.. imagining myself as Cinderella and probably my step sisters would definitely be Madeline and Olivia while my step mother? hmm.. maybe Bertrand? I don’t know. My eyes wide open and laughed again then I hear someone knocking at the door, It was Maxwell.copyright protection7PENANAwnCry6mVzR

“Knock - knock to the future Queen of Cordonia!” copyright protection7PENANAeCUnX77T8d

I let him in but still gigglingcopyright protection7PENANAd14bTHVq0A

“Hey! what are you laughing at?”copyright protection7PENANALxYnZwtlr3

“Hahaha.. n-nothing it’s just I was thinking about Cinderella”copyright protection7PENANAdFF73Deaxn

“Cinderella? heh! what is it about?”copyright protection7PENANAnKosWhaSIb

“Well while I was looking for my dress to wear for the ball I find this bluebell and reminds me of how Cinderella wears it.. it doesn’t look like it but close enough. Oh- oh! and then I tried making my own characters based on the story like I’m Cinderella , step sisters would be Madeleine and Olivia a– “copyright protection7PENANAstJqRIXl4p

“And the fairygod mother would be?”copyright protection7PENANAoh44p8HEjf

“You!”copyright protection7PENANA1H0qaWIlOq

“Hahaha yeah that’s kinda silly.. w-wait what?!”copyright protection7PENANAwhUgHMZE74

“It’s you silly!”copyright protection7PENANA3vl8zLhhpB

“Wait why me?! that’s not fair and I’m not even an old lady!”copyright protection7PENANAxqixRttzOi

“Oh come on Maxwell , just imagine my life would be a total disaster with out you guiding me and being supportive”copyright protection7PENANA0lzVBgHAVO

“I know I know .. I’m such a live savior and a hero awww stop it you’re making me blush can I have my Oscars now?, wait what about Bertrand?”copyright protection7PENANAEZk08TLqbb

“Maybe the evil step mother?”copyright protection7PENANA1ICkftNJ3B

Maxwell pauses for a moment and starts laughingcopyright protection7PENANA13WAYyRG8N

“Oh MC! why would Bertrand be an evil mom? He doesn’t e– “copyright protection7PENANAuNNOOVIAlT

Suddenly Bertrand burst his way in and interrupts uscopyright protection7PENANALnCoHRRuBV

“You two! stop goofing around and get ready for the ball! we don’t wanna missed the opportunity you know? stop wasting time and start dressing now, the King and Queen and the Prince are waiting!”copyright protection7PENANA5CY2dXA5DJ

“Y-yeah okay okay!”copyright protection7PENANAT7xGWlBEVX

“Riiiiiigggggghhht..”copyright protection7PENANAyGka512WwD

Maxwell leans and whisperscopyright protection7PENANARCgQEtNfzr

“Now I can see why you can pictured him as an evil queen”copyright protection7PENANAYszv8vQK9M

“pfftt… don’t remind me”copyright protection7PENANAIIt3Sy4UvB

    As Maxwell and Bertrand leaves, I wear the bluebell dress the cloth flows down from the top of my head down to my legs. I picked some shoes to wear, obviously I would wear heels that can be tall as 6 inches or something and can be used to stab someone in the chest. Okay now that’s just nasty.. well anyway, I picked a light blue heel with sparkling thingy’s on it like glitters or jewelry. After I wear it I head my way to the mirror and take a sit on a chair. I grab my hair brush and gently I brush my hair so I can look more presentable right? Hair falls down to my face and I brush it out of my face and see myself in the mirror. I looked carefully.. I can see myself as a future Queen of Cordonia, actually something is bugging me for some reason. I hold down my hair bush and sigh.copyright protection7PENANAxmdNdRh16R

    Why am I like this? I can see myself as an ordinary girl deep inside but I can’t clearly see my self to be a Queen and a Bride of a Prince. It’s nearly impossible! I know I’ve done so many challenges and consequences but I still don’t ever believe to myself that I can be that person. For some reason Olivia and Madeline have in common with the Prince lets see.. childhood friends, royal blood, sophisticated, multiple skills, close to the King and Queen, Royal manners and etc. But what am I? who am I? I don’t even know what is it like to be in a royalty. I don’t have enough experience of ruling a kingdom and the manners of a true royalty in a royal family. I’m just an ordinary girl.. a waitress.copyright protection7PENANAs5j2BsxscH

     Hearing the loud music came from the ballroom , I stand up and head downstairs and looking back one more in the mirror I take a deep breathe and say “I’am a significant woman”. And heel off to the ballroom.copyright protection7PENANAeVpHYhf3cK

    Music from the orchestra, chandeliers lights up like stars at night, filled with people with their gowns.. then I looked at mine but it doesn’t really matter anyway at least I have something to wear right? I can see you with the King and Queen and I headed myself at the refreshment table and meet Maxwell , Bertrand and Drake. As always we talked about this and they got full hopes on me that Liam was about to picked me to be the Future Queen of Cordonia with no doubts so they were contented. I just go with the flow and if I recall that Drake told me that if I were the Queen maybe things would be different , I told to myself that I wouldn’t change and don’t let it go in my head just because I’m the Queen.. I’m still me , the waitress. I choose to dance between Maxwell and Drake since you’re busy dancing with the other Ladies. Few moments later I was surprised that your heading your way to me.copyright protection7PENANAEK7RykJPmQ

“May I have this dance Lady MC?”copyright protection7PENANAGPV0RwsoYF

“It would be a pleasure”copyright protection7PENANA6dAvUzN9C0

You extend you hand and offers mine and we lead our way to the dance floor. Placing your hand on to my waist and I place my hand on to your shoulders and we dance gracefully , you give me a flawless spin and makes my dress go to the same direction as I go with the flow. We suddenly stopped and you stared into my eyes. I kinda froze for a moment while I stared at yours, your eyes sparkled like stars twinkling and wanting me take make a wish. I finally started to speak.. I wanna confess something that I’ve always wanted to say and ask.copyright protection7PENANAUgK18imR8J

“Hey liam..”copyright protection7PENANAHOyDPqahP9

“Yes MC?”copyright protection7PENANAXVmxrg6fqJ

“I was wondering.. all the things we did together.. the alone time.. the date.. it was your first time doing them , and I was thinking that is this a sign?”copyright protection7PENANAflZZn7iKZq

“Hmm.. a sign, funny enough but I think it is”copyright protection7PENANAtGf2k4sumh

“I feel the same way..”copyright protection7PENANADjd0REgYUH

“And so do I.”copyright protection7PENANAH93H9qPsaO

    Your face gets closer and closer until our lips met and we shared a soft but passionate kiss in the dance floor. It feel so good and my heart beats so fast I can’t even controlled it but we just let it melted away as the music plays and faded and my only focus was you. And suddenly a song plays in my head.copyright protection7PENANASEv8GPd9jz

Tale as old as time11Please respect copyright.PENANAesxFE6wzaM
True as it can be11Please respect copyright.PENANAqC1029kLn3
Barely even friends11Please respect copyright.PENANAsN0i7euinj
Then somebody bends11Please respect copyright.PENANAaCMIhrOO0Z
copyright protection7PENANArXTFXLjeJe

    You pulled away and we stared each other for one more time and you land your forehead on to mine and we started to laugh , not so loud but a volume that only both of us can hear. I suddenly spoke..copyright protection7PENANAWqoZ8xqX0B

“Isn’t weird?”copyright protection7PENANALTfh1W6e6q

“Weird? what is it?”copyright protection7PENANAOxoIcltwAd

“I mean we can both see clearly that we are into each other, b-but why? why me? why not Madelein and Olivia? why not the others? how can it be me?”copyright protection7PENANAKxE8wMGXJG

You cupped your hands to my cheeks and kissed my nosecopyright protection7PENANAyvzOMBKSQQ

“Haha.. you wanna know why?”copyright protection7PENANAjFoHnA3R7D

“Yes.. please do”copyright protection7PENANA4SaI1HuHEe

"Just a little change11Please respect copyright.PENANAAqBBrDLLp9
Small to say the least11Please respect copyright.PENANAPSWPb33Gmr
Both a little scared11Please respect copyright.PENANAZx3Mfld49d
Neither one prepared11Please respect copyright.PENANA3KEFl5j7RJ
Beauty and the Beast "
copyright protection7PENANAodJY1wzLpq

“Because you’re different. I know you were thinking why not some royal blood I would take if I could be with someone who is just simple? but full of adventure. In my case I was having a hard time being a Royal Prince that follows the rules and that’s how monarchy works. But then I met you, just a waitress but full of surprises. I tried to pretend in your home town that I’m just an ordinary person together with Maxwell , Drake and Tariq. You lead me to the most exclusive bar and we went out to the beach and we jumped off a cliff and we swim into the cold water.I confessed that I am a crown prince of Cordonia and your reaction is still the same because you can see me as the Liam you met before. That’s what I want , it feels like I’m free and it’s because of you. Come to think of it I just wanna be with you forever , I want you. Your intention is not about the power you will gain and control others in a bad way. But I can see you as a caring and a loving person and that’s what I wanted to have not just my Queen and my Bride.. a person who I can love and be with for the rest of my life.”copyright protection7PENANACI50qtBtkJ

“L– Liam.. I don’t know what to say.. I– I mean it’s just your words just sur– “copyright protection7PENANA7oBi7CZBkE

“Shh.. Let’s just savour this moment together”copyright protection7PENANAQIRAHT6hFw

“Most certainly I would agree to that..”copyright protection7PENANAHheMiFfT8A

You brushed my hair out of my face and tucked it behind my ear and you gave me a tender kiss while I gave you a tight hug. It feels like a dream come true and I would never expect that would happen on how you can see me even thou your a Prince and I’m just a waitress but I’m so happy that our feelings for each other are worth it.copyright protection7PENANADgZey6QxIb

"Ever just the same11Please respect copyright.PENANAhGBdvNhztD
Ever a surprise11Please respect copyright.PENANA1ta5fqqsuA
Ever as before11Please respect copyright.PENANAGxkkdGqwNh
And ever just as sure11Please respect copyright.PENANAf4YRiuEz38
As the sun will rise, woah "
copyright protection7PENANAcyU48BXfSC

We continue our dance while there is a bright smile in our faces knowing that we both belong and meant for each other. That took a while isn’t?copyright protection7PENANALzT0mcFC5O

"Tale as old as time, a-a-ay11Please respect copyright.PENANAd5BoaQOBii
Tune as old as song, oh11Please respect copyright.PENANAbYQvj3bJAZ
Bitter-sweet and strange11Please respect copyright.PENANA1P4ZHmtmWx
Finding you can change11Please respect copyright.PENANAu9C5xNVmpe
Learning you were wrong, woah "
copyright protection7PENANAcJ4bXChOa0

I know I made a mistake to myself , because I keep pushing to my self that I am not worthy to be in your hands. But I never knew that I change your life in a good way. And makes you happy and free from all the things that pulls you away to the things that can drag you down and upsets you.copyright protection7PENANAZmyTqHvnXn

"Certain as the sun11Please respect copyright.PENANAEAcv6vyhf8
Certain as the sun11Please respect copyright.PENANAhgYlfGIJ2E
Rising in the east11Please respect copyright.PENANAgwNTBlHxH6
Tale as old as time11Please respect copyright.PENANALmHYRNtq5J
Song as old as rhyme11Please respect copyright.PENANAznZyIfeqYg
Beauty and the Beast "
copyright protection7PENANAZIXTJk5pWb

The night is still young , but I wish this would not end. I just wanted to be with you until the sun rises and the rays from it shines to us like a spotlight that will shine to our faces and can see clearly and tell me that i am beautiful just the way am i no matter what.copyright protection7PENANAd9UilRUDG4

Then suddenly our time is up. You’re about to dance with someone else. But I can see you that you don’t wanna let go and just stay were you are.. where we are. But rules are rules and I set you free. You excused and both of us says goodbye for the last time.copyright protection7PENANADFrczRU4fR

I realized to myself that I don’t need to be part of a Royal Blood. I don’t need to wear expensive dresses and gowns just to impress someone. I don’t need to have a great ambition just to know how other people sees me. All I need is just to be myself , I won’t change and I’ll stay for who I really am. Just like Cinderella.. even she treats her like a slave just doing house chores and treating her like garbage and not even part of the family. But she never gives up and has full of hope that someday good things will come and even her one true love.copyright protection7PENANArfAp8jJdIG

.. I am a significant woman..copyright protection7PENANApWQjebb9PR

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