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Unexpectedly (MC X Maxwell Fanfic)
Writer Mycsishere
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Unexpectedly (MC X Maxwell Fanfic)
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Nov 14, 2017
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!p9FhAXCjSZUbbn70F02Dposted on PENANA

"Good Golly I need a break.. like REALLY"copyright protection94PENANAF5L6I3I2xm

(PART 1: Milk and Cookies)copyright protection94PENANApWv5e63QpV

7:00 am.copyright protection94PENANAQk71He2nf5

While lying in my bed, browsing through the net with my phone. I can't help to feel so embarrassed about myself.. about this rumors. I don't understand why people believe these things so easily, they don't even realized they have been fooled with false information. . but. . they don't mind, it ruins my image and reputation anyway.copyright protection94PENANA0VaM1SPKUm

I sigh for a moment and look up the ceiling. Why do bad things keep happening to me? I hate it! Ugh.. I need a break. My hands were shaking because of anger.. and suddenly my phone suddenly slipped off my hand and hit right in my face!copyright protection94PENANA7kjDpxJso9

"Ouch! ! ! ! ! !"copyright protection94PENANAoetvfbKhy0

I yelled, damn that so painful. Now my face turns red and it looks like I have been hit with a frying pan in my face. When suddenly I hear a knock on my door. copyright protection94PENANAnzVxmXpbHk

"Just a minute!"copyright protection94PENANAyOESr4pbwN

I quickly fixed myself and fixed everything in the bed, including my blanket and pillows that have been gone all over the bed. copyright protection94PENANAkV1Oqh0bzy

"You can come in now"copyright protection94PENANAbW86tu4TGL

The person who is at the door? It's Maxwell. Funny thing is that he was wearing an apron. Looks like he was cooking something.copyright protection94PENANAdfAS72Wxdt

"Hey Mc! sorry to disturbed you.. but I heard you scream that's why I came, what happen?"copyright protection94PENANAlyonmPEn0e

I pause for a second. "Well you see.. I just got hit myself with my phone, nothing much happens?".copyright protection94PENANAVba4iEzmyf

"Oh I see, where you watching scary movies without me?!" said Maxwell as he makes a sad expression on his face, not very convincing!copyright protection94PENANA8MuIECLB9Y

"What? No! I was just.. browsing.. and still.. the news about me is still fresh" I said as I buried my face to my hands.copyright protection94PENANA4vxtSUixhi

"Aw.. don't worry Mc! people would forget about that, just give it some time" said Maxwell as he takes a sit on my bed next to me and pats my shoulder.copyright protection94PENANALduWhMBQ9a

"I think it would take forever for the people to forget what happen, it's not fair!" I said while my voice changed.copyright protection94PENANA6iWB1BdMcn

"Looks like you need a distraction!" he said but feels a little excited.copyright protection94PENANAKhSiKKc2it

"What do you had in mind? and make it good cuz' I really.. REALLY need it.. I need a break from all these".copyright protection94PENANAl3HP0YCBPM

"Well as you can see, I wear this apron and I'm baking something for Bertrand, Drake, Liam and Hana.. and for you too of course! But I need a little help though.."Maxwell explained as he rubbed the back of his head.copyright protection94PENANALW4Ix5jKRw

"So you were saying you're baking something , for us.. BUT! you need my help? Why?" I asked with curiosity.copyright protection94PENANA8CO0UyL7B4

I stared at his eyes.. he seems a little nervous when I asked him that. Maybe he was too embarrassed that I would find out that he can't even bake.copyright protection94PENANABX7iM8hpK6

"Alright , alright! Sorry I lied.. All of our friends including Bertrand are gone by now. I don't know where they went. And I feel so bored and wanna try to do something. I find this cooking book at the kitchen cabinet while I was looking for something to eat like snacks. I decided to bake! I love to have some cookies though it reminds me of my childhood when me and Bertrand have during Christmas. Good times, but I need someone to guide me.. sooooooo... I decided you should help me instead!copyright protection94PENANAbw2feAkylc

I think it's pretty cute not only he wants to learn how to bake, but also his memory with him and Bertrand way back. "Alright lead the way!".copyright protection94PENANA5tOTuJsgQ4

"Oh thank you! come on!" he said and he suddenly grabs me by my arm and we quickly run to the kitchen.copyright protection94PENANAks1sKNA1ck

At the kitchen everything was ready. I can see all the bowls, measuring cups and ingredients needed. We positioned ourselves to the kitchen table and begin reading the book.copyright protection94PENANA8oQbD5LYE6

"Okay, so we're making a Chocolate chip cookies?" I asked and showed him the picture on the book.copyright protection94PENANAbJAZD4J6kA

"That's the one! and I bought sooooo many chocolates!" and suddenly he grabs a shopping bag filled with different variety of chocolates.copyright protection94PENANAaE2b6NZHOc

My eyes widened and shake my head."Hells!! how much did you pay for these?! and how many did you bought?!" I asked while I search inside the shopping bag.copyright protection94PENANA1XAS8dYUcC

He thinks for a moment."I can't seem to estimate how much I pay for them.. I lost the receipt sorry!, but I buy like I think.. 30?" he said.copyright protection94PENANA0nmAn0F76Z

GOOD GOLLY! I really wanna burst his bubble that he can't use all of these chocolates for these. Diabetes is real.copyright protection94PENANAHgEKsKxrsm

"uh.. huh? well anyway! let's set aside these for a moment and let's get to baking!" I said then I place the shopping bag on a chair.copyright protection94PENANADtjdmsrkmE

We read the instructions in the book, we prepared some butter, white and brown sugar, eggs, baking soda, flour, vanilla extract and of course the chocolates. We fetch a big bowl and I decided that I will dictate the instructions while Maxwell does the measuring so he can learn. Surprisingly he manages to get the right measurements but..copyright protection94PENANAXn1kYolDwr

"Okay then go fetch the flour will you?" I asked him politely.copyright protection94PENANADdHhYa2vBu

"Okie Dokie Chef!", he said and gets the flour from the counter.copyright protection94PENANARfYbtkDUFZ

"Okay!! here I--.. here I-- I!!!!!" copyright protection94PENANAzDmAYkZjYv

"H-hey are you okay?!"copyright protection94PENANAKBJsTHCVcd

"I-I think I--.. I- I'm gonna---- ACHOO!!!!!!!"copyright protection94PENANAp4sogWITQo

He sneezed so loud and all the flour just burst and form a foggy atmosphere and he lunched himself to the kitchen sink.copyright protection94PENANATp1g0ZB0iz

"I-I can't see!" as I cough because of the flour.copyright protection94PENANAv3bev4W8Z9

Minutes later the flour was gone.. and oh boy! the kitchen is filled with flour. I quickly went to Maxwell. "Hey you okay ? the hells did you do!" I asked as I helped him to get up."Bertrand is gonna kill us.." he replied. Silent.. but any second we laughed.copyright protection94PENANAlpdOOuKwnB

"Hahaha! I can't believe you sneeze like that! hahaha--- ACHOO!!"copyright protection94PENANAVh1Wx2W92f

"Looks who talking! You sneeze like a hippo! HAHAHA"copyright protection94PENANAJxjUMOYIXY

"Oh.. is that so? well then!" I swiped a hand-full of flour and smack it to his face.copyright protection94PENANARjo58czSJX

"H-hey!!! Oh hohoho! not on my watch!" copyright protection94PENANAuEfwBNyyWA

Both of us played in the flour, throwing them like there's no tomorrow. We ran all around at the kitchen and we go straight at the living room when suddenly I tripped at the carpet, falling down including him and create a domino effect. copyright protection94PENANANF87AVWzET

"O-ow.. that hurts..."copyright protection94PENANAywcWBk9bdS

"Hey! are you okay.. I... oh.."copyright protection94PENANA9Ixpe8cNG9

Realizing that he was on top of me , while I was at the bottom.. both of our faces are  inch apart. I can see him blushed and I can feel my face hot.copyright protection94PENANAouPxBpsyZ6

"Oh! I uh!! s-sorry! here let me help you"copyright protection94PENANArxDDteYDqb

Maxwell grabs me both my hands and manage myself to get up. "Sorry about that.." he said with a shaky voice. "It's okay.. we probably should clean the kitchen.. like.. right now". Both of us stared at the kitchen.. and the foot prints that we created all around from the kitchen up to the living room. Maxwell and I first cleaned the kitchen then the living room, after that we continue baking the cookies. After few hours of hard work. The cookies are done!copyright protection94PENANAvAT2Z8bbVS

10:00 amcopyright protection94PENANAljmaQYzjwy

"Yehey!! now we can eat and saves some for the whole gang!" said Maxwell as he munches the chocolate chip cookies with all his might.copyright protection94PENANAqY53BziAcJ

"I should eat some right now and save some before you ate them all!", I said teasingly. "Wait! there's one more thing we have forgotten!" he said and he goes by the fridge. He grab a milk cart and get 2 drinking glasses. copyright protection94PENANALIjELjNXvI

"And this is where the magic happens! just like me and Bertrand did when we were young!", he places the glasses at the table. He goes to the stove and prepare the kettle and pour the milk in it and set it to boil.copyright protection94PENANAPQ2c0TazdH

"It's nice to see you've remembered these things.. all I know is that, kids only do this kind of stuff. Like they offered some Milk and cookies to Santa during Christmas". He turns at me with a sweet smile on his face. "Yeah.. but we're still young! and remembering these things.. makes me happy.. I wish I can bring back the time.." his expression falls down. copyright protection94PENANA8DGeGiOZS1

"Hey! cheer up!, you can still do it again. Like you're doing right now. Let's just wait for them to taste the special cookies.. the Maxwell Cookies!" I said and gives him a hi-five.copyright protection94PENANAIDK1ivk5sP

"Yeah! but I would like to name this recipe as, "Mc and Maxies Cookies of Joy!.. Oh! the milk is boiling!" he rushes to the kettle, get some kitchen mittens and gently pour the warm milk to our glasses.copyright protection94PENANAOiFQuGKFfX

"Now dip, dip ,dip!!" he said excitedly and we dig in. The cookies taste amazing! I never knew this would come out good. We both chat and enjoy our milk and cookies. We also prepared the cookies for the rest of the gang when they get back.copyright protection94PENANAnoA3Dhlsgd

As for now, we just sit back, relax and enjoy the cookies to ourselves.copyright protection94PENANAtYQd09Jlec

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Mella Bella - Maxwell baking is the cutest imagine ever!!!!! ❤️
2 months agoreply