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A Scene on Romance 4
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A Scene on Romance 4
Submission Closed
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April Showers bring together wallflowers
Dec 7, 2017
7 Mins Read
1,542 Words
No Plagiarism!rsn51PlTXp9ttCe5ELUWposted on PENANA

Dahlia Newberry strolls into the large, dimly lit Cafeteria of Saint Bay University.  They hold two major dances at the beginning and end of each year. The Hello or Goodbye Blitzer Mixer!  In this case, it is goodbye seeing as the end of the year is approaching fast. Dahlia was never really a social person, which led her to have a scarce number of friends. She is great at conversation yet she prefers not to have them. She smooths out her firmly pressed dress as glides silently along the wall. Her wide eyes survey the crowd as she admires people who are able to mingle with ease. Since she is involved with student government it is mandatory that she be here even though she dreads every second of it. She eyes the windows that show the spacious patio outside where a few guests have retreated. She shuffles slowly along the perimeter of the room in an attempt to make it outside, never taking her eyes off the windows. Something about the fat raindrops sliding slowly, gently down the glass made her feel at ease amidst the loud music and jumbled conversation. Dahlia was so focused on the precipitation that she was shocked when her face collides with a firm, warm object that smells of liquor and kindling fires. copyright protection47PENANAGbgh39T2a1

Trent McCoy hates dances and people with a passion. He's not good at conversing, yet people seem to love starting conversations with him. He sticks to walls so well you'd think he was a decoration. His long bangs hang like a black curtain that shield him from unwanted eye contact. He wants to escape outside, but the door is on the other side of the cafeteria. The wall ends and the floor length windows begin. The hairs on his neck stand as it presses against the cool glass. He can hear the rain pattering on the other side. The door is in view so he speeds up. The rain seems to get a little louder and so he cranes his neck to look out the window without removing his back from it. He likes hard, fast rain that hits more than the slow drizzles that slide dully. He can never decide if he enjoys the look or the sound more. He feels his back dip into the nothingness that is the doorframe. He turns only to have a woman's face find collide with his chest. The scent of fruit and summertime fills the air around him.copyright protection47PENANAXBukGva1p7

"Terribly sorry!" She chirps as she straightens out her dress yet again.copyright protection47PENANAryAVbO1QzV

"You're in a hurry aren't you?" He grumbles. copyright protection47PENANAMg62xacrdm

"To get away from all the commotion before I lose my sanity, yes I am," she jokes before realizing that may have come off as antisocial.copyright protection47PENANAtaXXuEsEGR

"I only mean to say,- she begins before she is cut off. copyright protection47PENANAM8qm3Bb5rL

"No, I get it. All this is overwhelming. I was just stepping outside too."copyright protection47PENANA1d18gzit1v

They look at each other before realizing they have nothing else to say. They exit the cafeteria, entering the cool, damp patio. She pulls her umbrella out of her purse and puts it up. She hoists her self up in the ledge surrounding the patio so that she can get him under the umbrella too. He smirks with a nod to show his appreciation but keeps his head down.copyright protection47PENANAPuFNrarUP7

"I'm Dahlia Newberry. I'm pleased to meet your acquaintance," She quips brightly. copyright protection47PENANAMBfcYjOaog

"Ah Trent is- that's me," He replies in a barely audible tone.copyright protection47PENANAVquXyLxQey

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a lighter. He digs around in his jeans before pulling out a cigarette. Dahlia scrunches up her face. Any attraction she had towards this attractive stranger drains. He notices her change in emotion and rolls his eyes.copyright protection47PENANAm322Qucio1

"You're not about to give me one of your stupid student council lectures on the dangers of smoking, are you? I've had enough of those when you guys pop up in my classes.  I don't judge books by their covers, but I should've known Little Miss Prim and Perfect would turn her nose up at someones less than perfect habits," He sneers. copyright protection47PENANApbDFnCZcMn

Even though he doesn't like talking to people, when he is angry he could talk for hours. This is what I get for trying to talk to someone. I thought I really clicked with this girl which is rare for me, Trent thinks spitefully. copyright protection47PENANAsIOWFmHddV

Her eyes start to sting but she ignores it. She hates being made fun of. Here she was actually proud of herself for starting to make a new friend. He flicks his lighter to light his cigarette. She jerks the umbrella back so that the end of his cigarette sizzles. As the rain falls it makes his bangs clump together. He grimaces as he sighs. He moves closer to her so she moves her umbrella farther back. He jerks his head up which forces him to look into her tear-filled eyes. copyright protection47PENANALzZOCQiO8H

"Look I'm sorry. The first girl I ever loved was a heavy smoker and she told me I had to start to be with her. I was hooked pretty badly all through high school and my first 2 years of college. I get really defensive about it. I'm trying to quit, I promise that I am," He admits.copyright protection47PENANAQySueg6dtS

She softens her gaze as she moves her umbrella to let him under it too. "Oh, I guess I shouldn't have judged so quickly. My father was a heavy smoker who died of lung cancer. I have always been against smoking and drugs. Especially to people I care about. I don't know you that well but I hope to care about you more in the future. How is quitting coming along?"copyright protection47PENANABVBpSgLAuY

He scratches the back of his head as he places the soggy cigarette back into his pocket. " Sorry to hear about your dad and snapping at you. I went from a pack a day down to 5 a day. I feel like it would be easier with support from friends but I don't-, " he pauses while looking embarrassed before changing the subject. "It's not quitting yet, but I'm making progress I guess," he replies not sounding very proud of herself. copyright protection47PENANAwfyw4ammZv

"That is spectacular!" Dahlia gushes. "I don't have very many friends either, but I'll support you through your transition to get clean. There are other things you can do when you feel like smoking you know,"copyright protection47PENANA4Q3XkhervH

"I feel like smoking right now but you wet my cig," he laughs. copyright protection47PENANAk6DVvvcg6G

"Well, you could go dance in the cafeteria, or have a snack or drink. I think they have games so you could play or-," she rambles before being cut off."copyright protection47PENANAfCVO9ZYvmY

"Or I could kiss a pretty girl. That would keep my mouth and mind busy," he suggests slyly. copyright protection47PENANA0rO4o9mCAR

She blushes as she feels her face getting hot. She contemplates the pro and cons of kissing the brooding stranger she just met an hour ago. He did just call her Miss Prim and Perfect and he's not too far off. I don't want to be that girl so I guess this is a good place to start. Plus I like him so far, Dahlia thinks before taking a deep breath. copyright protection47PENANAkUXXPtt1Kz

She lets her umbrella drop to the ground. He leans over until they are inches apart. They squint their eyes as rain drips down their foreheads. The moment intensifies as they smile at their awkward wetness. He brings his damp hands up to her frigid cheeks. When their lips touch the rain seems they forget about the rain and how cold they are how cold they are. The passion fades as an announcement booms through the speakers.copyright protection47PENANAHZcDNlDMR0

"Thaaaatt concludes our Goodbye Blitzer Mixer! Have a great summer Great Bay Blitzers. Hope to see you at the Hello Blitzer mixer in September!" The principle shouts cheerfully.copyright protection47PENANALSrzXQIjsj

They break their kiss.copyright protection47PENANAbMd9K2Cd4m

"So I guess I'll see you in September! Should we exchange contact information?" Dahliah asks eagerly as she hops off the ledge. copyright protection47PENANAMMmZpal3Wc

Trent smirks at her. "Nah I don't see the point. Let's keep it interesting. There are 4 walls in the cafeteria. I'm sure we'll find each other pressed against one of them. Don't talk to any guys over the summer," he replies. copyright protection47PENANA3I5vh2l0lN

"Ha I don't know I'm such a social butterfly, never hiding from people at parties," she jokes sarcastically.  "See you in September, Trent," Dahlia muses as she puts her umbrella away.copyright protection47PENANAjxAxGkzjyE

He smirks at her before slinking back into the cafeteria. She watches him slide against the walls as people walk past him like he wasn't even there. By the time the lights come on he is out of the door. She walks down the pathway leading from the patio to the parking lot. It's drizzling still, but she doesn't care. She socialized and has a potential boyfriend. She leans on the hood of her car to let the soft raindrops kiss her face. copyright protection47PENANAGkq2kQcFT9

Falling in love in the rain! I knew I loved this weather for a reason, Dahlia thinks while grinning to herself. copyright protection47PENANASXRXs9ZNal

Comments ( 6 )

Emoddess - I like the whole thing about this story, with the dance from its names down the character engaging with one another and the ending of it :)
5 months agoreply

CalicoCarter - Oh, thank you so much. I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for third place too. I enjoyed your contest and look forward to the next one. 
5 months agoreply

rosemill2017 - beautifully described.... 
5 months agoreply

CalicoCarter - I tried. thank you!
5 months agoreply

jacksteele - So freaking romantic and well-written. I felt myself sinking deeply into it! Good job!
5 months agoreply

CalicoCarter - Awe thank you so much!
5 months agoreply