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Months as Characters 2
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Months as Characters 2
Submission Closed
A - A - A
A Match Made In Months (April & October) Pt. 2
Dec 6, 2017
11 Mins Read
2,361 Words
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*Flashback*copyright protection106PENANADGb1fiI7yi

April talked to August whilst hugging his arm happily. Deep inside, she had to force herself to ignore the pang in her heart when she noticed July's crestfallen look as she hastened her steps in walking away. It wasn't that she was mean, she just had to do it. She made it her routine to always be seen around August whenever July was around so one of them would be driven to do something about it. She just had to push either one of them to confess to each other. But if there was something that she knew about her long lost friend, August - the boy could apparently be very dense when it came to love interests. copyright protection106PENANAAFnIJInI4K

They were both into each other - not that July had an inkling about it, and she doubt August even realised it.copyright protection106PENANA68ETSi5jqx

August had gone still in her arms. Thinking there was something wrong, she unwrapped her limbs and looked up at him. "What's the matter?" copyright protection106PENANAd3ep5uHOBg

His eyes seemed glazed over in a state of disbelief. He murmured, "She said she liked me."copyright protection106PENANA6bVuUFchnh

Or so she had thought. copyright protection106PENANA2upHniZtBp

July had definitely taken the initiative to make the first move. Good on her, she cheered silently.copyright protection106PENANA1PtfeyKWnm

She shook her head and couldn't mask the expression on how happy she was to hear that. She looked at him pointedly. "That's a good thing, right? What are you going to do about it then?"copyright protection106PENANActx7YrNbJb

Slowly, he seemed to be coming out of his stupor. Looking at April with unconcealed glee, he exclaimed, "She said she liked me! What the-am I even dreaming now?"copyright protection106PENANAsMFSt2aswM

She pinched him and he moaned in pain. "Nope. I don't think you are." She grinned.copyright protection106PENANASxBlNPUxLh

Still floating in a cloud of wonder, he shook his head softly and said to April. "I can't believe my luck. I've gotta go after her."copyright protection106PENANAUYLr6JTTUD

She held in her sniffles of joy (damn the romantic in her) and managed a laugh. "Then go, you doofus." copyright protection106PENANA4nqKfTNqmj

*End of flashback*copyright protection106PENANAceRNzEDtco

April smiled genuinely as she watched from a distance at the happy couple hugging each other; July and August. copyright protection106PENANAK6nvytfsna

She knew they would be together somehow and was glad she sort of helped them both - although they didn't know of her interference.copyright protection106PENANA6sxwcMpZcL

April couldn't help herself; she was a romantic at heart, really. For months she had been noticing the longing looks and sometimes jealous glances July discreetly (or so the girl thought) sent August's and her way and that made her feel guilty because she did not see August in that way, despite the occasional taunting from her family and some friends just because they were close since kindergarten. Unfortunately, July had believed all those talks and didn't realise the truth at all.copyright protection106PENANAjpZaczPP22

A hopeless fool for romance who just can't keep her nose out of people's business, she remembered being told that once. Well, that had never been more truer the moment she wanted to help a friend and at the same time having such problems herself.copyright protection106PENANAeN9BjH5yas

It was very clear to anyone, though, who wasn't July and August that the girl had some feelings for the boy.copyright protection106PENANAIhUgN72d6f

But then July surprised her by confessing to August first and that made April admire the girl.copyright protection106PENANAZqFZARyqHB

If there were some things she shared in common with July, one of it was definitely the fact that she was in the same predicament as the girl.copyright protection106PENANAsVoBxIjDgu

At first when she approached August, she had wanted to catch up with him, but it wasn't until a couple of weeks later that she noticed how withdrawn and glum July seemed whenever she and August hung out together. At the very same time, that also  happened to be the time where April started harbouring feelings for August's best friend, October.copyright protection106PENANA6ZL0gz8jMe

Figuring she could kill two birds with a stone, figuratively speaking, an idea had flourish within her then that made her use the opportunity to perhaps make the other boy a bit jealous. Not that she was certain there would be success, but it didn't hurt to give it a try. copyright protection106PENANAzLEeKf5jFN

October was just like his namesake, really, and he reminded her of autumn. With a warm and bright smile and an honest, easygoing attitude that no one could resist, like many other girls, she fell for him too. Though she was sure her feelings for him was starting to strengthen deeper with each passing day she hung out with August and his friend. copyright protection106PENANAU8JjKh13Ui

April was momentarily jolted when she heard someone call her name at the same time she felt a tap on her shoulder.copyright protection106PENANAy0ij1yS9RF

"Hey. April!"copyright protection106PENANAoqq3EbjKuZ

Startled, she turned around and clasped a hand to her chest, ignoring the warm emotion spreading through her body as she met with a pair of liquid green eyes.copyright protection106PENANAxp7gIRxJVs

"October!" She breathed out. "You scared me."copyright protection106PENANA1ttjNuRFEJ

"Did I?" He grinned lopsidedly before casting an apologetic look. "Sorry. I called you but apparently you were busy..." His gaze slid to where she was looking at and he raised an eyebrow when he looked at her.copyright protection106PENANAl39L7OXqys

"Spying on July and August?" His tone was light but she thought she might have detected some unknown tone to it.copyright protection106PENANAq6RynApVjl

She chuckled softly. "No. I'm just happy for them."copyright protection106PENANAnlPQFClwi0

The both of them stared at the now grinning couple holding hands as they walked leisurely. October nodded and said, "It was about damn time, huh? Everyone was rooting for them and there they are."copyright protection106PENANAgD4ppbenCM

April laughed, a soft musical sound that matched her angelic features. "Apparently, everyone but them. I don't think they were both aware of their feelings then."copyright protection106PENANAP2THAgh0bB

"Well, that was then." October glanced at her and smiled. "Everyone's thinking of going to the mall since our club meeting ended. Wanna come?"copyright protection106PENANAmyWbpBOL86

Her eyes widened in surprise a little. In all her times of talking to him, he had never initiated anything first - and that included inviting her to anywhere. April didn't want to sound delusional but was there a possibility that he might harbour some feelings for her?copyright protection106PENANAMoKQOa12xE

As soon as that thought formed in her mind, she squashed it almost instantaneously. She felt almost annoyed at herself then for even thinking it. Guys asking her out to somewhere didn't mean they like her or anything. If that were the case, she would have thought she had a dozen suitors. Besides, that also depends on the context and this hardly seemed like a momentous occasion where he was actually asking her out.copyright protection106PENANAPmHI4hYlia

Besides, it was October. If anything, he was nice and friendly and he was probably only being nice to her so she wouldn't feel left out. copyright protection106PENANAWEITP8uDUD

Though her heart thumped wildly, she opted a casual look. She darted a glance towards the lovesick pair and gestured to October. "Should we go get them?"copyright protection106PENANAKG2vwQFyTc

He laughed then. A rich and vibrant sound that warmed not only April's heart but also her cheeks. "Nah. let's not intrude on their 'honeymoon' vibe. We can, however, yell at them." To prove his point, he did just that.copyright protection106PENANAcIzTrDbpZt

Cupping two hands around his mouth, he said, "Hey lovebirds! We're heading to the Mall now. Wanna tag along or are you too cool for that?" He added a wink and April couldn't help but burst into laughter at that slight sexual innuendo. copyright protection106PENANAzV8iPXrkBl

April walked beside October in peaceful silence while their friends chatted amicably amongst one another. She was thinking of what to do at the mall when October spoke to her.copyright protection106PENANAXm1ZRyQw6J

"A shame that they couldn't come along, huh?" copyright protection106PENANAJjsidTVpjU

She knew who he was referring to and nodded. "Yeah, but could you blame them? Like you said, they are in a honeymoon phase." April smiled.copyright protection106PENANASTQ1cGYD0A

He chuckled. "I guess that means they're too cool for us now. I mean, look at Beau and Hannah over there." He pointed to a white blond and a brunette holding hands in a swing set motion, oblivious to their surroundings as they whispered to each other. "At least they didn't forget who their friends are."copyright protection106PENANAZXX0XOzNlG

"Technically, they aren't even aware of their surroundings. They're so sickeningly sweet, it's kinda painful and cute at the same time." April said mindlessly.copyright protection106PENANAx4ZZmdSiCc

October raised an eyebrow and smiled. "What's this, Ms. Dalton? Are you a romantic at heart?" He teased.copyright protection106PENANAdv53whJvVK

Boy, you've no idea, she wanted to sigh. copyright protection106PENANA6UI3VFSute

"I think I do now." He murmured, his eyes twinkling in amusement.copyright protection106PENANAa1ia0FnTY0

Crap. Did I say it out loud?copyright protection106PENANA6bvbf2tZxo

"Yes, you did." He bit his lower lip to prevent himself from laughing. copyright protection106PENANAJEirHd7AIB

Her ears and cheeks blushed in embarrassment and she threw him a look of exasperation. "Not funny."copyright protection106PENANAOSC73DMqxK

His body wracked in silent laughter as he chuckled. "Sorry. You're just too cute to resist, April."copyright protection106PENANAqDVWPbYiaw

She froze. Did he just called her cute? She knew he did but her ears was having a hard time believing that. Honestly, I need to get a grip of myself.copyright protection106PENANAGTaYlScstV

She laughed nervously instead.copyright protection106PENANA3hNGoQkbhR

Jessica, one of her cheerleader friends tapped her shoulder and grinned at the both of them. "We're thinking of getting lunch first before seeing a movie. It's Hannah and Beau's idea really. What do you say?"copyright protection106PENANAVIvREk2DDc

"Why am I not surprised?" October chuckled quietly.copyright protection106PENANAaj6lirevTH

April shook her head at him but shrugged at Jessica. "It's fine with me, actu-"copyright protection106PENANAqXZeEn5Yym

"Uh, actually, I think we might be running late for a bit. April and I were thinking to check out some stuff first."copyright protection106PENANAQu4lmJGonk

April was dubious and at the look of her friend's face, she was too. But the girl had quickly schooled her expression into something of a coy understanding. copyright protection106PENANABxDHTW97s3

"Ah, sure, sure. Guess I'll see you guys there then." She winked at them both before catching up with their friends.copyright protection106PENANAOS1N6FbcEK

April turned towards October and looked at him curiously. "What was that?"copyright protection106PENANAyueDQAnxZK

His smile was sheepish. "Thought we could hang out for a bit." His eyes widened in surprise then as he said, "I mean, that's if you want to."copyright protection106PENANARBivjbssiU

She stared at him. April really didn't know what to think; why was he behaving a little odd? She was really having a hard time trying to keep the hopeful feeling from blooming in her heart because of the little things he said or did.copyright protection106PENANAv7MwVTc66Q

After a moment, she said, "I don't mind, really. Though I'd hoped you would have warned me that little bit. Seriously, it took me off guard there."copyright protection106PENANAREk5ibGFIG

"Sorry. Just kinda panic for a moment." He murmured to himself.copyright protection106PENANApzhH5ASx3b

"Hmm?" She hummed noncommittally.copyright protection106PENANAryie5e8ike

"Nothing." He said quickly, flashing a smile that looked apologetic. copyright protection106PENANA8cTthbEYQn

She stared at him again, trying to find out what was the matter with him when she noticed his ears were getting a little red. The weather was hardly cold yet he looked a bit feverish. copyright protection106PENANAFgXXX2xQzB

Both curious and alarmed, she asked, "Are you alright?"copyright protection106PENANA119kgfypxT

He smiled softly. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"copyright protection106PENANADG5x9nIOmz

"Really, you looked like you're five seconds from being declared to having a fever." She teased. "Maybe we should go inside. At least there's some benches we could sit on. I think the guys are at the food court so that's better." She nodded to herself.copyright protection106PENANAb1P8YMawDK

October's lips twitched as he looked at April's look of concentration. "Hey, April." he said softly.copyright protection106PENANA7FMh03xys5

Startled at the gentle tone, she looked up.copyright protection106PENANAs6LyDVWmJi

If hearing his voice did funny things to her insides, the gentle look of his green eyes almost made her knees buckle. April wondered what went through his mind to make him look like that and it wasn't long until she found out.copyright protection106PENANAVVkK3jxePa

October ran his fingers through his thick though silky copper hair before capturing her hazel brown eyes with his. copyright protection106PENANAZXPMfPPMoh

"Would...would you like to go out with me?"copyright protection106PENANASRnEp1zlnj

To say she was stunned was an understatement. If she weren't too busy analysing the words over and over again in her mind, she probably would have cried in joy. In fact, the realisation that she was in public and that October was looking at her in that worried but hopeful expression was the only thing that stop her from both blubbering and shrieking in exhilaration. copyright protection106PENANAEjfY3jhAx7

April's momentary shock faded as she thought of a thousand ways to say yes in. Yet, the first thing that came out of her mouth was, "Aren't we going out right now? I mean, I am out with you here."copyright protection106PENANALx5Bjkr97Q

April, you're such an idiot! copyright protection106PENANAqZHOE7Qdtd

"Wait, I mean...yes, sure. Sorry about that! I wasn't thinking." She stammered as she tried to remedy the blunder she made. copyright protection106PENANAx7wM6A5obD

It didn't matter really because he was grinning like a lovesick person. He took a step closer to her. His pleasant scent of the outdoor and some cologne invaded her senses and she felt lightheaded. I really hope this isn't a dream.copyright protection106PENANAwWaBxuWZD4

"Sorry, Ms. Dalton, but I'm afraid I didn't quite get your answer." copyright protection106PENANAP43wTIEJV7

April bit her lip so she wouldn't giggle at that. That was definitely a flirtation. copyright protection106PENANAWtetfk4lIf

Trying though failing to control the goofy grin on her lips, she glanced up at him and murmured, "Yes. I would love to go out with you."copyright protection106PENANAZecaQKEMJi

"That's all a guy could ask for really." He smiled before kissing her cheek and pulling her into his arms.copyright protection106PENANAQynU5gCJZy

"How romantic of you to say that." She giggled quietly.copyright protection106PENANAQW24qhpuD8

"I try to be since my girlfriend's a hopeless romantic." His tone was dry but she felt his body vibrate as he chuckled.copyright protection106PENANAJCnVMeFr0p

Girlfriend. His girlfriend.copyright protection106PENANAKRX7M2npLm

She liked the sound of that. copyright protection106PENANAYCi0HIi6dV

Lost in their own happy little bubble, they didn't care to acknowledge the loud cheers and whoops that came from around them. April was sure those came from their friends since she recognised their cheering voices.copyright protection106PENANAfWyDSlRyMS

A happy beginning; first for August and July and now October and her?copyright protection106PENANAXxJUEwX1WJ

She couldn't ask for a better story.copyright protection106PENANAnUlGU3pd9C

Comments ( 5 )

rosemill2017 - :) wow.. beautiful... april's reaction was really love struck...
9 months agoreply

Emoddess - Thank you! Aren't they cute together? Haha xD
9 months agoreply

rosemill2017 - yes.... and because of this they are matched by you
9 months agoreply

jacksteele - Aw April's turn, she really is a good Matchmaker! 
9 months agoreply

Emoddess - Yess it's her turn xD 
Tbh I never thought of making a story for her when I created the first part for July and August (which I wrote for the first contest of Months as Characters) and making it a part 2 but I already have all these ideas when I joined the contest and I thought why not :D
9 months agoreply