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The Candy Shop
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The Candy Shop
Chapter 3
Dec 6, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!8DKi0x9qa2g1NdYWLA3Lposted on PENANA

Alexcopyright protection10PENANA4pnadriaoV

 Today, I can't lose at the recital. The first person playing the violin was Emily, I think that she played her winning song. She was pretty good, but I think I'm better. I'm the last person to play the violin and I'm going to play my winning song too. Then my turn came.  I was very nervous when I stood on the stage, but when I started to play my violin I became less nervous. When I was done playing the violin, the people who were watching clapped.The judges were also amazed. After, all of the people playing the violin were scattered in one room. Everyone was growing nervous. It was five minutes before the award ceremony would start.copyright protection10PENANARxzBPA9Z0k

Emilycopyright protection10PENANA1hlOukKgUO

When the five minutes past all of the people were called on the stage.  The judges called the fourth place person. After the third place person, I heard my name called. I was the second.  I was disappointed, but happy with second place. I still wish that the first place person remember Emily. The judges called, "First place person goes to Emily.  Con Graduations!" I thought the candy shop lady told me "I'll help you win", but I didn't win, so it means that the lady was lying to me. I wanted to now how Emily's arm healed so fast. Maybe she was lucky or she went to the same candy shop. I thought to ask her so I went looking for her. When I found her I asked, "How did your arm heal so fast?" She said, " I went in a candy shop and there was a beautiful and mysterious lady in there. She gave me a candy and said that it's for healing my arm fast as possible."  I was very surprised, but now I know what happened.copyright protection10PENANA1ZdoarQtCe

Alexcopyright protection10PENANAptMY5CzeBz

I was very happy that I won first place. I thought it was all because of the candy shop so I was very thankful to the beautiful and mysterious lady. I wondered if it was okay to say Emily about the candy shop. I thought of going to the hospital's yard and writing a note says,"Thank you candy shop." The next day, I went to the hospital yard and put the note on the middle of the yard. When I got home my family had a party for me because I won first place.copyright protection10PENANAyCRUqlebB9

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