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The 13th Girl
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Writer Neeka River
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The 13th Girl
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“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” - James Joyce
Neeka River
Dec 7, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!jaX76jmioCsIjNZWhT9eposted on PENANA

“It must have been so hard for you when you were taken, to be stolen away from everything you once had and to live a new life. The shock and terror it must have caused must have driven you crazy.” Sophia’s smile dropped a little bit as the physiotherapist spoke. “You couldn’t nor would you ever be able to figure out how it could have happen and why of all of the people were you kidnapped.” Sophia’s happy expression had completely disappeared by this time. “It’s actually a very normal response for a person trying to cope when in a traumatic situation to reject their reality and they will try to convince themselves that it’s all fake or that everything is alright and their situation is from choose that...” copyright protection31PENANA663rvYeGy5

“Ha!” Sophia said humorlessly making everyone go silent. “So this is what this is about? Okay fine I admit that what I had gone through at the time was very scary at the time, but it’s in the past now and nothing can change that. I’ve managed to keep my sanity through all of those,” Sophia emphasize with air quotes, “Traumatic experiences.” The physiotherapist went to speak with all of the other girls and all of them pretty much had responded the same claiming to be completely sane and making fun of the poor old man who left quickly humiliated. copyright protection31PENANAlSfj0lDnE1

I refilled my huge cup of coffee and walked over to Angela, a close cop friend of mine.copyright protection31PENANAZ7KiVJfcCo

“They are all so young,” She whispered next to me as we both looked over at the group of middle school aged girls. I took a big gulp of my drink as we both lost each other deep in our own thoughts. It’s obvious that one person had kidnapped them all as they were all found together in the same room, but why would a person do that. They all come from from very wealthy and distinguished family, but according to records there was no ransom anywhere around the time of their disappearance so there was no financial gain from taking all of them. They have no obvious cuts or wounds and the chains on their wrists and ankles were secured though not tight enough to leave a mark even after all of these years so the person couldn’t be a sadist. I was pulling my cup of coffee to my face to take another gulp when Sophia caught my attention and I set my cup down on the table behind me. Sophia was looking at the other girls when her face sudden became puzzled and she pulled out her index finger pointing to all of the other girls and it seemed as if she was counting everyone. Angela turned towards me coming out of her own deep thoughts.copyright protection31PENANArJvva0toH2

“What? What’s wrong?” Sophia frowned when she finished and started counting everyone again.  copyright protection31PENANAu2UJmU50hJ

“I don’t know, but Sophia must feel something is wrong,” I said as I marched over to Sophia who began intently looking around. Absentmindedly, I heard Angela tell a cop that tried to stop me from going near the girls that I’m the best in my field and to leave me alone. I walked right up to Sophia who looked up at me and then towards Angela on my left side. Angela smiled down at Sophia. copyright protection31PENANA1hRLAMuPZ7

“Hello I’m Angela.” Sophia gave Angela a once over before turning to me brushing Angela off. copyright protection31PENANAeqQJW1Jppr

“Where’s the other girl?” Sophia demanded. copyright protection31PENANArTumDQhIQz

“Which one?” Angela asked gesturing towards the other 11 girls nearby. Both me and Sophia gave Angela a flat look. Angela looked ready to say something, but shut it when she saw my glare. copyright protection31PENANAsSQkEq69f5

“The police found all everyone.” copyright protection31PENANAgtw7dt8XSy

“No they didn’t. There’s 13 of us, but I count only 12 of us here.” I turned to give Angela a look and she nodded as she pulled out her walkie-talkie and started barking orders in it as she speed walked away. The police recorded finding only 12 people in the abandoned factory. copyright protection31PENANAoksSG6IXOz

Comments ( 2 )

Nelso555 - I love the idea you have for this story. I would recommend working on your sentence structure to make it more fluent. Also, I like how you have a quote as your chapter title. Keep it up!
2 months agoreply

Neeka River - Thank you, I totally am working on improving the fluency of my sentence structure. 
2 months agoreply