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The Mark of Hades (book 1)
Writer Chloe Quinn
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The Mark of Hades (book 1)
The Mark of Hades (book 1)
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Chapter 26
Chloe Quinn
May 31, 2018
12 Mins Read
Comments ( 1 )
Emoddess - :(

Fay. Oh, Fay. And there's Andromeda. Omg she's becoming more mysterious! Just who was Tash to her? I wonder at the sudden change of behaviour. And then, before Fay had seen Amon. And I'm also kinda mad that Amanda's the reason why Fay had to sever the ties with Abe and practically abandon everyone, including Ben and Mel :(

Y'know, part of me still wanted Andromeda and Abe to be together after two millenium; lovers who are even ancient than Romeo and Juliet because maybe they had some unresolved issues or because of their memories of when they were happy. But I guess, that might not happen because they had different goals and couldn't be on the same page. And then there's Fay - like, Abe had feelings for her but he's not acting on it and he still feels some emotions for Andromeda (that part when he realized Andromeda was in Fay and the former felt grief at seeing him was sad omg). And then, there's Ben. Oh my he reminds me of Amon somehow and it shows that he's still not over her and I don't know, maybe now I want him to be with her. But Abe?? And Andromeda?? And just..everything. *sighs* Things are being revealed and it'll probably lead to bigger things from here.

Right then, moving on now. It's a bit clearer yet confusing at the same time, especially with the names being switched which made me confused as to which part Amanda and Andromeda were in. I'm thinking maybe you'll fix that when you can because throughout the chapters, and even in some of the few previous ones, there were some grammatical errors as well. Still, the delivery of the story was good.
1 year agoreply