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The Mark of Hades
Writer Chloe Quinn
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The Mark of Hades
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Chapter 7
Chloe Quinn
Jan 17, 2018
10 Mins Read
Comments ( 3 )

Emoddess - I want to scream asdhffjkl it seems like pretty much the questions I've been wondering in the previous chapters are being answered in every chapter I've read. Okay, this is good. And omg what the heck?? Okay, so I know now who Nebiru is and wow he's a pretty conflicting fellow. He bows to her - which seems to me that Fay's rank is pretty above than his - I mean she is untouchable. Still, what does these two have in connection...hmm. 

And before I forget, is the girl who Fay encountered the same one that walked past her and said in a humourous tone about Nebiru finding them and they'll be in trouble?

Ofcourse, the important bit that made me want to gasp a bit was the elixir to the path of immortality, which I knew had something to do with our boy Abe. This kept getting interesting and I am hooked. Can't wait for more :D
10 months agoreply

Chloe Quinn - No, so the girl who walked past her in the Underworld was imagined. As in Fay was seeing things. So, at this point, she's being plagued with seeing and hearing things that aren't there.

Medea, the hellhound who was 'killed' here would've been one of the ones she did see when she saw the hellhounds training - hence Medea recognising her. 

As for the elixir and how it plays into everything, you'll slowly learn :P Can't give everything away, too early? And remember, some tragic event that happened prior to the events of the book has left Fay and Abe with a complicated partnership. Both of them are dancing around it but haven't gotten over it. It's tearing Abe apart with guilt and shame, and leaving Fay battling with her own demons. 
10 months agoreply

Emoddess - @Chloe Quinn, OH. Well thanks for clarifying!! I'm pretty impatient haha but I totally get it. I sure hope you'll tell how Fay and Abe became quite apart in the two years that they were partners before. Anyways, keep up the good work!
10 months agoreply