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The Mark of Hades
Writer Chloe Quinn
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The Mark of Hades
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Chapter 8
Chloe Quinn
Jan 22, 2018
12 Mins Read
Comments ( 2 )

Emoddess - What what what whaaaaaat??? You're telling me that Fay and Abe could have become a thing or almost become an item together but lost that chance due to whatever it was that drove them apart?? My goodness Chloe you gotta tell me what happened to them! And soon!! I know I know, no pressure really and I totally understand that I gotta be patient. Sigh. I'll try.

Anyways. Why do I feel like everyone that Fay meets are probable suspects that are involved in Amanda's case? I mean they were asking around about a witch and though Tash joked about it, there could be a possibility that she had a role in it. I kinda hope not though, she seems like a sweet person. So is Lillian and Jackson. Hmm...

Definitely like how you reveal a little bit of Abe on that immortality stuff, even though it's of no particular and significant info yet and ofcourse that last bit about Fay's dream of some people in the past piques my interest. Okay, the more I get some info, the more things that I could conclude or think of in my mind. I'm so excited okay hear me out please - we now know that Nebiru is the leader guy of the hellhounds and that when he met Fay in her dream, he said Andromeda and NOW it was revealed by the older woman that this young girl is Andromeda. And since the mother of Andromeda said that Nebiru is her brother, they are definitely siblings and I'm thinking that Fay is Andromeda and she's having a piece of her past in ancient civilisation played to her because she's destined for something great that maybe she didn't get to fulfill in her past (*hint hint* that would be pretty cool but that's my theory so far). Also, it was mentioned in the first few chapters that she didn't know where she came from and that she was adopted into the werewolf clan. Hmm...still, I do wonder if Nebiru is truly her brother, he could have recognized her but perhaps there is more than meets the eye and there's a whole piece that has yet to be unravel for the puzzle. I could go on really but I'm gonna stop here haha.

Oh and I did notice some grammar mistakes here and there though I think they're fairly minor. Still, you might wanna be on the lookout for them. Keep it up! 😊
10 months agoreply

Chloe Quinn - More on the mystery of Nebiru and Andromeda in chapter 10 :P
10 months agoreply