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The Mark of Hades
Writer Chloe Quinn
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The Mark of Hades
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Chapter 18
Chloe Quinn
Mar 24, 2018
13 Mins Read
Comments ( 1 )

Emoddess - This is lovely. I mean some of the questions that I had in mind had been literally answered in the chapter haha so I don't have much to say except good job. I really like the flashback to Andromeda's scene and that Amon kid, just when Mel and Fay were talking about Ben. I think it gave a picture of understanding that Ben is just like that Amon guy who wants to prove to others. I feel like both he and Fay are pretty much linked to the ancient times because that Amon dude may just be his ancestor? Just a thought. Also, I guess my theory of Andromeda is Fay's past life is crossed out because her soul is in Tartarus. Like whoa, centuries passed and THE Andromeda is still there with them in that world, although she's in the underworld. It's sad what happened to her and I think I'd like to know the gaps and literally everything that Fay and everyone had been questioning in the chapter. I wonder how Abe's gonna react or do or if he knows Andromeda is there. I'd like to see the link between Abe, Andromeda, Fay, Ben, Amon (if he has more appearances in the chapter), and Mel. Also, what's with this Amanda girl - is she like another Andromeda, possessing a power like that? I hope not because there's only one Andromeda T,T (lol) 

I feel like this with they're talking about could be Eris because she's practically the one who's unpredictable and trapped Andromeda, too. Maybe there's more to all of this.

Also, I like the end of this chapter, it's pretty cute. You do a great job in delivering this chapter :)

EDIT: Also, is that partially why Fay has been seeing visions of Andromeda in the underworld? Because her soul is there? Just had that thought when I read this and link them together haha
6 months agoreply